11 Best House Sitting Websites Reviewed and Ranked

Best house-sitting websites 

I have been house-sitting in over ten countries for six years and run a forum of over 116,000 house-sitters and homeowners. That means many house sitters and homeowners have asked me what the best house-sitting website is to sign up with.

First, you need to decide whether you will be house-sitting locally or internationally, as some platforms are better in certain locations (don’t worry, I discuss this in detail below)

I suggest new housesitters try house-sitting locally first (it helps you build up those super important reviews!). There are also fantastic international house-sitting websites that help bring together housesitters and homeowners, with yearly fees between $40 and $220.

However, they vary in their features and benefits (for example, some offer insurance). It can start to get a bit hard to pick the right one! This article is a must-read for aspiring house sitters because it navigates the complexities of choosing the right house-sitting platforms.

But don’t worry—after six years of international house-sitting, I can help you make well-informed decisions. I have completed over 60 house sits, all with 5-star reviews. I have found (after a lot of trial and error) that each of these house-sitting platforms has pros and cons. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all site.’

I want to help you make the perfect decision when choosing a house-sitting website. I regularly update my comprehensive reviews (my last update was April 2024) of all the popular and reputable house-sitting sites to ensure you make the right decision.

I advise on the following criteria in my breakdown of each house-sitting website.

How They Work

If They Provide Insurance

The Cost

The Locations Covered

The Competition

If They Run Background Checks

The amount of Assignments Available

The Discount Code (if there is one available)

Who They Are Best Suited To.

I currently have an active membership to many house-sitting websites. The cost can add up, but when you spread the cost out over one year, it will be pretty cheap accommodation!

We have tried to review each site fairly and advise which site is best for varying needs. We hope this post helps you decide which of these house-sitting websites is best for you!

The Best House Sitting Websites Quick Comparison Table

If you are mobile, swipe on the table to see the right-hand side.

House Sitting WebsiteWebsite LinkMembership Cost(We have an exclusive discount of 20% off ALL plans)CountryLogo
Trusted House Sitters
(We have an exclusive EPIC discount of 25% off ALL plans)

If you click the 25% discount will be added at the checkout automatically

Click the link above to use the Trusted House Sitter discount code
$129 USD ($109 AUD) – Basic Sitter
$169 USD ($149 AUD) –Standard Sitter
$259 USD ($279 AUD) – Premium Sitter
Aussie House SittersVisit Aussie House Sitters$84 AUDAustraliaAussie House Sitters Logo

House Sitters America
Visit House Sitters America$49 USDAmericaHouse Sitters America
House CarersVisit House Carers$50 USDWorldwideHouse Carers Logo
MindahomeVisit Mindahome$59 AUDAustraliaMindahome Logo
Happy House SittersVisit Happy House Sitters$59 AUDAustraliaHappy House Sitters Logo
Kiwi House SittersVisit Kiwi House Sitters$84 NZDNew ZealandKiwi House Sitters Logo
Mind My HouseVisit Mind My House$29 USDWorldwideMind My House Logo
Pawshake (Paid house sitting website)Visit PawshakeNo membership feeWorldwidePawshake logo

House-sitting discounts in June 2024

Do you already know which platform you want to sign up with? My exclusive house-sitting discounts can save you a huge amount on your membership. Below are the most popular house-sitting discounts for the platforms I use myself.

25% TrustedHousesitters Discount (no code required, just click here and it will be applied automatically)

10% HouseCarers Discount (no code required, just click here and it will be applied automatically)

15% Aussie House Sitters Discount (coming soon)

The Top House-Sitting Websites of 2024

Below are the top 4 house-sitting sites if you plan on going aboard. I have also included my favorite country-specific house-sitting sites to check out. If you plan on visiting Canada, Mexico, the USA, Australia, NZ, or the UK, these are great to sign up for (you might also find less competition on these sites). I have included those more location-specific sites after the top 4.

You can jump straight to the four reviews from here
1. Trusted House Sitters
2. Housecarers
3. Mind My Home
4. Nomador

1. Trusted House Sitters Review

Trusted House Sitters House Sitting Website Homepage
Trusted House Sitters Homepage

Countries Covered: International house sitting platform covering all countries.
Price: $129 – $259 per year (price is dependent on the tier you choose)
Trusted House Sitters Discount: 25% off! Click here and the EPIC discount code will be automatically applied at checkout!
Age Limit: 21 years old
Insurance:  Provided – Home Protection, Sit Cancellation & Liability
Alerts: Yes – you can set up emails and app notification alerts with filters of your choice.
Background Checks: Free ID checks plus CBC checks for US memberships
Downloadable App: Yes
Website: www.trustedhousesitters.com
Background: Founded in 2010, Trustedhousesitters is the biggest platform among international house-sitting websites. It offers extensive house-sitting opportunities worldwide, with a concentration in regions such as the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Yearly Membership Fees for House Sitters

$129 USD ($109 AUD, £99) – Basic Sitter
$169 USD ($149 AUD, £129 ) –Standard Sitter
$259 USD ($279 AUD, £199 ) – Premium Sitter

Yearly Membership Fee for House Owners

$129 USD ($109 AUD, £99 ) – Basic
$169 USD ($149 AUD, £149 ) –Standard
$259 USD ($279 AUD, £199* ) – Premium

Want To Try Both?

You can get a combined membership to book house sitters and try house sitting yourself. The combined membership costs $60 in addition to your yearly membership fee.

If you want more information, look at my breakdown of the tiers that Trustedhousesitters offers so you can find which one best suits you.

