Do House Sitters Sleep in Your Bed?

You hired a house sitter to stay at your home while you travel. But you still have a few questions about logistics.

For instance, where does the sitter sleep?

Do they sleep in your bed? Is it rude to ask them to sleep on the couch?

If you want tips for prepping your house sitter’s sleeping arrangements, keep reading!


Do House Sitters Sleep in Your Bed?

Trusted house sitters often sleep in the master bedroom.

They may prefer sleeping in a guest bedroom if that is an option.

Some sitters might not even have a problem sleeping on the couch or an air mattress.

If you aren’t sure where your house sitter should sleep, discuss it beforehand.

They may have a preference.

If you would rather them stay in the master bedroom, they might agree to that.

If you ask them to sleep anywhere besides the master bedroom, they’ll understand.

The important thing is to have fresh sheets for them.

If you don’t have time to wash them ahead of time, you can leave them an extra set of bed sheets.

Just make sure they’re comfortable!

Many sitters have experienced staying in dirty houses. They appreciate clean homes with fresh bedding.

Most house sitters will put fresh sheets on the bed after house-sitting.

Keeping the living spaces in the house tidy is part of their job, after all!


Where Do House Sitters Sleep?

House sitters sleep wherever the house owners say they should sleep.

If the homeowner doesn’t care, the sitter may sleep wherever they are most comfortable.

Most sitters will stay at the house overnight.

However, some sitters may just drop by a few times during the day.

This should be discussed beforehand.

Sitters who sleep in the home may sleep in the master bedroom, guest room, or somewhere else.

If the homeowner has a preference, they should discuss this before the house sitting.

Can My Pet Sleep With the House Sitter?

Some pet sitters would welcome the cuddle buddy while others may want the bed to themselves.

If your furry friend loves cuddling with humans, discuss this with the pet sitter.

The pets may prefer sleeping in a place that allows them to be more alert.

Whatever the case may be, discuss this with the sitter beforehand.

Most sitters are willing to accommodate your needs!


What Else Will the House Sitter Need?

It is also good to make sure you have the basic necessities on hand for the sitter.

Most sitters will bring everything they need, but they might forget something.

Let them know which toiletries are off-limits and which ones they can use.

If you have any food they can eat, make sure they know this!

For long trips, it is nice to have some clear space for them to put their belongings.

Some house owners will surprise the sitter with a bottle of wine or something else as a bonus gift.

These aren’t expected, but may help provide an amazing experience.

Wouldn’t it be great if the same sitter watched your house every time you took a vacation?

Ensure they enjoy working for you and they may be willing to come back again!

These tips will help you navigate sleeping arrangements during house sits. 

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