The 13 Prettiest Streets Of Paris (You Will Fall In Love Here!)

We absolutely LOVE Paris, it’s a city we havevisited many times before and one that we keep going back to.

It’s one of those cities you could live in for years and still find something new and exciting every day. Plus it’s one of the cheapest places to fly into in Europe.

From the beautiful tree-lined streets to its cute cobbled passageways.

Paris evokes feelings like nothing else.

When we are in Paris you can usually find us floating through the markets, fromageries, boulangeries or wines bars of the stunning 11th arrondissement.

However, as much as we do love the 11th arrondissement there is much much more to Paris than our beloved.

Below we have listed our favorite and what we feel are the prettiest streets (we know of) in Paris. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Britt in Paris, France
Britt, Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

The Prettiest Streets of Paris

The Prettiest Streets of Paris

Place de Vosges

Although it’s not a ‘street’ as such we had to include Place de Vosges.

It is without a doubt the prettiest squares in Paris! Recommended by our friend Robert (and Paris local) from Globalphile, his wise words to us, “It is a wonderful neighborhood to explore. It has beautiful buildings and architecture.

The Place de Vosges, with its perfect symmetry, this is one of the most beautiful squares in the world”. He also told us to “Walkthrough Maison de Victor Hugo, at No. 6, where he wrote most of Les Miserables”. We only found this spot after reading about it on the list of things to do in Paris, this was super helpful when we were visiting! You can also check it out here

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Rue Bonaparte

Rue Bonaparte is a street we can best describe as dreamy, well dreamy for two foodies! At either end, you have two of the most prestigious pastry shops in Paris, Pierre Herme and Laduree.

At Pierre Herme you will find the best Macarons on earth, their range of flavours will leave you astonished, like Apricot & Pistachio or Vanilla and Olive Oil.

Further the street at Laduree we recommend their Chocolate Eclairs, which were so scrumptious, that we debated a third! If shopping is more your thing, you will still love Rue Bonaparte.

The street has no shortage of chic clothing stores just waiting for you to find your next favourite piece, which of course Mr Styling was all about that.

Rue des Martyrs

Rue des Martyrs could perfectly Parisian Street. Lined with specialty coffee shops, this is where you will find the intimate, more human side of Paris.

The area is slowly becoming hip and trendy, with that has brought dozens of specialty food shops, perfect for the wine and cheese connoisseurs!

The beautiful Sacre Cœur Church can be seen from the northern end and is the perfect view to enjoy your coffee and Le Gouter.

Rue des Martyrs has also seen the likes of Kanye West & Pharrell Williams thanks to the famous, but very hidden Motorbass studio.

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Now, this is not normally the kind of road that we would say is pretty. It’s littered with cars, it’s wide, and it’s long.

However, there is something about Champs-Elysees.

It could be the cobbled road, or it could be the fact that at one end lies the Arc de Triomphe, which on a good day is visible from right down the other end of the street at another great Parisian landmark Place de la Concorde.

For the energetic it’s a fantastic 30-minute walk, well worth it, just make sure to grab a baguette and a coffee for the walk. The Jardin de la Nouvelle park is the perfect spot to stop for a mid-walk snack!

If you happen to be in Paris in December make sure you head over to the Christmas Markets on Champ Elysees.

Rue de Conde

Our friends (and Paris locals) over at Lucky Mornings absolutely love Rue de Conde! Miam “One of my favorite streets in Paris is Rue de Conde in the 6th arrondissement.

It is located in the heart of Paris and shelters one of my favourite boutiques: The Ritoires!

It is an exquisite tea room whose owner Arnaud Bachelin is passionate about tea, its craft and history. In his shop, you’ll find the best teas available in Paris.

It’s the perfect stop before a stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens a few meters away. It’s a very cultural street with The Theatre de l Odeon on one end and a wealth of cinemas on the other. Paris’s best gelato shop Il Gelato Del Marchese is also steps away”

Rue de l Annonciation

If you are like us you will absolutely love Rue de l Annonciation. Monday to Friday it is a cute, fairly quiet Parisian street. Home to a great fromagerie, a boucherie & a couple of supermarkets.

However, don’t be fooled. Come the weekend this cute little street becomes a bustling market street teeming with fresh produce, seafood, baked goods, cheese and the amazing aroma of those famous Parisian roasted chickens.

The perfect way to end a morning on Rue de l Annonciation is to get a roasted chicken, a couple of fresh baguettes & some treats from the famous Aux Merveilleux de Fred and take a quick stroll over to the Champ de Mars to take in the beautiful Eiffel Tower.

Rue de Seine

Rue de Seine is a gorgeous street that starts near the Le Jardin du Luxembourg Park and runs all the way to you guessed it, the river Seine. The street is has a little something for everyone.

Fantastic gelato at Grom and amazing chocolates from Pierre Marcolini. A real must-do is a meal at La Palette, where you will be whisked away into the 1930s – 40s Paris. They also have a beautiful terrace overlooking the street Jacques- Callot, perfect for a mid-afternoon people-watching session.

Rue Saint Dominique

When you head to Rue Saint Dominique make sure you bring your camera. This street is bursting with cute Parisian cliches.

Bakeries stacked to the brim with baguettes, coffee shops with tables (perfect for people watching), specialty shops & of course views of the Eiffel Tower! A real treat and perfect for a stroll down on a lazy weekday afternoon.

Rue Cremieux

Although there are no coffee shops, fromageries or panaderias on Rue Cremieux we still consider it to be the true prettiest street in Paris. The pastel-colored buildings, tree-lined pathways & the cobbled roadway is a real treat for the eyes.

You are sure to get your winning Instagram snap or profile picture here!

Rue Montorgueil

Rue Montorgeuil is often overlooked by a lot of tourists, which is a double bonus for you! Here you will find some of the best Fish and Meat markets in all of Paris, the renowned La Maison Stohrer pastry shop and many other boutiques & bistros. 

Although right in the city centre Rue Montorgeuil manages to keep that old town village feel which is really refreshing!

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