My Thoughts on Trusted House Sitters

We have personally used Trusted House Sitters for sitting assignments worldwide, including Australia, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Thailand, Greece, Malaysia, Montenegro, France, Italy, Spain, and New Zealand! This is my go-to house-sitting website. Trusted House Sitters is the most well-known house-sitting site and has a huge range of house sits worldwide.

This platform is becoming increasingly popular with housesitters and homeowners. This is great because there are lots more homes on offer.

It used to be that for every new listing on the platform, more house and pet sitters joined. However, I have found that now that there are so many new house sit listings, everyone has a chance at landing an assignment, especially if you look for assignments that are listed as “low applicants.” Picking a few of these sits and building up my reviews is a great way to start.

My Favorite Resources That Trusted House Sitters Provide

We love that Trusted House Sitters provides a 24/7 vet hotline, the ability to set up alerts, an easy-to-use App, a comprehensive welcome guide for each house sit, insurance coverage, free background checks, and a simple yet well-designed website. You also get extensive pet care resources and information on how to start house sitting.

All these resources make you feel like you have all the tools to complete the house sits to the highest standard (plus, it helps for those 5-star reviews!)

Trusted House Sitter Insurance Coverage

TrustedHousesitters stands out from other house-sitting platforms by offering a range of insurance options linked to its three-tier membership system.

Homeowners can select home protection and sit cancellation coverage, while sitters can choose from 3rd party liability or sit cancellation insurance. It is worth reviewing the terms and conditions for more information.

Background Checks

I like that safety is a top priority with Trusted House Sitters. If you have a US address, you need to complete a Criminal Background Check, and if you live outside of the USA, an ID check is required. Evident conducts these checks.

Customer Service and The Team at Trusted House Sitters

There is a dedicated team of over 60 people to help with your house-sitting journey. Plus, a community forum on Discord allows members and non-members to interact with each other and the team at Trusted House Sitters. On the forum, you can discuss everything from house sitting, pet sitting, and travel.

Setting Up Alerts

My favorite feature has to be the alerts! You can set up filters with alert notifications for certain criteria, such as assignments in certain locations, duration, and types of animals. When a house sit listing that fits those criteria comes up, you get a notification. This allows you to apply immediately, which helps with your chances of landing an interview with the homeowner.

You can set up these alerts on both the app and desktop versions of the site. You can also link these alerts to your daily emails, or you can do it too “anywhere” so that you get notified of new interesting assignments daily.

You also get to use the feature “Amenities.” Here, you can filter for sites at the beach, the countryside, the mountains, or the city. You can also filter for assignments that have high-speed Wi-Fi, disabled access, are family-friendly, accessible by public transport, are family-friendly, or have the use of a car included.

Welcome Guide

We liked that we could also look at the house-sitting guide the homeowner provided. It is handy to pull up all the information you might need, such as which plants need daily watering, which days the bins need to go out, or the phone number for the neighbor.

The Trusted House Sitters App

We also like using the Trusted House Sitters app. It makes it easy to quickly look at the welcome guide, check our inbox, and reply to homeowners when we are out of the house.

The Pros and Cons of Trusted House Sitters

Below are my favorite things about using Trusted House Sitters, as well as a few of the negatives.

Trusted House Sitters Pros
  • Well-established and well-known platform.
  • Provide insurance for homeowners and house sitters
  • Very easy-to-use platform and functions.
  • Big team and professional feel.
  • 24/7 customer services and vet advice line.
  • Wide variety of homes worldwide.
  • Very active community on social media
  • Easy to set up house sitter profile
  • 2-way reviews. You can see the reviews a house sitter gave to a previous homeowner and vice versa
Trusted House Sitters Cons
  • $129 USD membership fee (this varies depending on which plan you choose). This is the top end of the price range (but you do get the best perks with them)
  • High competition on house sitting assignments.
  • Trusted House Sitter recently changed its application process for pet parents. Each house-sitting assignment can only receive up to five applications. The homeowner can discard the five and receive five more applications. For house sitters, you must act fast when applying for highly sought-after opportunities, like those in New York or Australia.

Overall Trusted House Sitters Rating

We love Trusted House sitters and have used it the most out of all the platforms on this list.

Although it is the most expensive house-sitting website, it is well worth it. We like to think of it as an investment. You can’t get an Airbnb for less than $50 a night these days, so if you book at least a weekend of house-sitting, you can have already recouped the cost.

Not to mention, we have saved over $150,000 using this platform over the past five years!

Trusted House Sitters Rating: 5 / 5

How to Join Trusted House Sitters

  1. Choose a Membership Plan: Visit the membership page, select your plan, create an account, and pay your annual subscription fee.
  2. Complete Sitter Verifications: Confirm your email, phone number, and identity. Upload a photo of your passport or driver’s license to pass the ID check.
  3. Background Check (US Only): If you’re in the US, complete a free background check, including your social security number.
  4. Character References: Request two external references from friends, employers, family members, or landlords.
  5. Create a Strong Profile: Set up an impressive house-sitting profile.
  6. Apply for House-Sitting Jobs: Start applying for exciting house-sitting opportunities.

2. House Carers

The Best House Sitting Website For International House Sitters – My ‘Best Value For Money’ Pick

House Carers House Sitting Web Site Review
House Carers House Sitting Website Review

My Thoughts on House Carers

House Carers is a website that we have used for house sits in Australia, Ireland, The United Kingdom and New Zealand. From submitting my id checks to setting up my personalized email alerts this platform is a great experience.

Home Carers is a popular platform for pet owners in the United States (New York) and Europe. The house-sitting platform is also popular worldwide as some well-known sites are getting too busy. They were the first house-sitting website to bring homeowners and house-sitters together back in 2000.

