About The Travelling House Sitters

Hiya, we are Britt & Jay! We Meet in the Australian Alps during winter back in 2014. Right away we both knew it was a traveling match made in heaven.

Originally, Brittnay is an Aussie girl from Melbourne & Jayden is a Kiwi kid from New Zealand.

Before meeting we both had a strong passion for travel.

Brittnay had traveled extensively through Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand & South East Asia. While Jayden had travelled through Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and the United States.

Britt and Jay ontop of Mt Kosciuszko
Here we are on top of Australias Highest Point , Mt Kosciuszko.

Who Are The Travelling House Sitters?

Having both had a small taste of what the world has to offer we where hungry to explore more together. We quickly learnt that we both have a love for food, wine, markets, animals and throwing ourselves into different cultures.

Back in 2015 after one year living in the Australian Snowy Mountains together after both chasing winter for several years (check us out on top of Mt Kosciusko, Australias highest point above!) we found one-way tickets to London. We then spent the next two years living and working in London.

Living in London was an incredible experience for us. It opened up a whole new world for us! We were completely mind blown by Europe and how easily accessible everything was.

In those two years, we travelled to 25 different countries throughout Europe and Africa. There was so much to see & do and most importantly so much to eat & drink. We developed a real love for food & wine while living in London.

With our working holiday visas expiring we were not ready to go home yet! So we put our thinking caps on…We really love travelling and enjoy being on the move, however, we both found that there was something missing while we were travelling. We both started to really miss the companionship of animals!

Jay Swimming in Iceland
Jay swimming in Iceland
Britt in Paris, France
Britt in Paris, France

How Did We Start Our House Sitting Adventure?

Having both grown up with dogs, cats, fish, and birds. We felt that our lives were missing the joy of snuggling with a cat or going for a run with a pooch!

Obviously, it is a little tricky to juggle traveling and owning pets, so this is when we discovered it was possible to combine our love for travel & animals. After hearing about house sitting from a friend we decided to give it a go while still living in London. We didn’t mind that it was just down the road from our flat, or that it was only for 1 week, we just wanted to test the waters and gain some experience before diving deep into it.

It was a success, we loved it! We had a few months before our visas expired in the UK. We decided to head over to Ireland while we decided what to do next. We discovered that the rental situation was really crazy in Dublin. So we managed to successfully house sit our way around Dublin while working full time.

It was in Ireland that we decided that we would up-skill ourselves to be able to work online. This would allow us the freedom to house sitting anywhere in the world with no strings attached.

After house sitting in Ireland for 7 months, we needed to make our way back to the Southern Hemisphere for several weddings and family events. But first it was time to treat ourselves, we headed off to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

We spend 3 months living and really diving deep into setting up our online business in Chiang Mai. This was the perfect place for us with our love of street food and fresh, local organic produce.

After Thailand we spend a few months in Jays hometown of New Plymouth, New Zealand. Here we looked after several homes and animals while catching up with Jays family and attending a few weddings.

For the remainder of 2018 we house sat our way around Melbourne. It was an awesome time! We looked after 6 beautiful homes and some really, really amazing pets!

House Sitting in 2019

2019 was the start to an exciting year for us. We had locked in sitting assignments in Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey for the first 3 months of the year.

After house sitting in Malaysia for just over 1 month we decided to go to India for 1 month. No house sitting just travelling. This was absolutely amazing. We spent some time in the Himalayas, saw the Taj Mahal and ate more street food than was good for us. It was a blast!

We then booked a ticket to Turkey. Britt has wanted to go to Turkey for years now so we had to make that happen! We found a last minute house sit in Istanbul and were off!

Although we were only there for 1 week we ate everything in sight and saw some really amazing places.

From Turkey we flew back to the UK to buy an ‘office on wheels’ which would drive us throughout Europe for the summer.

Jay in Bordeaux France
Camping Spot Between House Sitting

We bought a cute little Citroën (and called her Merry Berry) and made haste to the South of France (in just 3 days).

We were booked in for a sit about half an hour inland from Bordeaux! It was a beautiful lifestyle block surrounded in vines (a perfect spot for us!).

We then went further south and looked after a home not far form Bordeaux. This home had 7 cats and is what we could only describe as being a cat mansion!

From there we drove to Barcelona over one week where we have been sitting a small apartment on the beach.

Then we had to head back to France to celebrate Britts 30th birthday in true style. Cruising the Canals of Southern France. We spent a week cruising, eating, drinking and cycling along the canals.

The boat trip was so relaxing, which is what we needed for the next leg of our trip over in Italy for our next sit. This was right up North on the Swiss boarder looking after 8 cats. 

In July / August we drove down to Rome to look after a cute black puppy. Exploring Rome is something we had been wanting to do for a long time. Everyday was an adventure an adventure out exploring with Ugo! 

Britt and Ugo in Rome

Following Rome we jumped on a ferry to Croatia. We spent 1 week camping along the Croatian coast then drive down to Montenegro where we were looking after 2 cats in Herceg Novi. We spent 1 month in Montenegro and had a blast! We really did not know much about Montenegro but ended up absolutely loving it! 

The house sit in Montenegro came to an end and we started the long drive down to Porto Rafti in Greece for our next sit. 

Selling Our Car in Albania

However, on the way to Greece things did not quite go to plan. 

Half way through Albania our car decided to break down, long story short after a couple of days frantically trying to fix it with some local Albanian mechanics we had no luck. Running out of time we scrapped the van and jumped on a 13 hour bus to Athens to get to the house on time! 

We arrive at our first house sit in Greece on time, and were very happy to have finally made it. We looked after a home on the coast just south of Athens in the port town of Porto Rafti, we then headed off to Karpathos Island for a much needed break from house sitting and a little early Christmas gift to ourselves.

After Karpathos we went back to Greece, this time we were based in Athens. We looked after 2 ginger cats and a dog at the base of the Acropolis! This was a stunning place to see out our last few weeks in Europe!

What Are Our Plans For House Sitting in 2020?

In November 2019 we parted ways for a few months.

Brittnay went back to Melbourne to have Christmas back home with the family. She will be house sitting in Melbourne and the Eastern Coast from November till April 2020 – so get in touch if you are looking a house sitter! 

Jay flew off to the Caribbean to complete our first ever boat sit! He is currently be looking after a catamaran from November till April 2020. He is on Carriacou Island, Granada.

WOW so this post got really long didn’t it, oops.

In not so many words I guess that is a pretty quick overview on who we are, what we have done and what we plan on doing.

House Sitting in the Caribbean
The catamaran Jay is looking after in the Caribbean

Check Us Out On 7 News Australia!

In 2018 we where approached by 7 News in Australia to do a little piece about House sitting! It was am interesting experience and we were stoked to share our way of life with the world! 

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