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House Sitting 101


If you are interested in house sitting, you’re in the right place!

Let’s explore what house sitting is all about (and how you can get started as a house sitter!)

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What You Should Do First

Get a jump start on your house-sitting journey with these resources.

Step 1:

Pick a Platform

Sign Up For a House Sitting Platform

Trusted House Sitter is the platform we use to find all our house sitting assignments.

After 40+ house sits in 15 countries its our go to! 

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Step 2:

Build References

Building References for Beginners

Want to know the number one thing you need for house sitting? 


Just like a job, to land house sits you need references! 

But what if your starting out and don’t have ANY? 

Below are some tips for building your references

  1. Have you house sat for friends or family?
    If you have, ask them for a written reference.
  2. Use Airbnb?
    Take a screenshot of your reviews and create a house-sitting CV on a Google doc or Canva doc you can send with your applications.
  3. Have you done any dog walking?
  4. Have you done any charity work or community group work?
  5. Have you owned pets in the past? Add that to your house-sitting CV

What is House Sitting?

Not sure what house sitting is?  House sitting is caring for someone’s home and/ or pets while they are away. Sometimes there might be plants to water and mail to bring in. 

The homeowners get the peace of mind that their home is being looked after. If they have animals, they also know they are being well cared for. 

The house sitters get free accommodation and the wonderful opportunity to live in different locations around the world.

It’s a win/win situation! For both the homeowner and house sitter!

So if you want free accommodation and the opportunity to live in incredible homes around the world read on!

How We Started House Sitting (+ Saved $100,00 Doing It!)

We are Britt and Jay (otherwise known as The Travelling House Sitters). For the past four years we have been house sitting and saved over $100 000.

So far we have looked after homes (and one boat) in 13 countries.

That includes New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland & The UK. Jay is currently in the Caribbean looking after a catamaran!

We truly love this lifestyle and the (financial & travel) freedom that it has allowed us to have!

We have raving reviews from over 30 completed housesits! So we have the skills, knowledge and experience to teach you exactly how to start your very own house sitting lifestyle.

You will find out our best strategies to land the house-sitting assignments that you dream of, over and over again!

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Get Our 5 BEST Tips to Becoming a House Sitter – FAST!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become a House Sitter?

We recommend reading our 10 steps to getting started as a house sitter.

It will ensure you get the best head start! Read: How to Start House Sitting in 10 Steps

Is It Hard to Get House Sitting References?

It can be tricky to get house sits when you first start out. It’s like a job, people want to see you have positive references and experience.

However, we do have some tips and tricks we used to land our first house sits. So our tips for getting references when starting out as a house sitter.

Can I Really Get Free Rent By House Sitting?

It’s true you can get free rent by house sitting! We have house sat for the past 5 years and never had to pay rent!

We have house sat in both our hometowns as well as around the world

How Do You House Sit Full and Money Money?

We have been digital nomads for the past 5 years. We are able to earn money while traveling.

This means we can save the world, live expenses free and earn an income! We can show you how to do this!

Your Next Step 

1. Make sure you read the guide on how to get into house sitting first

2. Then pick your house sitting site and you’re on your way!

If you have any questions, you can email us contact@thetravellinghousesitters.com