As a sitter, you can upload your ID verification, background check, and character references and even embed your personal YouTube videos.

This gives pet owners more information about you and helps them do their due diligence before moving on to messaging through the messaging system or Skype interviews.

As a pet sitter, you can add your keywords to your profile. This lets you choose and show homeowners your ‘Prime Motivation’ for house sitting. You can select from everything from wanting to ‘Visit Grandchildren’ to ‘Experience area before purchase’ or being a ‘Grey Nomad’.

You can select your interests, skills, experience, marital status, lifestyle options, and security details in the keywords section.

Your profile also has a section where you can pre-set your location preferences worldwide. For example, you can only select those areas if you would only like to apply for house-sitting jobs in Canada, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, or the USA. You can also get more specific and narrow your availability to a specific city or town, such as Alaska, California, Melbourne, London, Panama, or any other places you would love to experience.

This is in terms of website features, functions, and usability. However, the interface does have an old-school, outdated feel compared to some other platforms. One feature that we love is the house-sit email alerts/notifications. You can set up custom notifications for certain areas or pet types so you never miss a house-sitting opportunity.

The video feature on House Carers is a fantastic way to show homeowners your real self. You can easily share your experience with cats, dogs, horses, or even when you house-sit a rabbit.

Do you want 10% off your membership? Signup here!

Pros and Cons of House Carers

House Carers Pros

  • There are many options to upload a review, photos, videos, references, ID checks, and safety checks.
  • Very reasonable membership price.
  • House Carers has a great Facebook community where they can share ideas with other house sitters.
  • A brilliant house sit notification function.
  • It is very, very trusted and one of the first platforms on the internet.
  • Lower competition for pet sitters

House Carers Cons

  • Homeowners don’t need to pay for a membership, so for house sitters, there is a bit of a feeling that the homeowner doesn’t take the assignment as seriously and could cancel at any stage.
  • The platform is outdated and can be difficult for first-timers to navigate.

Our Rating of House Carers

The membership price of 50 USD is very reasonable and well worth the membership. There are a decent number of house-sitting jobs available worldwide. The customer service and social media support communities are great for people just starting with pet care house owners.

From our point of view, House Carers is a must-join site for any house and pet sitter. It is one of the original house-sitting sites. Over the years, it has remained our secret weapon for house sits worldwide since we started out sitting.

For 50USD, you get a well-designed area for members, an easy application process, and a great communication tool. Since fewer people are looking for house-sitting jobs on this platform, homeowners are not likely to contact you for house-sitting opportunities.

House Carers Rating: 4.8 / 5

3. Mind My House Review

The Best House Sitting Website For International House Sitters – Our ‘The Cheapest’ Pick

Mind My House Review
Mind My House Website Review
  • Countries: International house sitting platform.
  • Membership Fee: Free for homeowners and $29 USD for house sitters.
  • Website: https://www.mindmyhouse.com/

My Thoughts on Mind My House

Mind My House is one of the original house sitting websites. It has been around since the start.

They have cheap membership fees, which is fantastic. However, this means they have a lot of house sitters on the platform. This means that competition can be tough (as of now, there are 230 available house sits and 4586 available house sitters!).

The platform has a great user experience and website layout.

They also have a strong community, which is great for sharing experiences, tips, and pictures! Mind My House also has an alert option, so you can never miss a listing in your favorite locations.

They are an international website. However, most listings are in the United States or Europe.

Pros and Cons of Mind My House

Mind My House Pros

  • They are a well-established platform that has been around since the very start.
  • A very cheap membership fee for house sitters.
  • Free for homeowners, which means more house sits are listed.
  • Easy to use and good-looking platform.
  • Alert system.

Mind My House Cons

  • The number of house sitters outweighs homeowners, so there is a lot of competition.
  • Homeowners don’t need to pay for a membership, so for house sitters, there is a bit of a feeling that the homeowner doesn’t take the assignment as seriously and could cancel at any stage.

My Rating of Mind My House

Mind My House Rating: 4.7 / 5

4. Nomador

Mind My House Website Review
  • Countries: International house sitting platform.
  • Membership Fee: Free for homeowners and 3 tiers for house sitters $99 USD, $159 USD and $199
  • Website: https://www.nomador.com

My Thoughts on Normador

I have found that Nomador is a fantastic house-sitting site for Europe. I have completed five house sits with Nomador, all of which have been in Europe. I like that they have a lower barrier to entry with a 3-month membership, which means you can try out house sitting and see if it’s for you without committing to a whole-year membership.

I also have found that it isn’t as popular with house sitting yet (big yet), so the competition isn’t as fierce, which means it can be easier to land a house sit.

Since I last used it, the platform has been revamped, and it now offers a much better user experience and layout.

I have yet to need their support, so I can’t comment. However, I do consider that a good thing. The fewer issues you have with a house sit, the better!

They also have a strong community, which is great for sharing experiences, tips, and pictures! Mind My House also has an alert option, so you can never miss a listing in your favorite locations.

They are an international website. However, most listings are in the United States or Europe.

Pros and Cons of Nomador

Nomador Pros

  • Many assignments are without house sitters, so it isn’t as competitive as other platforms.
  • They give the option to buy a 3-month membership, which makes it a good way to test out house-sitting
  • The alert system makes it easier to know that the house is in your preferred location.
  • Free ID check

Nomador Cons

  • It is an international site, but most assignments are in European countries.
  • They have upped their prices to be in line with Trusted House Sitters, but they don’t provide insurance like Trusted House Sitters do

My Rating of Nomador

Nomador Rating: 4.8 / 5

The Best House Sitting Site For Australia Only

Aussie House Sitters Review

Aussie House Sitters House Sitting Site Review
Aussie House Sitters House Sitting Website Home Page

My Thoughts on Aussie House Sitters

Aussie House Sitters is my go-to house-sitting website when we are in Australia. It has the biggest range of available houses in Australia.

