Is It Necessary to Stay Overnight for House Sitting?

You want to start a house-sitting, but don’t want to sleep in a stranger’s house.

Can you even house-sit for people if you go to your own home at bedtime?

In this article, we’ll explore whether you have to stay overnight.


Is It Necessary to Stay Overnight for House Sitting?

It is not necessary to stay overnight for many house-sitting opportunities.

However, some people will not hire a house sitter who will not be there all night long.

Many pet owners hire house sitters because of the additional services they offer.

Pet sitters often will not look after the house.

A house sitter will water plants and spend an extended period of time with their pets.

However, they might not always want overnight stays.

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger sleeping in their bed.

While they would love someone to be there for longer than a 30-minute visit, they might not need you to stay all night.


What Is Expected of a House Sitter?

Homeowners hire sitters to take care of their homes while they are away.

This might mean acting as a pet sitter who takes their furry friends out for potty breaks.

This often also means checking the mail, turning on the lights, or cleaning the pool.

Maybe they only want a drop-in visit a few times a day.

They may want someone to provide pet care and make sure the house isn’t on fire.

Overnight care may be nice in case you need to make an emergency vet visit.

However, a lot of pet owners don’t worry too much about that type of thing.

If “spending the night” isn’t on their list of factors for hiring a potential house sitter, they might hire you.

They are less likely to care if you go home to sleep.

Professional sitters may spend a lot of time in the home without offering overnight care.

To ensure your house sitter completes the job to your standard use a pet sitting template, this should include all the expectations and information


How Can I House Sit Without Staying Overnight?

You need to be clear about what you offer.

Be honest that you will provide house sitting duties without overnight house sitting.

If they know this before they make payment arrangements, they probably won’t mind.

It may alter the rate for house sitting that you can charge.

Overnight services are an additional cost that factors into the average cost of a sitter.

They may even be glad to hire you if it will save them a few bucks.

This is especially true because a daily rate is more affordable than hourly rates.

You will be charging a fair rate that factors in the lack of overnight care of pets.

This makes it important to be honest about your services.

You are ready to be a professional house sitter without offering overnight services.


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