How to Update Your House Sit Profile

If you have a house-sitting profile set up, you might be wondering how often to update it. You want it to be perfect so that potential clients will hire you!

So how often should you update your profile? What types of changes should you make?

This article will explore everything you need to know about updating your profile! After reading this, you’ll have the peace of mind that your profile is at its best.

How Often Should You Update Your House Sitter Profile?

You should update your profile if you have gained relevant skills, experience or certifications or completed a house sit you would like your potential clients to know about.

There are ways to write your profile to make it evergreen. Instead of “I’ve had 12 successful house sits,” try “I’ve had over 10 house sits and they’ve all been successful!” Then you don’t need to update your profile after every single gig.

When Should You Update Your House Sitter Profile?

Other important changes include the services you offer. Maybe you weren’t a pet sitter when you first started house sitting, but now you will provide pet care. Update your house-sitting profile to reflect this.

Perhaps you just took a course about garden care. Or maybe you finally had your first house sit that included farm animals and your feeling confident caring for them now.

Include this relevant experience so homeowners know you are a qualified pet sitter. They will want to know about your experience taking care of animals.

If you haven’t updated your profile in a few months, you should look over it. Maybe you forgot to add something new. Maybe you can improve it by editing a few things.

Why Should You Update Your House Sitter Profile?

You should update your house-sitting profile so that potential clients will be attracted to you. When house owners are looking at house sit profiles, they want to see your skills match their requirements.

You want to make sure that your profile is the best that it can be. And that might mean that the profile you whipped up the day you set up your account isn’t good enough. You grow and change and your profile should reflect that.

Also, the platforms change. Maybe they added some features that you could use. When you amp up your profile, everybody will notice!

Also, police clearances go out of date. Get a new police check when necessary to ensure there isn’t a gap in your house-sitting opportunities.

What Changes Should You Make To Your House Sitter Profile?

Make sure your online profile is professional, with any relevant information and previous experience. Use a friendly tone and be sure to convey your trustworthiness. Include a short video so they can have a more personal experience with you.

You should also update your pictures occasionally. Choose pictures that show your personality. They should also convey a sense of responsibility.

It is also important to share some of your best reviews. Positive reviews from previous owners carry a lot of weight. Some homeowners will be more interested in working with you if they see a glowing reference!

One of the most important things about your profile is the headline. This is especially true for Trusted House Sitters. Make sure that your headline will catch the attention of potential clients. You want it to be attractive, professional, and fun.

How Do You Update Your House Sitter Profile?

Each house-sitting platform will be different. But most of them allow you to easily update your profile when you go to the profile settings. I have recorded a video below for editing your profile on Trusted House Sitters, this the house sitting platform I like to use, so I am regularly updating my profile/

You don’t need to obsess over your profile, but you should update it occasionally. If you haven’t edited it in a while, go ahead and look at it to see if there’s room for improvement.

If you’ve enjoyed your completed house sits, you’ve probably also grown as a person. With more experience, skills, and knowledge, so you should update it to reflect this.

Just remember everybody starts as a beginner and anyone can achieve this dream house-sitting lifestyle.

Author: Britt

I am Britt I have been house sitting and pet sitting for the past 7 years. I have cared for 25 dogs, 35 cats 1 turtle, and 1 rabbit over 80+ houses in 15 countries.

The opportunity to experience different homes, cultures, and communities has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Through house sitting platforms like Aussie House Sitters, and Trusted House Sitters, I’ve connected with homeowners seeking reliable sitters. This unique way of living has not only allowed me to save money on accommodation but also offered a plethora of cultural exchange opportunities.

Being a member of these platforms has not only broadened my horizons but also opened doors to short and long-term house-sitting jobs. I’ve found joy in providing excellent pet care and ensuring the home is well maintained.

I get many questions about how to get start as a house sitters, so if you have any questions please reach out! I want everyone to enjoy this incredible lifestyle as well!

You can read more about about Jay and me here!

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