Coming in at $84 AUD it is a little bit cheaper than Trusted House sitters, and a much better option for those looking to only house sit i Australia.

The platform is easy to use and has many great search features for finding your perfect house.

There is far less competition on Aussie House Sitters, and it is generally easier to land house-sitting assignments than on other platforms. You can set up custom house sitting alerts when a new sit becomes available.

The messaging system is easy to use and allows you to shortlist your messages for quick bulk replies, confirm the sit or save.

The biggest downside to this website is that it is free for homeowners to post their houses on, so sometimes they don’t take it so seriously or list their house in more than one place, which can mean that there are far more applicants than you realize.

They have a great community page on Facebook where they share house sits and information.

Pros and Cons of Aussie House Sitters

Aussie House Sitters Pros

  • Lots of house sits – We often get contacted by homeowners on this platform.
  • Reasonable membership fee.

Aussie House Sitters Cons

  • Homeowners don’t need to pay for a membership, so for house sitters, there is a bit of a feeling that the homeowner doesn’t take the assignment as seriously and could cancel at any stage.

Our Rating of Aussie House Sitters

As mentioned above, Aussie House Sitters is our go-to house-sitting website in Australia.

We have used it to land 10+ house sits.

Since there are many more homeowners than active housesitters on the platform, it’s not unusual for homeowners to contact housesitters for a house sit—even if you don’t have many reviews/references. Because of this, we recommend Aussie House Sitters for those looking to start house-sitting in Australia.

Aussie House Sitters Rating: 4.8 / 5

Kiwi House Sitters Review

The Best House Sitting Website For New Zealand Only

Kiwi House Sitters House Sitting Website Review
Kiwi House Sitters House Pet Sitting Website Home Page
  • Countries: New Zealand only.
  • Membership Fee: Free for homeowners and $84 NZD for house sitters.
  • Website: www.kiwihousesitters.co.nz
  • Discount Available: Use referral code ‘X4HDNH’ at signup for $10 off your membership.

My Thoughts on Kiwi House Sitters

Kiwi House Sitters is essentially Aussie House Sitter’s little brother. It is our go-to website in Jay’s home country of New Zealand.

We have found that nothing beats finding house sits in NZ. It has the biggest range of any other website. For some reason, Kiwis avoid the bigger, more international house-sitting websites.

Other good news about Kiwi House Sitters is that there is not a whole lot of competition on it. We often find that we get the most home and pet owners contacting us on this house-sitting website.

Kiwi House Sitters have the same look, feel, and user experience as Aussie House Sitters. Again, it is free for homeowners to sign up, but we have never had an issue with homeowners not following through and taking it seriously.

Registration is easy; all you need is an email address. From there, you can build your profile like the one on its Big Brother site.

Kiwi House Sitters is essential for anyone looking for house-sitting opportunities in New Zealand.

Pros and Cons of Kiwi House Sitters

Kiwi House Sitters Pros

  • Lots of house sits – We often get contacted by homeowners.
  • Reasonable membership fee.
  • Easy to use and good-looking platform.
  • Great for any newcomer to the sitting world in NZ.

Kiwi House Sitters Cons

  • Homeowners don’t need to pay for a membership, so for house sitters, there is a bit of a feeling that the homeowner doesn’t take the assignment as seriously and could cancel at any stage.
  • Sits are only available in NZ.

Overall Kiwi House Sitters Rating

We exclusively use Kiwi House Sitters when we are in New Zealand. It’s been the platform that we find has the biggest range of sits. Like New Zealand itself, this platform is the little brother to the Australian version, which we had lots of experience using, so Kiwi House Sitters was super easy to navigate for us!

Kiwi House Sitters Rating: 4.8 / 5

Mindahome Review

The Best House Sitting Site for Australia – Our ‘Best Value For Money’ Pick

Mindahome Housesitting Site Review
Mindahome House Sitting Website Review

My Thoughts on Mindahome

We find that Mindahome always has lots of options within Australia! From dog walking to looking after an apartment with no pets and a pool, Mindahome has an available house-sit for house-sitters anywhere in Australia.

It has a subscription fee similar to other house-sitting websites in the Aussie market. At $59AUD, it is well worth having the membership if you want to care for homes and pets in Australia.

The platform has a clean design focused on the user’s experience. It is not a pain in the backside to use like some others. On your public profile, you can add a personal description, profile title, age, marital status, and a statement that you are available to look after pets.

Although there are no compulsory ID checks, you do have the option to upload your files. Here, you can add your police checks, past house-sitting jobs, reviews, and references. Mindahome also allows you to link your YouTube video, which is unavailable on all advertising sites. Like all other platforms, you can add photos showing your experience with different pets, houses, responsibilities, and credibility.

You have an easy-to-use member area where you can set up your sitter profile, adjust your preferred region (down to state or suburb level), responsibility preferences, and what pets you won’t care for. Often, there are many opportunities in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and the North of Australia.

We also like that the support team is super responsive! Mindahome also updates its site often. When they do so, a pop-up explaining the changes appears when you log in to your dashboard. Recently, this has included the new ‘sitter appointment system’, improved search features, and the option for a combination sitter and homeowner subscription.

