How To Become A House Sitter in 10 Easy Steps [July 2019]

Before we explain how to become a house sitter let us give you an overview of what house sitting is and who can benefit.

We get excited about house sitting so this might be a lengthy post. To jump straight to how to become a house sitter in 10 steps see the table of contents below.

House sitting is starting to gain popularity. It really is a fantastic concept that pet/home owners & couples/solo travellers can both gain a huge benefit from.

We chat to a lot of home owners about housesitting. 

There seems to be three main reasons why homeowners love house sitting:

  1. The peace of mind their pets are going to be looked after and loved by real pet lovers.
  2. Their pets can keep a normal schedule.
  3. Even though they are going to be away the pets will be at home in a familiar environment.

That is three things that you don’t get from pet hotels or pet boarding services.

The most obvious benefits for house sitters are:

  1. Having a pet to love while travelling.
  2. A comfortable home to look after.
  3. The ability to save on accommodation while travelling or saving for a home.
  4. Being able to explore a city like a local, not a tourist.

House sitting has many benefits to different types of people including:

  • Young couples trying to save for their first home.
  • Individuals who can’t afford rent.
  • Long term travelers who want a place to settle.
  • Those who miss animals. Whether that be because they are travelling, can’t have pets at their own home or can’t afford pets.
  • Retirees looking for a cheap alternative.

We have been house sitting for a little while now. Slightly over two years. In that time we have had the opportunity to look after homes all around the world. 

Some of our highlights so far:

Rome, Bourdeaux, Chiang Mai, Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, London, Istanbul, Barcelona and Northern Italy.

We are both pet lovers and nomads at heart. We love exploring and don’t like staying in one place for too long. House sitting is the perfect lifestyle for us.

Since we love house sitting so much, we want to help others wanting to get started! Below we have broken down how to become a house sitter into 10 easy steps.

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Lets get into how to become a house sitter.

How To Become A House Sitter - Step By Step Guide

How to become a house sitter

1: Have A Genuine Love For Animals

This is the golden rule. Most house sitting assignments out there are focused around the pets.

Pets are important members of most families and are often treated like royalty.

Putting pets into pet hotels can be expensive. Generally speaking, taking pets to such establishments can be stressful for them too.

Therefor you must genuinely love animals. You need to be able to look after their pets like they are your own. You need to give them the love, care and cuddles they would usually get.

Pet sitting lets animals stay comfortable in their own environment and stick to their normal routines. This keeps them happy, calm and not missing the owners too much.

Let’s face it the pets didn’t get to go on holiday so they need some special attention while their owners are away!

2: Get Yourself A House Sitting Reference

Like everything these days, reviews and references are everything.

Before any homeowner contacts you, they will want to read reviews or references. This can be difficult when you are first starting out and you need to get creative.

We found the following were helpful if you have no references:

  • Family or friends whose pets you have experience with.
  • Airbnb References.
  • Workplace References.
  • References from Commendable Figures.

If you’re not in the same location as the assignment thats ok. It can actually work in your favour. The best thing we found to do is have a Skype conversation with the homeowners. This is actually how we locked in our first sit!

Speaking over video allows you to showcase your real self. We have found it to be much more effective than chatting over email.

From the homeowners we have spoken to about this, they also agree video chat is the best way to get a real feel for someone.

3: Obtain A Police or Government Criminal Record Check

Having this documentation can help you secure a house sit without too much work. It is also a great backup to have if you hav no references.

Head to your local government or police website and order a Criminal Record Check. Each country might have a different version but should have something similar.

You will be living in someone else’s home with all their valuable possessions. Having the peace of mind that you have no convictions can be something that a lot of homeowners look for. Particularly those with precious items.

Most countries these days will send you a physical and email copy of your report.

Its good to have these on hand to forward over to anyone that is interested in having you house sit for them.

It might just be the peace of mind that they need to lock you into the house sitting assignment.

$45 AUD Airbnb Credit

What Do We Do Between House Sitting Assignments?

In an ideal world every house sitting assignment would merge seamlessly. However, because of travel distances or gaps in our schedule we sometimes need places to stay! We always use Airbnb! If you have never used Airbnb click above to create an account and get a massive $45AUD off your first booking with them!

4: Sign Up To Online House Sitting Websites

The number one question we get on how to become a house sitter is: What are the best house sitting websites to use? To be honest there is an immense amount of websites out there to link homeowners and house sitters together. The main ones that we use are listed below. All of these platforms charge a yearly membership fee but are definitely worth it!
  1. Trusted House Sitters
  2. Aussie House Sitters
  3. House Carers
  4. Mind A Home
Hot Tip: Sometimes the smaller more local sites have some real gems & much less competition!

