About Us

About Us

Are you looking for short term or long term house sitting? If so you have come to the right place!

Meeting in the Australian Alps during winter 2014 we both knew it was a travelling match made in heaven. Brittnay is an Aussie girl from Melbourne & Jayden is a Kiwi bloke from New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Before meeting we both had a strong passion for travel. Brittnay has travelled extensively through Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand & South East Asia. Jayden has travelled through Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and the United States.

Having had a small taste of what the world has to offer, we have a hunger to explore more countries and experience their culture & food

We really love and enjoy being on the move however, we both foundthat there is something missing. We absolutely love and adore animals! Having both grown up with dogs, cats, fish and birds. We felt that our lives are missing the joy of snuggling up to a cat at night or going for a run with your best friend. Obviously, it is a little tricky to juggle travelling and owning pets, this is where both short term & long term house sitting is perfect for us.

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