Your profile has a new ‘bookings’ feature, automatically updating your availability when you accept an offer to look after a home and pets.

Both homeowners and sitters can leave feedback and reviews on one another, which are made public. If previous homeowners forget to leave feedback, you can remind them. Gaining reviews will help you land more gigs in better properties.

Pros and Cons of Mindahome

Mindahome Pros

  • A very cheap membership fee for house sitters.
  • Huge array of sits to apply for.
  • Easy to use and good-looking platform.
  • Really helpful staff and information.
  • A great cheap alternative for travelers or a couple staying in Australia.
  • An easy-to-use messaging system with notifications.
  • Joint home-owner and sitter profile option.

Mindahome Cons

  • Like some other sites, the homeowners don’t need to pay for a membership, so for house sitters, there is a feeling that the homeowner doesn’t take the assignment as seriously and could cancel at any stage.
  • Aussie-only platform.

Overall Rating of Mindahome

Mindahome is a great site. Its the cheapest house sitting website in Australia, however, it still has all the features and functions of the bigger, more expensive sites.

Again, there are not as many active housesitters on here, so it’s a good option for those just starting out house-sitting who don’t have many references or reviews. The built-in message system makes it easy to chat with the home owner about their expectations, circumstances, and situation.

Mindahome is one of our top recommendations for individuals and couples looking for almost free housesitter opportunities in Australia.

Mindahome Rating: 4.7 / 5

House Sitters America Reviews

The Best House Sitting Website For American House Sitters

House sitters america

My Thoughts on House Sitters America

House Sitter America recently had a makeover (Jan 2021). It is much more user-friendly and has many new filters. You can now search for house sits that are kid—or pet-friendly.
Even though Trusted House Sitters has thousands of housesitters worldwide, we like that House Sitters America is focused on America. That is reflected in the price: You only need to pay $49!

House Sitters America Pros

  • A very cheap membership fee for house sitters.
  • Advanced filters
  • Hyper relevant for the US-based house sitter

Our Rating of House Sitters America

House Sitters America Rating: 4.8 / 5

The Best Paid House-Sitting Websites


Pawshake House Sitting Website

Countries: Australian website reviewed, but is available in 20 countries worldwide.
Membership fee: No fee. However, for sitters, a 19% commission is taken
Website: www.pawshake.com.au

Our Thoughts on Pawshake

Pawshake was created in 2013 by two former senior eBay employees, Dries Coucke and Tanguy Peers. You can tell that these two have experience with online websites as soon as you log onto Pawshake.

The website (and mobile app, for that matter) is very easy to use and laid out well. As the house sitter, you have lots of options for filling out your profile. Pawshake does need high-quality photos on your account; otherwise, they can not accept your profile.

The messaging system on both the website and mobile app is easy to navigate, and you can set up notifications so you never miss a reply from a homeowner or a new house-sitting job. 

Being a paid house-sitting website is awesome. As mentioned above, you do not need to pay to sign up to Pawshake. However, for every house sit you complete, they take a 19% commission out of your final pay, so when pricing your house sitting services, make sure you keep that in mind. 

Since it is a paid website, as the house sitter, you do need to think about things like tax, and if you are from outside Australia, you might also need to think about things like working visas and obtaining a TFN. 

Being a paid website, homeowners seem to take it a lot more seriously. There are a lot fewer last-minute changes and cancellations by homeowners. 

Pros of Pawshake

  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Great Mobile app
  • A booking guarantee covers homeowners if the booked sitter can not make it
  • Pawshake will also cover vet fees

Cons of Pawshake

  • You can only sign up if your area needs house sitters
  • Customer service has a bad wrap

Our Rating of Pawshake

Overall, we think Pawshake is the best paid house sitting website in Australia. It has lots of great features that rank it right up there with the non-paid websites, with the added bonus of making money for your house sitting services. To start off with, we never used paid house sitting sites because we thought they were a bit scammy, but Pawshake changed our minds about that. 

Pawshake Rating: 4.8 / 5

Best House Sitting Websites in USA & Canada

America has thousands of house-sitting assignments, but there aren’t many platforms just for The USA. If you plan on traveling and looking for housesitters in and outside of America, we recommend Trusted House Sitters.

However, if you are just looking for a house that sits in America, House Sitters America is worth considering (plus, you only need to pay $49 per year). Not only that, but their sister sites, House Sitters UK and Aussie House Sitters, offer a discount to sign up with them.

Looking for a discount for Trusted House Sitters or House Sitter America? Check out our exclusive deal below!

trustedhousesitters.com    25% discount code is; TRAVELHS click here to use it!

housesittersamerica.com     Use the discount code HSA15 for $15 off – Click here to use it!

housesitterscanada.com      Use the discount code HSC15 for $15 off – Click here to use it!

Our Favorite House-Sitting Websites in The UK

We love house-sitting in the UK! London is where we started our house-sitting journey.

Now, we have completed 50+ sits in 12 countries!

Our friend was using Trusted House Sitters and recommended we should, too! She was currently on a 4-month house sit in an incredible home in Kentish Town with a gorgeous Groodle (she found that sit on Trusted House Sitters)

So, we signed up and started applying! Since we didn’t have any references, we used a screenshot of our 30+ positive reviews on Airbnb.

We managed to land a two-week house sit in Finsbury Park and haven’t looked back. So when friends, family, or anyone else asks, we recommend THS to them.

The Best House Sitting Websites We Have Not Used Yet

At this point, we have done many house-sitting assignments all over the world. However, there are still some places that we have yet to travel to.

