Short Term House Sitting and Long Term House Sitting

We are happy to offer both short and long-term house-sitting services.

If you are finally going on that long-awaited 9-month world tour, we are interested! Or if you are sneaking off a well-earned weekend escape, we are interested! So if you want to know how to find a house sitter just send us an email an we will let you know if we are available or if we can refer you to someone else.

As we are travelers and always on the move, unfortunately, we can’t always say yes to a sit, however, we love checking out new places and exploring so if we can make it work to come to you we will!

The best thing to do is to get in touch with us! You never know where we will be next! 

Our Values

We feel very strongly that pets are apart of your family and should be treated like they are.

We both grew up with an array of animals, and we know how to make them feel like family. We know what it takes it keep your animals happy, and have a great time ourselves taking care of them.

We are fortunate enough to both work from home & have extremely flexible schedules. This means we are able to be around the house more often. We can give your animals all the attention, pats, cuddles and companionship they crave while you are away.

We also have a lot of experience with taking care of animals on medication, administering medication, and dealing with vet visits so we have no issues giving that little bit more extra attention.

What We Feel Is Important


Communication between the homeowner and the house sitters is very important to us.

Whether we are short or long-term house sitting, we provide tailored communication plans and we can keep in touch with you as often as you would like.

We are very active on all main communication platforms so however you like to communicate is no problem for us. Everything from daily Skype calls to a good old-fashioned fax every couple of days is fine with us. 

The most important thing is for you to feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible while away from your little-loved ones!


Our references and reviews are very important to us. We want homeowners considering us for a sit to be 100% comfortable with us. It is great for homeowners to read exactly what our previous sit have to say about us.

We provide full character and professional working references, previous house sitters’ references, and criminal record checks for your peace of mind.

We are both responsible and reliable individuals who guarantee your animals and property will be cared for to the highest standard.

We are also human & pet first aid certified for added peace of mind. For Those Aussies out there this also includes how to deal with snake bites on animals! 

A Happy Animal

The main reason most homeowners want a sitter is to keep their animals happy and safe.

We understand this and love taking care of animals. We are an active couple and love getting out and about walking and entertaining dogs.

Working from home we are able to be your cat’s comfortable couch for the day or can take a break 10 times a day to give out cat massages (Britt is particularly good at cat misuse).

All we ask is that you be honest with us about your animal’s schedule.  If you say it’s normal to walk your dog twice a day for 2 hours we will do it, and it becomes very obvious when that is not the case and it can be quite dangerous for the animals. 

Don’t be embarrassed about your dog’s schedule, we have seen it all! 

Get In Touch With US!

Head on over to our Contact Us page or Facebook page and send us an email to discuss how we can be your perfect short or long-term house-sitting couple to make your holiday that little bit less stressful.

Maybe You Want To Start House Sitting Yourself?

Do you want to how to become a house sitter? Or maybe you want to sign up to a house-sitting platform if we aren’t available for your specific dates.

There is a tonne of different platforms out there! Some are great, and definitely, some are not so good!

We have reviewed some popular ones to make it easy for you! So here is the best house sitting websites chosen by The Travelling House Sitters. 

Which one is our favourite? The platform that we use the most would be is Trusted House Sitters. It is a little more expensive and a little more popular with sitters but its a great platform!

Check out the platform for yourself in our Trusted House sitters review.