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Please Note: We are now booked out for 2024, if you want to find a house sitter please see Trusted House Sitters, it who we recommend to family and friends!

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Are you interested in having us house sit for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch below!  Jay is currently back home in New Zealand for the time being. He is not actively looking for house sitting opportunities in New Zealand.

However, if you are stuck and need a sitter in New Zealand get in touch and we can chat about how he can help you! If you are an existing or potential house sitter who is looking to connect, ask questions or meet up please also get in touch! We love connecting and helping other who are looking to get into this lifestyle! 

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Please Note: We try our best to answer all enquires with 24 hours. However do keep in mind we could be on travel days, away from the computer out exploring or in a location that don’t have the best internet connection!