Throughout 2024 and 2025, I plan on heading to South America, Mexico, and the West Coast of Northern America to house-sit. For the America’s I will be using Trusted House Sitters, House Sitters America, House Sit Mexico and Nomador.

As mentioned above, we have not yet landed house sits using House Sitters America or House Sit Mexico. However, we have created profiles and gone through the registration process for all sites. This has given us a great perspective of each site as a house sitter and its company and business model.

Once we have used and landed sites on the platforms we have not at this stage, we will update this post to reflect our experience for everyone to read about.

Frequently Asked Questions

We received a lot of emails and questions from our community, so I’ve included a few of the common ones below!

What is the Best House-Sitting Site?

As you can see above there are several great contenders for the best site. Each site has its own pros and cons, and some are better than others in certain locations. 

Overall, if you are looking only to join one house-sitting website, we would recommend Trusted House Sitters as being the best house-sitting site for finding house-sitting assignments worldwide.

How much does it cost to join trusted house sitters?

As a house sitter, it costs $119 USD to join Trusted House Sitters.
As a homeowner, it costs $119 USD to join Trusted House Sitters.

Does Trusted House Sitters Pay?

Trusted House Sitters does not pay. House sitting is a mutual agreement between homeowners and house sitters – so no money changes hands. 

Is House-Sitting Free?

Yes, house-sitting is free, except for the membership fee to various house-sitting websites. It is a mutual agreement between the house sitter and the homeowner, and usually, no money changes hands. 

On websites such as Rover com, housesitters charge, but to be honest, we don’t think that homeowners should pay for someone to look after their home and animals. 

Is House-Sitting Safe?

Yes, house-sitting is safe. House sitting is built on trust and a review/reference system. So the more house sits someone has done the more reviews they gain. The same applies to homeowners; the more sitters they have, the more reviews and references they will have. 

As the homeowner, you can ask the housesitter for references, reviews, ID, and police checks and even meet in person before accepting them to look after your home. 

As the house sitter, you can ask the home owner for references and reviews, talk over the phone, ask about the area, or even meet the home owner at the property before accepting the sit. 

It is very important that before accepting a house sit both parties are comfortable and happy with the agreement. 

How can I live rent for free?

It is possible to live rent-free by becoming a house sitter. If you play your cards right you can line up house sit after house sit. We have essentially lived rent-free for 3 years thanks to house-sitting! 

Is Trusted House Sitters Worth it?

Your Trusted House Sitters membership costs $119 USD for one year. If you plan on house-sitting for that entire year (or even just a week or two), it is most definitely worth it.

If you spend the year house-sitting, you have essentially paid $119 USD for 1 year’s rent. 

If you intend to house sit for only a few weeks, the membership is still worth it—if you house sit for two weeks, you are only paying $119USD for your accommodation! 

What Are The Best House Sitting Apps?

So far, we have only encountered one house-sitting site with an app: Trusted House Sitters. We loved using the app to reply to homeowners and bring up the house-sitting guide. Sometimes, you just quickly need to know something like the vet’s number or which plants need to be watered daily.

Need Some Help Starting Your Own House Sitting Adventure?

We have compiled all the steps we took to become successful house sitters. It included all our email templates, handover documents, and strategies for landing all the sites we wanted! See the masterclass here

Want to Join Over 114,000 Other House Sitters?

We have a group with over 114,000 sitters! Ranging from 20+ years of experience to beginners and everyone in between! Click here to join!

Author: Britt

I am Britt. I have been house and pet sitting for the past 7 years. I have cared for 25 dogs, 35 cats, 1 turtle, and 1 rabbit in 80+ houses in 15 countries.

The opportunity to experience different homes, cultures, and communities has been extraordinary.

Through house-sitting platforms like Aussie House Sitters and Trusted House Sitters, I’ve connected with homeowners seeking reliable sitters. This unique way of living has allowed me to save money on accommodation and offered many cultural exchange opportunities.

Being a member of these platforms has broadened my horizons and opened doors to short- and long-term house-sitting jobs. I’ve found joy in providing excellent pet care and ensuring the home is well-maintained.

I get many questions about how to start as a housesitter, so if you have any questions, please reach out! I want everyone to enjoy this incredible lifestyle as well!

You can read more about Jay and me here!

Or connect with me on Facebook or in our house sitting community on Facebook

House Sitting in Salon-de-Provence
Me (Britt) House Sitting in Salon-de-Provence, France

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46 thoughts on “11 Best House Sitting Websites Reviewed and Ranked”

  1. I have been thinking about finding a house sitter for my trips ( 2 to 6 weeks).
    I have a cat and pool to care for in central California. What are the expectation for the homeowner and sitter?
    Thank you.

    1. We like to sit with the owners either in person or skype and go through all the responsibilities. We are more than happy to mow lawns, clean pools and anything else that comes our way 🙂 Have you looked into finding a sitter yet?

    2. We’re looking to go that way soon! I would love to speak to you about your expectations! We love cats & pools are easy to care for all year round! Is there a way to contact you to learn dates? We also do holidays & we charge no fee! Our work can be done just about anywhere, so we are available to maintain care for the home constantly.

  2. Great post guys, I want to follow your lead and use Aussie House Sitters as my go-to. Do you have a referral link or code?

        1. Thanks heaps for the code, looking forward to helping pets stay comfortably in their home while getting out of the van for a few as we travel around Aus. Keep living your bliss 🙂

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for creating a short intro about these house sitting websites. I will save me time to look for reputable ones since you’ve collected that for me! Will definitely check each of them!


  4. thanks for great list of platforms, we are going to pick one this weekend!!We cant wait to start house sitting!

