How to Live and Travel in Paris for Free

There are so many reasons to spend an visit Paris, the sights, the food and the incredible neighbourhoods. It would be easy to spend a year exploring this city.

The only thing is that accommodation can get pricey. Whether you are staying for a short time or a long time, there are ways to reduce the cost of accommodation.

If you’d love to find a way to stay in Paris for free, then keep reading, you’ll learn the exact ways to get free accommodation in Paris.


Work Exchange

If you have a skill, you may be able to use it in Paris. Or you can stay in the French countryside just outside the city.

Many people will give you a place to stay if you come to work with them.

Some people are looking for someone familiar with gardening or construction. Others want someone who can help care for their pets or family.

A lot of people are interested in someone who can help them study English for a while!

Several websites facilitate this. We’ll talk about a few that are popular in Paris.

House Sitting

With house sitting you will be able to get a free vacation but also get to experience the Paris like a local. We have had many house sits where the homeowners is overjoyed to let us know where their favorite markets, bakeries, cafes and bars are.

However, house-sitting involves some work. You will have some responsibilities, that could include pet care, plant care or general upkeep of the home. You jsut need to discuss all these expectation with the homeowners and only agree to the house sit if you think you can fulfil all these.

Nomador and Trusted House Sitters are popular house sitting websites to use in Paris.


Workaway has many opportunities to share a skill in exchange for accommodation.

There are even a few paid positions. There are also a lot of service projects.

However, most of the positions are for language exchanges or cultural exchanges. 

For instance, maybe a family wants their kids to practice some of their language skills. They may look for someone through Workaway to have conversations with their children.



Worldpackers is a website that connects travelers with volunteer opportunities. 

You can filter in where you want to stay. Then you can look for opportunities that sound good to you.

Picking an opportunity is similar to applying for a job. But instead of a paycheck and benefits, they give you a place to stay.

Through this website, you might stay in a hostel, a home, a farm, or more.


helpStay is a website where you can find projects you can do in exchange for free accommodation.

There are a variety of projects that need several different skill sets.

You could help with a renovation, volunteer with animals, or work at a service desk. There is something for everyone!


While NGO isn’t a website, it is short for non-governmental organization. If there are any NGOs that you’re passionate about, you can see if they need volunteers in Paris.

Maybe you want to help with education, public health, or building something. Find an NGO that you support and ask about volunteering for them.

They may be willing to let you stay in someone’s home if you will help them with a project.


Couchsurfing is an app that matches travelers with locals. Travelers will stay at a local’s home for absolutely free.

Although paying for your stay is prohibited, it is customary to give them something. You could bring a souvenir from your home country or cook a popular meal in your country.

When you use the Couchsurfing app, you will also make a new friend.

They can tell you about Paris and make sure that you discover the local gems. While the Eiffel Tower is nice, it’s also great to visit lesser-known locations.

Since many locals are in walking distance of attractions, you’ll save on transportation.


Home Exchange

There are several apps and websites for home exchanges in Paris. 

These sites connect travelers who will let someone stay in their house so they can stay in someone else’s.

You can search online for the program that sounds best to you. One popular home-swapping website in Paris is Home Base Holidays.

You can even get into contact directly with the homeowners if you use a site like Craigslist Paris or FUSAC.

Tips to Stay in Paris on a Budget

When in Paris, there are more expenses than just accommodation. If you’re on a budget, then you may need to save money in other areas as well.

We’ll share a few insider tips to save money on food, transportation, and activities in Paris.


Cheap Food in Paris

The easiest way to save money on food is to cook at home.

It is important to enjoy French food at the rooftop bars and restaurants in the city center. You can’t eat that delicious food outside of Paris!

But getting most of your food at the supermarket is a great way to save money while in Paris. Plan your menu ahead of time so you can get the cheapest prices.

This is especially true if you need a daily cup of coffee at breakfast time. Skip the coffee shop most mornings and watch your bank account grow!


Cheap Transportation in Paris

Public transportation is the way to go. It is quite affordable and will get you to most places.

However, you can walk to a lot of places, too. This is especially true when you’re in the city center or another popular part of town.

You’ll probably also need to buy some flight tickets. If you’re flying in and out of Charles de Gaulle Airport, you’ll want to keep an eye on flight deals.

You can use points systems through your favorite booking site, airline, or credit card.


Cheap Activities in Paris

A lot of the Paris museums are free to visit. So are the Paris gardens and Paris cemeteries. 

But if you want to visit the other famous museums, consider getting a Paris museum pass.

This will cost a lot of money upfront, but save you cash in the long run. This is also true about the Paris Pass.

If you know where you want to go, look at their website for discount days or other deals.

If you free walking tour, you’ll be able to see many iconic landmarks for free. The only reason to spend money at the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe is if you want a souvenir.

While a Paris trip may be full of glamor, European travel doesn’t need to be expensive. With these insider tips, you can easily stay in Paris for free.

Without the cost of Paris hotels, it’s easy to fill your Paris itinerary with excitement.

Paris is a fantastic location for travelers. Check out a France travel guide to start planning your trip today!

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