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The Travelling House Sitters

Hello everyone!

We are Brittnay and Jayden (or The Travelling House Sitters!).

We both grew up with animals and after a few years of traveling, exploring and working abroad we really started to miss having them in our lives. 

Sadly it’s hard to combine moving, traveling, and owning pets of our own. So back in 2016, we got thinking.

How could we combine travel, pets, and work?? Housesitting!

Right away we fell in love with the idea of house sitting.

For us this was the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

We could explore and dive into the local culture and cuddle up with a 4 legged friend at night.

So far it has been just over 5 years and we have cared for over 30 homes with all positive reviews! If you want to know how we find house sitting assignments, you can check out our favorite house sitting platforms we like to use.

Do you need a house or pet sitter? We will show you exactly where to find a relaible pet sitter

Are you looking to become a house sitter?
We have all the experience, guides and information to teach you how to become a professional house sitter.

Are you looking for some tips and tricks to help you along your house sitting journey? Look no further! We have a stack of guides & templates.

Looking to start house sitting but need some motivation? Read our friends house sitting stories!

Need a few tips from some house sitting professionals? We have picked up lots of house sitting tips over the years we want to share with you.

Pet Sitting and House Sitting Services

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House Sitting Course

Do you want to start house sitting and traveling the world?

How about save money on rent or your mortgage? 

We have all the resources, to get your start house sitting ASAP!

So join the house sitting masterclass today!

What Our Students Say

House sitting has changed my life.

The Travelling House Sitters have taught me how I can live a completely nomadic lifestyle while saving money! Its incredible!

We retired 5 years ago and were a little lost on what to do with our time.

House sitting has opened up a new life for us and we can not thank The Travelling House Sitters enough for teaching us everything they know


Successful course graduate

Tim and Rachel

Tim and Rachel
Sucessful course graduates

The Travelling House Sitters Professional House Sitting