    1. Happy Saturday Theresa 🙂 I think for the US Trusted House Sitter would be your best option, its seems like they have the widest range of house sits however due to this it can be very competitive. Have you got started sitting or have any references?

  5. Hi there,

    I am very interested in finding out more about the best house sitting opportunities. However, I am allergic to pets, and due to a traumatic childhood experience, I only like observing them from a far distance. I am passionate about keeping an immaculate house, and I do not mind watering the lawn, as long as it is not freshly cut grass. I would like to first get my feet wet in the NY and CT locations. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hiya Dee,

      So stoked your ready to start your house sitting journey. I would suggest jumping on one of the house sitting platforms, this one here http://bit.ly/2LxJmHs is has the biggest range of house sits in the US! Once your apart of the platform you can search for sits, you could filter it by house sits in NY & CT locations as well as clicking on the option no pets. Let me know how you go 🙂

      Britt 🙂

  6. Hi Jay & Britt!

    Thanks for all the info!! My boyfriend and I are looking to get started in Melbourne. Do you have any recommendations for house sitting in Australia or certain sites we should check out first?

    Happy house sitting days!!


    1. Hiya Elisa,

      Ohh how we miss Melbourne!! Stoked your ready to start house sitting, they are lots of opporuntiies to house sit in Australia. I would check out Mindahome and Aussiehousesitters! Lots of listings and not as compettitve as some other sites! Let me know if you need any help setting up your profile or have any other questions!

      Britt 🙂

  7. Hey Jay & Britt!!

    Happy Friday!! We can’t wait to start house sitting as much as you two!! We are hoping to do our first one over Christmas, we are currently checking out Trusted House Sitters and Mindmyhome, we are located in Atlanta, do you have suggestions to which one we should go for? Its a bit of price different but we are happy to pay more if its worth it!

    Lauren & Tyler

    1. Hiya Lauren!!

      Happy Friday to you too! Doing your first house sit over Christmas is an awesome idea! You will have lots of options to choose from. Do you guys plan to travel as well as house sit or will you be based in Atlanta? I think using a combination of both trusted house sitters and mindmyhome. It a great idea to diversify your options to apply as well as building references on different platforms. Let me know how you go!

      Happy house sitting!


  8. Thanks for these house sitting site reviews guys! I really want to join Trusted House Sitters but am a little hesitant to sign up with no references. Do you have any ideas how I could make myself a little more appealing to homeowners without any?

    1. Hi Joana,

      Thank you!

      We love Trusted House Sitters but it is a very competitive platform. There are a couple of things we would advise to do if you have no references:

      1: When you apply for a house sit try and apply for sits that don’t have too many applicants.
      2: When you apply be very prompt with your application – first in first served a lot of the time!
      3: Write a personalised and thoughtful letter to the homeowner and genuinely let them know why you want the sit and why you would be the purfect sitter.
      4: Forward through Airbnb or rental references, the more the better. You want the homeowner to know you are genuine and can take care of a home.
      5: Try and get on a Skype of video call with them – its far easier to talk aout this in person than over email!

      Make sure you check out our post on how to become a house sitter for more into about how oyu can start sitting!

      Let us know if we can help you anymore 🙂

  9. Hey Travelling House Sitters!!

    Maddy and John from Melbourne here 🙂 We read your post about getting started and have booked a few weekend house sits for friends and family. Looking forward to getting some references, I think we will try to apply for some house sits over Christmas, we are looking at using Mindahome or Aussie House Sitters or maybe Trusted House Sitters, if you think it is worth it??) Do you think we should go for one over the other?

    Love following your travels on Instagram, your photos of house sitting in Rome look incredible! We are thinking of doing a similar trip (with house sitting) to Europe in 2021! Where are guys heading next?

    1. Hiya Maddy!!
      So awesome that you’re booked in for a few house sits with friends & fam!!! I think a combo of Mindahome or Aussie House Sitters & Trusted House Sitters is definitely worth it! What we pay in a year for the platforms definitely doesn’t out outweigh the accommodation benefits. It also good to diversify as some sites such as Mindahome gets lots of city postings and Aussie House Sitters has more rural postings. Its also good to have references on different sites 🙂

      So stoked you have been enjoying the pics, we are having the best time house sitting in Italy!! We are headed to Croatia & Montegrerro next and can’t wait for some beach time!! Ohhh you guys should definitely do Europe in 2021, there are thousands of house sits over here, especially in France! I would recommend getting a campervan or car because some a little bit more rural. Let me know how you go with the platforms 🙂

      Have a great week!


  10. Hi!
    I am interested in house sitting. Is it my responsibility to get wherever I am sitting or do the homeowners include that in their payment?

    1. Hello Lisa, Thanks for getting in touch!

      When it comes to transportation costs that is all up to you. In regard to payment, we (and most other house sitters out there) don’t charge for their services. House sitting is more of a mutual agreement where you look after the home owners home an animals in exchange for accommodation and bills etc.

      Since we sit in all different countries, if we charged anything for our services that would raise a lot of issues with tax and the so forth so we just prefer to keep it nice and simple and don’t involve money at all.

      If you where looking to charge for house sitting maybe try looking at a site like Rover.com where payment is a little more common.

  11. Hi Jay & Brittnay!! Just looking at sites in the US have you tried House Sit America before? We were having a look and its seems too look like Aussie house sitters, do you know if its the same?

    Thanks heaps!

