How to Become a Long-Term House Sitter (Finding 1+ Month House Sits)

Long-term house sitting is best suited to those who are full-time travelers, remote workers, digital nomads or retirees.

Long-term house sitting is generally when you look after someone’s home for 6 months or longer.

We have seen long-term house sitting assignments offered from 6 months up to 5 years in some cases. 

Long-term house sitting jobs are our preferred house sitting jobs.

We have noticed, in general, the longer-term house sitting assignments are in dreamy locations in luxury homes.

We have even had a long-term house-sitting job looking after a 60-foot yacht in the Caribbean! 

Dog sitting in bed while long term house sitting

As a long-term home sitter, you’ll get to travel to new places, meet new people, see fantastic views, and hang out with amazing animals!

You can gain a richer experience by staying somewhere longer than ordinary home sitting jobs.

Some dog sitters do charge, so its may help supplement your travelling costs, here are the average dog sitting rates if you plan on charging.

So, if you’re searching for a more meaningful or free vacation experience, a long-term home sitting job is a fantastic way to create experiences that will last a lifetime.

A long-term home sitter gets the chance to live more like a local and less like a visitor.

During a long-term house sit, you can become a part of the community, which means you can meet new people, venture off the usual route, and explore (or not) at your leisure.

How to Find Long Term House Sitting Jobs

Finding long-term house-sitting jobs can be a little bit more difficult than a regular house-sitting gig.

As rent becomes more expensive and more people are struggling to save for homes long term house sitting is getting more and more competitive.

Typically (depending on location) we see that long-term house-sitting gigs receive more applications than short-term sits.  

Prepare Your House Sitting References:

Having a good stack of references is essential for landing long term house sitting jobs. The homeowner is trusting you with their home for a long time and needs to know you are trustworthy, reliable and can take care of their home and animals with no issues. 

Get A Criminal Record Check:

A criminal record check is the perfect way to back up your references.

As mentioned above it’s all about showing the homeowner you are trustworthy and reliable. To obtain a record check contact your local police, government or Ministry of Justice. 

Complete A Pet First Aid Course:

A pet first aid course is one of the most appealing skills you can have as a long term house sitter.

Some of the longer-term house sitting assignments are in exotic or remote locations where vets can be hours away – so it’s essential to know what to do if something goes wrong. 

Join House Sitting Websites:

To find long term house sitting assignments we use Trusted House Sitters, Luxury House Sitting and House Sit Search.

The more house sitting platforms you sign up to the better chance you have of finding the perfect long term house sitting gig. For our recommendations of house sitting website all around the world check out our best house sitting websites reviews. 

Self Advertise and Search:

There are lots of other places you can find house sitting assignments, you just have to think out of the box.

If you are looking for a house sitting job in a specific location, search for local Facebook groups and online forums.

If you are looking for a gig local, you can always do letterbox drops, put up fliers on local noticeboards and drop your house sitting card in local shops.

The more you advertise your services the better! 

Apply and Don’t Forget to Follow Up:

Once you have found a house sitting gig apply as quickly as possible. When applying don’t use a generic email.

Make sure you read the homeowners listing and in your application tell them why you would be the best one for the job.

In your application send over your criminal record check and references, this saves the homeowner asking and shows them you are serious about looking after their home. 

Talk or Video Chat With the Homeowner:

As soon as you can try and meet or get on a Skype call with the homeowner.

We have found this is the best way to land a long term house sitting job. Homeowners get a much better feel for you over video chat. It’s a small gesture that can go a long way! 

House Sitting Job Description

See the house sitting job description here. Every house sit is different however a majority of tasks and responsibilities are the same.

Where Can I Find House Sitting Gigs? 

Long-term house sitting gigs are not quite as common as short-term gigs. However, they do pop up on nearly all house-sitting websites.

The house sitting websites we use to find long term jobs are:

House Sitting WebsiteWebsite LinkMembership CostCountryLogo
Trusted House Sitters
Visit Trusted House Sitters
$119 USDWorldwideTrusted House Sitters logo
Pawshake (Paid house sitting website)Visit PawshakeNo membership feeWorldwidePawshake logo
Aussie House SittersVisit Aussie House Sitters$84 AUDAustraliaAussie House Sitters Logo

House Sitters America
Visit House Sitters America$49 USDAmericaAussie House Sitters Logo
MindahomeVisit Mindahome$59 AUD
AustraliaMindahome Logo
Happy House SittersVist Happy House Sitters$59 AUDAustraliaHappy House Sitters Logo
House CarersVisit House Carers$50 USDWorldwideHouse Carers Logo
Kiwi House SittersVisit Kiwi House Sitters$84 NZDNew ZealandKiwi House Sitters Logo
Mind My HouseVisit Mind My House$20 USDWorldwideMind My House Logo

What are the Duties of a Long-Term House Sitter?

long term house sitting jobs

The duties of a long-term house sitter can differ slightly from shorter sits. Because you are looking after a home for an extended period of time the job may include additional duties or tasks you may not encounter on a short sit. 

Generally, long term house sitting jobs include:

  • Maintaining a tidy home and reporting (or fixing) any issues.
  • Completing all garden and pool maintenance.
  • Looking after animals. Including but not limited to walks, feeding, vet visits, medication administration, gathering mail, paying bills, 
  • Ensuring the home is safe, secure and manned at all times. 
  • Taking care of indoor plants.
  • Reporting back to the homeowner on a communication schedule. 

Each house sitting assignment is different and duties can vary. It is very important to discuss expectations with the homeowner before you accept any house sitting assignment. 

Looking For Medium Term House Sits?

A would classfy a long term house sit as 6 months plus. If your looking for a medium term house sits, 1-5months then I would suggest looking at the post below.

How to find medium term house sits.

House Sitting Without Animals

There are many opportunities to house sit without animals.

For example many people have second homes. They might feel more comfortable with someone in the home for the following reasons.

Garden maintenance

Pool maintenance

Ensuinrg pipes don’t freeze

Package Delivery

Here you’ll learn how to apply filters to find assignments without pets.

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  1. What a fantastic post. I’ve been a house sitter on and off (in Australia) for the last two years and never thought of doing a pet first aid course! Thanks.

    1. thanks Kate!!! We found that it gives homeowner just that little more piece of mind. Plus it also made us feel a little more confident if anything was to go wrong in a house sit!!

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