Top Grey Nomad Bloggers to Follow

Are you looking for inspiration from seasoned adventurers, embracing wanderlust in their golden years?

Look no further as we’ve put together a list of the best and most experienced senior digital nomadic bloggers that will walk you through everything you need to know before you leap into the second chapter of your life!

From nomadic living advice, cross-country sagas, and endless inspiration. Unveil the road less traveled, no matter your age.

Life Part 2 And Beyond 

Formerly known as Life Part 2, Life Part 2 and Beyond is a blog started by Jonathan Look in 2011 after he retired early by selling everything he owned and started traveling the world. 

Jonathan shared his insights and advice on everything from finding work as a digital nomad to staying healthy and fit with his followers while on the road. 

Sadly, Jonathan passed away in 2021 at his Malta residence. Since then, his wife has taken over the blog and continues to write about their shared love of travel and adventure.

Life Part 2 and Beyond aims to prove that motivated and curious baby boomers can travel the world despite what naysayers might claim. 

See more about Life Part 2 And Beyond here. 

The Roaming Boomers Blog 

The Roaming Boomers Blog offers seniors all the help and information they need about living their best lives by traveling the world. 

Run by husband and wife duo Dave and Carol Porter, who have been digital nomads since 2008, they have plenty of first-hand experience to share with their readers.

Apart from sharing useful tips and advice including everything from where to go to how to make money while you travel, they also have a travel agency. This agency was started when their website’s readers constantly started seeking help with their travel planning.

See more about The Roaming Boomers Blog here. 

My Itchy Travel Feet 

My Itchy Travel Feet was started by Donna L. Hull and Alan Hull in 2008 who are part of the baby boomer generation and have plenty of experiences traveling the world. 

This blog isn’t ordinary as it mainly caters to baby boomers who love adventure travel. It offers readers a broad list of “themed trips”, in addition to tips on where to go and what to see and do. 

See more about My Itchy Travel Feet here.

Travel Past 50 

Travel Past 50 is an inspirational blog for people aged 50 and above, who are curious and inspired to explore multiple types of destinations. This includes cultural hotspots, famous landmarks, art galleries, and more.

This blog was started by husband and wife Tom and Kris, who are former newspaper and magazine publishers. They sold everything from their publication to their home and most of their possessions to follow their passion for traveling the globe. 

See more about Travel Past 50 here.

A Hole In My Shoe

A Hole In My Shoe is a travel blog started by Steve and Lynn from Perth, Western Australia who started traveling at 50 when most people think about savings and retirement.

They share tips on slow travel, working online, and ways to finance your travels. They also write about their own experiences as digital nomads and offer readers a glimpse into the many different places they’ve been.

In a nutshell, this blog is about motivating seniors that it’s never too late to get out in the world and start exploring and living their best lives.

See more about A Hole In My Shoe here.

Hole In the Donut Cultural Travel 

Hole In the Donut Cultural Travel was started by Barbara Weibel after she decided to take up travel writing and photography full-time after working steadily at various jobs without finding much satisfaction.

Her blog is about her cultural experiences as she travels the world solo – something that can be especially intimidating for seniors.

This blog demonstrates that having amazing adventures regardless of age is possible. 

See more about Hole In the Donut Cultural Travel here.

Vagrants Of The World Travel

Vagrants Of The World Travel was born as a travel resource for future full-time travelers when Kate & Mark decided to leave their home country of Australia in 2014 with just a few belongings and no real itinerary. 

Since then, it has turned into a website that provides travel tips and destination guides from experienced travelers all over the world.

From safe travel tips to city guides, popular destinations, and more, this blog has everything one needs to know about being a digital nomad after retirement.

See more about  Vagrants Of The World Travel here.

Senior Nomads 

A simple suggestion from their daughter turned into an epic, adventurous, around-the-world, and still-continuing journey for Michael and Debbie Campbell.

To save on some cash, this intrepid couple stays on Airbnb and provides useful information about choosing the best and the most affordable accommodations. Furthermore, they give their followers a glimpse into every place they visit in their fun and informative blog.

See more about Senior Nomads here. 

Albom Adventures 

Albom Adventures is a travel blog started by the highly educated couple – Rhonda and Jeff Albom. For the last 18 years, they have been living it up by visiting 63 countries on six continents. 

Rhonda has 3 different degrees from reputed colleges, while Jeff is a rocket scientist from MIT. Together, they combine their expertise and talents to provide readers with an interesting blog about their travels and the different cultures they’ve experienced.

See more about Albom Adventures here.

Bottom Line 

Embarking on your journey as a grey nomad and leaving your comfortable lifestyle behind can be stressful and overwhelming at first. 

That’s why it’s important to read and interact with senior digital nomad blogs and forums whenever you can, especially because they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. 

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