    1. Hiya Nicola!! We haven’t tried House Sit America before either, we will be heading over that way in March and plan and using it so I can let you know! It is the same company as Aussie House Sitters which is really awesome to use here in Melbourne, lots of options, good platform and great customer service. let me know if you have anymore questions 🙂

  12. Hello Jay & Britt!
    Thanks for the breaking these all down, I was getting sooooooooooooooo overwhelmed with all the options! I mainly want to house sit in the US want sites would you recommend for there?

    1. Hey Juilette! Happy sunny Saturday! No worries at all, we felt the exact same way when we started too!!! I would definitely check out Trusted House Sitters for the US, we have heard that House Sitting Mexico is really food if your headed down that way too! Let me know if you end up booking a sit over the hols!!

      Brittnay 🙂

  13. Hey Britt and Jay! Thanks for the awesome info, we are headed to New York next year and landed a house sit with Trusted House Sitters! We are sooooo excited for our first one! Do you have any other tips? Becca & Joe

    1. Hey Becca and Joe! Woooah New York, we are so jealous that is one of our dream locations to house sit!! I would definitely try and do a few over the holiday period just to build up some references as well as apply for your police check!Let me know how you go!
      Brittnay 🙂

  14. Hi guys,

    My hubby and I are headed over to Australia next year (eeek so close) we were thinking of trying house sitting there as we heard from friends that they are lots of opportunities?? Do you recommend any particular platforms for Australia or what we should do before we leave Los Angeles?

    Alice & John

    1. Hey Alice!!
      Merry Christmas!! Ohh you will love Australia!! Where abouts are going to visit?? They are loooooots and lots and house sitting opportunities in Australia!! I would recommend checking out Aussie House Sitters they have lots of option in Melbourne and Sydney. I would try to do a few house sits back home just so you can build up your references and profile, we have a few tips here if you want to check them out 🙂 https://www.thetravellinghousesitters.com/how-to-become-a-house-sitter/ Let me know if you have anymorw questions or want some tips on what places to visit!!

      Brittnay 🙂

  15. hi!! do you guys have any reccomendations for house sitting in la?? I want to get started here but not sure which site to use??

    Have a awesome weekend


  16. Hello,
    My husband and I would like to house sit in Southern California in the Los Angeles county area, for the month of June 2020. Shortly ago we joined the TrustedSitters, found only two possibilities which are a bit further of the range we had in mind. Nothing else is available that I can see. We are about to join HouseCarers as well to have more possibilities, but the availability is very limited as well. Is this due to the coronavirus? Any suggestions how to go about it. For this month of June we need to be in California, the rest of the year planning to travel as much as we can.

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thanks for getting in touch! There has been a big decrease in position avail due to covid 19 but we are seeing start to really pick up here in Australia. Im guessing in the US people will start to organise summer trips as well, my best advice is to be on a as many platforms as youy can and just keep checking daily (as it will be competitive at the mo). Even with the initial outlay to be be on the platforms you will be recoup that cost in a few nights of sitting 🙂 Let me know how you go!

  17. This is so helpful, thanks! I didn’t know about the Australia and NZ ones. I’m thinking of doing a working holiday in NZ so maybe I can use it when I’m there.

    1. Hiya Maria!!
      No worries at all!! There are quite a few in Australia and they are great as they are not as competitive 🙂 They are quite a sits in NZ but it’s not as popular in Australia. If you have any questions I have done a lot of house sitting in Aus and NZ so ask away 🙂

  18. Thanks for all the really helpful information. We are retired, currently doing a farm sit in Western Australia. We are heading to the UK 2023 in May and June – our son is getting married 4 June in Kent. I thought we would try for some short house sits in Scotland and England. How far ahead do most people advertise for sitters in your experience?

    1. Hiya Cate!!

      No worries at all, so glad it has you on your house-sitting journey! I think your best bet would be setting up notification for the locations you want to sit in (ie Kent, Scotland) also this helps you apply early and get in that first batch of applications that a homeowners looks at which I think is key to landing house sits! I have created a video here on how to do it on the site we use; https://www.loom.com/share/7e63ec0456be41c985907fbeac575f84
      I think Trusted House Sitters is your best bet for The UK I was looking this morning and they was over 3000 sits available!

      Let me know if you have any more questions always like to help!
      Also make sure you follow up for a references when you first up your farm sit! I would love to do a farm sit, but I am based in Melbourne at the moment 🙂

  19. Hi Britt, thanks so much for your research and letting us know what your favorite house sitting platforms to use, I am thinking of house sitting in the US, Costa Rica and Australia next year and I think I will definitely check out Trusted House Sitters when I finally plan out my travels to the US.

  20. Thanks for sharing your favorite house sitting websites Britt!!! I am travelling at the end of next year and it was really helpful to see which platform are better in each region!

    1. Hiya!! no worries at all, it took me quite a while to figure this out, so hopefully you’ll get a good jump start when you decide to begin house sitting as well! Where were you hoping to go first?

  21. Hi Britt! I am thinking of starting house sitting later in the year, I want to house sit here in the US then I am thinking of going over to Italy and France next summer, I saw you did some house sitting over in Europe a while back, which platform do you think would be better for me to sigh up with?? Also thanks for all the amazing interviews with experienced house sitters it has been so good to read other peoples journeys!!
    Kim 🙂

    1. Hiya Kim!! Thanks for writing in and I am so glad you want to start house sitting as well!!! I think your best bet would be using Trusted House Sitters, they have such a huuuge range of sits in the US as well as Europe, it who I used to when I was in Greece, Italy and France! I would suggest doing a few sits this year locally to build up your references then when your applying next year for the more competitive sits in Europe you’ll have a really good chance of getting them, I would also suggest setting up alerts so you know when those sits come up. Let me know if you have any questions at all!!

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