5: Be Creative and Self Advertise

With advertising creativity is key! Think outside the box. In the past we have:
  1. Created leaflets and letter box dropped suburbs we want to house sit in.
  2. Made posters and put them up on supermarket notice boards, cafes, yoga studios and community centres.
  3. Dropped business cards at local pet shops, homeware stores and real estate agents.
  4. Found and got active on Facebook groups and forums for expats in locations we want to visit.
Remember the best marketing is word of mouth. House sitting is still a fairly new concept to most. Someone who has never heard of house sitting might get your leaflet and tell 10 people about this great new idea they have found! As always make sure you are on all social media platforms to get more exposure. Constantly put yourself out there. You never know what platforms your next house sit might come from! Create yourself a Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook Page, Twitter, and your own personal website. If you have a LinkedIn profile even put it on there you never know who will stumble across you.

6: Complete A Pet First Aid Course

Again we can’t stress how important it is to genuinely love and truly want to care for animals.

The last thing you want to happen while looking after a family’s furry friend is for something bad to happen.

​Find your local Pet First aider and complete a course. Generally, they are a one day course and will only cost around $100.

Attending a one day course could one day save one of your pets lives. Along with your police record check, this looks more professional to any home owner.

7: Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply Then Follow Up!

Once you are all signed up start applying for as many house sits as you can!

House sitting is competitive so you need to be prompt and stand out with your applications.

Don’t send a generic copy and paste application. Show the homeowner you have read their listing and you really want to look after their home and pets.

Remember, depending on the home’s location some homeowners can get hundreds of applications in the space of 1 week.

You want to send an application that is well thought out, grammatically correct and relevant to the assignment.

Some homeowners will want to know why you want to house sit their house. The key here is to be honest.

You never know what will appeal to people. We have landed assignments and made life long friends from being honest about why we want to house sit.

House sitting is a way that we can stay somewhere for long period of time and get to know the real feel of somewhere. Checking out local markets, cafes, parks and walks is what we enjoy doing the most.

We can’t think of a better way to do this than by exploring with a 4 legged friend at our side!

Flying Between House Sits Doesn't Have To Be Expensive!

Are you a little worried that this lifestyle will be expensive? Don't worry there are always ways that you can keep costs down! To help keep the cost of flights down we always use Skyscanner! Click above to search cheap flights to your dream house sitting location!

8: Don't Be Picky

You can’t pick when or for how long people go away for. You need to be flexible and have no expectations for homes, times, locations or pets.

Remember, the more house sits you do the more references you will get. When we first started out house sitting we lived in London. Our first 3 house sits where also in London simply so we could build up our references.

​The more references you have, the more likely someone is to look at you for their place.

Homeowners get lots of applications. If you seem like you are too difficult they will move onto the next candidate!

Sometimes you will have gaps before or after a house sit. Don’t worry this is not a big deal. There are many options out there for you for cheap or even free accommodation.

Look into Couchsurfing, Gumtree, Airbnb or even the local community notice board. If you are new to Airbnb click here to sign up for free and get a discount on your first stay!

If you need to fly to your house sit, make sure you check out where the cheapest airports to fly into are!

9: Get All The Information

This is something we cant stress enough to those who we explain how to become a house sitter to.

Get the homeowner to list out all the information about the house and the animal/s. No matter how small or un relevant they might think they detail is.

Find out everything from quirks of the house, when the postman comes to the names and numbers of the neighbours & close family. The last thing you want to do is contact the family while they are enjoying their holiday with a question like ‘where do you keep the trash bags?’.

Find out what the animals favourite snack is. If they are likely to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. Their favourite sleeping spot. If they have a favourite scratching spot and anything else you can think of. Your main priority is to keep the animals happy and safe and every last detail about them will make your job a lot easier.

We recently had a cat who had a tendency to throw up at night time. The home owner had owned this cat for many years and had just come accustom to this and had almost forgotten to tell us. Without crucial information like that, we could have been in a real panic.

10: Update, Update, Update, Update

Before the homeowner goes away come up with an update schedule/communication schedule.

Remember that every homeowner is different. Some will want daily photos and even Skype calls. Others will want an update once a week or only if something goes wrong. Be sure to come up with a clear plan of attack and stick to it.

To some families their pet is everything and it is hard for them to leave them at home with strangers. You want to show the home owner the pet is having fun, happy and most importantly very well taken care of.

That is How To Become A House Sitter

We hope that our top 10 tips on how to become a house sitter has inspired you to get out there and start your own house sitting adventure!

Sign up to one of our favourite sites and & start applying!

Trusted House Sitters Registration Page
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House Carers Registration Page
Mind A Home Registration Page

Need More Help Starting Your House Sitting Adventure?

We love house sitting and love helping other start their own journey.

If you have any questions about how to become a house sitter please reach out to us in our private Facebook group!

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How To Become A House Sitter (10 Easy Steps) [July 2019]
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How To Become A House Sitter (10 Easy Steps) [July 2019]
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