The Benefits of House Sitting (For House Sitters)

We have been house-sitting for years. We very often get asked why we do it, how it works and what the benefits are.

House sitting is a unique way of life, a bit different from the norm.

However, the house sitting lifestyle has many benefits for the house sitter that keeps us keen and motivated.

From traveling the world at a heavily discounted rate to staying in stunning locations house sitting has many benefits.

In this post, we will go over the main benefits of house sitting for the house sitter.

The Top 7 Benefits of House Sitting

Living Like A Local

This is the main thing that we love about being professional house sitters.

We first started house sitting so we could experience our bucket list destinations a little differently from regular travel.

House sitting allows you to stay in a place for long periods, allowing you to see more than just the token tourist attractions of an area.

Don’t get me wrong, we love a cheeky weekend away, but having the opportunity to stay somewhere like Rome for months allowed us to meet locals, explore local walks, parks and of course find where the local’s shop, eat, and drink!

Free Accommodation

One of the most appealing reasons to start house sitting is free accommodation. O

ver the years we have saved over $100,000 on rental and accommodation costs.

This has allowed us to save money for our own home, and travel the world! We were able to stay in the most expensive and the cheapest places in Europe!

We can not express how much house sitting has helped us achieve our financial and travel goals.

We also learnt how to make an income while traveling, this allowed us to carry on house sitting but also make money, we did freelancing, contracting and worked with old employers remotely.

Not only can you live for free, you can also charge for your services, see our guide on how much to charge for pet sitting, this will help you deicde on a fair rate for your services.

Staying in Unique Locations

One of the coolest perks to house sitting is discovering new places.

It’s a gamble where the next house sit is going to pop up! We have discovered some of our new favourite places from house sitting.

From small winery towns in Frances Bergerac wine region to the Indian suburbs of Kuala Lumpur we are constantly amazed at the places we end up!

We have accepted house-sitting jobs in some random places off the tourist map that we have ended up falling in love with.

Hang Out With Animals While Travelling

House sitting is based around the pets you are looking after. This is a huge benefit for us. We both grew up with animals in our homes.

Once we decided to travel we missed that companionship you get from having animals around. We also missed being able to take the dogs for a walk and explore.

House sitting is a fantastic way to travel while still getting that animals companionship!

Save Money on Living Essentials

Alongside saving money on accommodation house sitting allows you to save money on day to day living and essentials.

For example power bills, water bills, internet bills, council fees and other general household items. Each year we save thousands of these costs allowing us to travel more and save more!

Comfortable Accommodation While Travelling

When travelling it can get a little old staying in Airbnbs, hotels and backpackers. Sometimes it’s really really nice to have a comfortable home. This is particularly the case if you are working remotely. Having a quiet, comfortable workspace is essential for productivity.

Having all the comforts of home such as washer, drier, fully stocked kitchen and living spaces! Staying in crammed backpackers can get very exhausting and it is amazing to have your own space!

Are you interested in becoming a house sitter?

Does house sitting sound like something that could change the way you travel?

We have lots of informational posts to help you along your house sitting journey from start to finish!

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