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Are you looking for short term or long term house sitting? If so you have come to the right place!

Hiya, we are Britt & Jay! We Meet in the Australian Alps during winter back in 2014. Right away we both knew it was a travelling match made in heaven. 

Brittnay is an Aussie girl from Melbourne & Jayden is a Kiwi kid from New Zealand.

Before meeting we both had a strong passion for travel.

Brittnay had travelled extensively through Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand & South East Asia. While Jayden had travelled through Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and the United States.

Having both had a small taste of what the world has to offer. We have a hunger to explore more countries and experience their culture & food.

After one year living in the Australian Snowy Mountains (check us out above on top of Mt Kosciusko) we found one-way tickets to London. 

We then spent the next two years living In London. In those two years, we travelled to 25 different countries throughout Europe and Africa. 

There was so much to see & do and most importantly so much to eat & drink. We developed a real love for food & wine while living in London.

With our working holiday visas expiring we were not ready to go home yet! So we put our thinking caps on...

We really love travelling and enjoy being on the move, however, we both found that there was something missing while we were travelling. We both missed animals!

Having both grown up with dogs, cats, fish and birds. We felt that our lives were missing the joy of snuggling with a cat or going for a run with a pooch!

Obviously, it is a little tricky to juggle travelling and owning pets, so this is when we discovered we could travel & combine our love of pets. We decided to find our first house sit. We didn't mind if it was short term & long term house sitting! After using s

After house sitting in Ireland for 7 months, we needed to make our way back to the Southern Hemisphere for several weddings and family events. But first it was time to treat ourselves, we headed off to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

We spend 3 months living and setting up our online business in Chiang Mai. This was the perfect place for us with our love of street food and fresh, local organic produce. 

After Thailand we spend a few months in Jays hometown of New Plymouth, New Zealand. Here we looked after several homes and animals while catching up with Jays family and attending a few weddings. 

For the remainder of 2018 we house sat our way around Melbourne. It was an awesome time! We looked after 6 beautiful homes and some really, really amazing pets! 

So far in 2019 we have had house sitting assignments in Australia, Thailand and Malaysia.

After house sitting in Malaysia we decided to go to india for 1 month. This was absolutely amazing. We spent some time in the Himalayas, saw the Taj Mahal and ate more street food than was good for us. It was a blast!

We then booked a ticket to Turkey. Britt has wanted to go to Turkey for years now so we had to make that happen! Although we were only there for 1 week we ate everything in sight and saw some really amazing places. 

From Turkey we flew back to the UK to buy an 'office on wheels' to drive us throughout Europe for the summer. 

We drove from the UK down to the South of France for our first European house sit of 2019. It was a lovely home in the vines a half hour inland from Bordeaux. 

From there we drove to Barcelona over one week where we have been sitting a small apartment on the beach.

We head back to France for the end of May where we are looking after 2 gorgeous little cats.

Right now we are actively looking for sitting assignments in Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe! If you are interested in having us care for your home and fur babies please get in touch!

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