House Sitting In Italy – Our Experience House Sitting in Rome and Lake Como

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We recently had the pleasure of house sitting in Italy. Previous to house sitting in Italy, we had looked after homes in the UK, France and Spain.

At the start of April we had purchased a little camper van in the UK and made plans to drive from Manchester, UK to Athens, Greece. On our Italian stop on this road trip we had two house sits planned. 

Our first house sit in Italy would be near Lake Como for 3 weeks and the second was in Rome for 2.5 months

House Sitting in Lake Como Italy

We had arranged this house sitting assignment through Trusted House Sitters. On the listing the homeowner had no pictures and only described in fairly vague detail about the house.

English was not her first language so she wasn’t too confident talking on the phone so we just decided to go for it!

At the end of the call organising the sit she also mentioned in passing that she had 4 cats, but they were very low maintenance and that won’t be a problem for us with all of our house sitting experience.

Before arriving in the town we had been in the camper for 9 days making our way up from our last sit in Barcelona, Spain.

It was a long drive up North but passed though some incredibly stunning mountain ranges – and even the highest city in France! 

House Sitting in Lake Como Italy
Lake Como, Italy

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Arriving At Our First House Sit in Italy

We arrived at the home and were pleasantly surprised. It was a rather large 3 story house.

It had a huge automatic front gate and lots of greenery and garden spaces. For this particular sit we were arriving after the homeowner had already left, so we jumped right into unpacking the camper and familiarize ourselves with the home and tried to track down the animals.

The homeowner mentioned to us we would be hard pressed to see any of the cats accept one, who made up for the rest by being right by our side the entire sit (it was really quite cute!).

The area was very close to the Swiss border. So as you can expert it was an absolutely beautiful spot surrounded with tall, rugged mountains and several lakes.

The area was famous for its hikes in the hills.

So we made good use of our surroundings and spent every second day discovering new walks, checking out mountain top views, demolishing the local cuisine and Jay spent a lot of time on his bike up in the hills.

The 5 weeks went very fast at this place. So before we knew it we were cleaning the home and packing up the camper again for our next sit!

Netty - House Sitting in Italy
Our Friendly Cat Netty

House Sitting in Italy – Our Second House Sit

Our next house sitting destination was Rome. Rome was around 500km south of our location. We had 10 days before that one started.

We planned the route to make it through some of the places we had really wanted to see in Italy. We planned to pass through Lake Como, Parma, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, and a couple of cool little lakes.

We had managed to visit all the little town over a couple of days and see some of the essential sites of Italy. However, once was hit the lake at Lake Bolsena we had decided that this would be where we would spend the remaining 5 days before our sit in Rome started. 

Lake Bolsena was a beautiful area that allowed free camping on the lakeside. This was a great spot for us to catch up on some work, eat some more local foods and generally just relax.

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Our Camper Van View at Lake Bolsena

House Sitting in Rome Italy

We had been very excited about house sitting in Rome. Having the opportunity to house sit here for just over 2 months was amazing! This would give us ample time to check out all the tourist sights as well as find little local gems we would otherwise not have the opportunity to do.

We arrived late in the evening to meet the next homeowner and our new little friend Ugo – a black 11 month old puppy who was full of energy, sass and love.

This house sit in Rome was arranged through Trusted House Sitters and was our 12th sit through the platform. Instantly we fell in love with Ugo. He was full of energy, sass and love. And walking Ugois a fantastic way to see a city every day.

Particularly one like Rome that has a lot of green spaces filled with statues, monuments and points of interest – you could walk around this city for years and see something new every day!  The home was within walking distance of the centre of Rome. This was a great spot to be based for two months.

Every couple of days we would head out and explore the different neighbourhoods of Rome. We even timed the house sit in Rome perfectly to match up with the free days for both the Colosseum, the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica.

House Siting in Rome
Ugo Helping Britts Morning Stretch Routine

At the time we were house sitting in Rome it was in the middle of a heat wave. It was a little too much for poor little Ugo so at the owners request we would leave the air conditioning on for him morning noon and night!

This also really helped us sleep! Fortunately for us Ugo could not navigate the stairs up to the loft so he was not sleeping on the bed making things warmer than they needed to be!

We had a ball while housesitting in Rome. We went wine tasting, visited all of the must see tourist spots and discovered parts of town that we would never have found if we were only there for a couple of days or weeks.

Ugo - House Sitting in Rome
Brittnay and Ugo at the Park

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