Should A House Sitter Clean?

Your house is a mess and you have a house sitter coming soon.

Do you need to clean everything before they get there? Or will they clean it for you?

While house sitters do basic cleaning tasks, they aren’t going to spring clean for you.

If you’re interested to know what cleaning services sitters provide, keep on reading!

Does A House Sitter Clean?

House sitters usually do general household cleaning. They may clean up after themselves and the pets.

They may use the washing machine to clean linen and make the bed before they leave. They should clean up any messes they made in the kitchen or the bathroom.

House sitters don’t usually do deep cleaning or excessive cleaning.

If you are hiring a house sitter to spring clean your home, you can do this. However, they may charge a higher rate for the extra work.

What Does A House Sitter Clean?

Pet sitters clean up pet messes. If your dog has an accident or your cat gets sick, the sitter should clean it up promptly.

They also clean up after themselves. They should make the beds with fresh sheets, clean their hair out of the shower, and wash any dishes that they used.

If you expect the sitter to do more than this, discuss it beforehand.

It is reasonable to expect the sitter to sweep or vacuum the house to get up any pet hair or dirt from shoes. They should spot-clean the house to clean up any mess they may have left behind.

It is not reasonable to expect the sitter to scrub the walls or clean out the fridge. Some house sitters may also offer housecleaning services.

If you’re interested in that, you can find someone who does both.

What Does A House Sitter Do?

Housesitters do general housekeeping tasks and provide pet care. They are service providers that do the types of tasks house owners do daily.

They clean litter boxes, walk dogs, and groom pets. They may even provide lawn care, get the mail, and clean the pool.

They often take care of plants. If you have indoor plants, leave them a list of instructions to care for them.

If any tasks need to be completed while you travel, you can ask the sitter to do them.

What Should I Expect Of A House Sitter?

You should expect the housesitter to do general maintenance and housekeeping. You should also expect them to provide excellent care for your furry friends.

Since every house-sitting opportunity is different, clearly state your expectations. Communicate your expectations so they can do their job correctly.

Most sitters are willing to accommodate your wishes. You just need to ask!

Many sitters will even perform extra tasks when the house owner pays them well. If you take care of your sitter, they will likely return the next time you take a vacation!

The main takeaway is this: make sure your home is mostly clean before the sitter arrives. This will be a welcoming environment for them. 

You can expect them to do general cleaning, but they won’t deep clean at all.

Just be honest if you have any other expectations of them.

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