What Is The Going Rate For Cat Sitting

Are you heading away and need a cat sitter?

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to need to pay for a sitter! 

The cost depends on a few variables. 

Like what level of care your cat requires and the duration of your trip. 

Below we outlined all the variables you must consider. 

As well as the places to find a reputable and reliable sitter for your furry family member.

General Rates for Cat Sitting

The average national cost of a 30-minute cat sitting service is $20-$25 per cat. 

The rates of engaging someone for a longer duration would be $45-$75 per night, or $220-$345 per week. 

However, rates ultimately depend on a combination of factors. 

Cat Sitter Rates Calculator

Duration of Pet CareCat
Per Hour$15
Per Day$20 – $30
Per Night$45 – $75
Per Week$220 – $345

Overnight Cat Sitting

If you are after someone that can provide overnight care for your pets, it will cost $45-$75 per night. 

This arrangement has benefits such as the security of keeping your home occupied. Someone will also be there in case of an emergency. 

Cat Sitting Per Week 

You can expect to pay $250-$375 for a five-day week of cat sitting. 

Sometimes pet owners may need overnight stays and house sitting. In this situation, it is best to reconfirm pricing with your cat sitter. 

Not all house sitters want overnight positions so make sure you discuss this with them.

Cat Sitting Instructions

You need to leave your cat sitter with comprehensive instructions.

That way you set them up for success.

Here is a free printable cat sitter template. It will ensure your home and animals are looked after as you want.

Variables to Think About

Cat Sitters generally consider the following factors when quoting their rates: 

– Their location relative to the pet owners

– Duration of the service 

– Number of animals 

– Duties and Tasks 

– Pet insurance coverage 

– Their experience and reputation 

– Holidays 

Below is the breakdown of these factors and how it affects the amount you pay. 


Cat sitters tend to charge relative to how long they need to travel to get to the pet. 

Extra costs may be incurred if the cat sitter needs to travel beyond a certain distance. 

Hence, you can try finding a cat sitter close to you.

Otherwise, this extra cost can range from $10-$20, depending on where you stay. 

Duration Of The Service 

Whether it’s a 30-minute visit or an overnight stay, cat sitters will charge in correlation to their time. 

It is best to consider the above guidelines for pricing while engaging a cat sitter. 

Cat sitters may also charge more for pets requiring more time and attention.

Number Of Animals 

The total cost of services tends to increase with the number of cats. 

Additional cats can require additional time, energy, and attention.

This includes extra cleaning of dishes and more time to administer medications. 

Hence, you can expect a $5-$10 price hike with each extra cat you trust your cat sitter with. 

Duties And Tasks 

The most common cat sitting services entail: 

– Providing company for your pets, and taking them outside to play. 

– Feeding and giving them fresh water 

– Administering medications 

– Cleaning litter boxes or any other pet mess that occurs. 

Cat sitters can charge extra for services beyond these. 

This may include taking your pets to vet appointments and preparing special food.

Other house-sitting services like taking out the trash may also be required for a higher price. 

Pet Insurance Coverage 

Having pet insurance is an important protection for you and the cat sitter. 

Hence, showing proof of coverage is worthy of charging a higher rate. 

Experience And Reputation 

Professional certification from a reputable organization is highly regarded. One such organization is Pet Sitters International (PSI). 

This indicates that your cat sitter is serious and committed to their work.

Cat sitting experience of more than five years can lead sitters to quote higher rates. 


Cat Sitters often charge an additional fee on holidays as services can be higher in demand. 

It is worth keeping in mind that they are giving up their holiday tradition to care for your pet. 

Therefore, expect to be charged an extra $5 – $10 for cat sitting on holidays. 

Cat Boarding 

Cat boarding is a fully equipped cat hotel that provides a safe and clean space for cats. Giving cats meals and water is carried out by the staff. 

However, cat boarders require you to provide food for your cat to avoid any allergy or stomach issues. 

Cat boarding can also be a good opportunity for cats to get social interaction. Especially if they enjoy hanging out with other cats. 

Without having someone in your home 24/7, your cat will have a safe place to stay. 

On average, cat-boarding charges $25 for every 24 hours that your cat stays in the facility. 

This may be a much more economical option for you. Especially if you do not need someone occupying your house while you are away 

Bottom Line 

Cat sitting services differ from person to person, depending on your requirements. This makes it important to communicate and negotiate the pricing of services beforehand. 

Follow the above guidelines to find a reasonably-priced cat sitter the next time you need to be away. 

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