Why Should You Hire A Pet Sitter? (Is It Better for Your Pets?)

We all need a holiday, and sadly sometimes we can’t take our pets with us.

One of the issues many pet owners face is where to leave their pets.

Do you leave your dog in kennels or your cat at a cattery? Do you ask a friend to mind them for you or leave them with a relative?

It can be an agonizing decision that can result in heartache and distress for both the pet and its owner.

One solution which works for so many people is employing someone to come to their home to care for their pet.

House & pet sitting is a service where someone can look after your pet while you are enjoying a much-needed on holiday.

In many ways, it is a win/win for you and your pet. So we will help you learn how to find a pet sitter.

You can find potential house sitters on dedicated platforms, here is a list of the best house sitting websites.Read on to find out why using a house sitter is a much better choice for you and your beloved pets:

Why Should You Hire A Pet Sitter?

Below is why we believe you should hire a pet sitter for your fur babies.

Less Stress for Your Pet

Your dog or cat will be stressed enough when you go away. He or she doesn’t need the added stress of having to live in a boarding kennel or cattery.

Imagine how the poor thing feels trying to cope with being left on its own in a strange place.

And, to make matters worse he or she will be surrounded by other dogs and cats who are feeling the same way.

A pet sitter comes to your home and feeds, walks, and probably spoils your pet, while it is having a stress-free time in its own home.

As many pets can suffer illness from stress and anxiety, having a pet sitter come and look after it will also help keep your pet healthier and more relaxed.


When you use a pet sitter who is experienced and licensed you to know you are getting the best, most reliable service.

You can relax knowing that your pet sitter is going to come to your home at the same time each day, and fulfill the requirements you have stipulated.

They can, not only walk your dog, feed and clean up any mess, but they can also give medication, water the plants and put your mail away safely.

Pet sitters are professional business people. They take their job seriously.

Sure, you can ask the teen down the road to do the same job for you.

But do you feel confident that he or she is going to be reliable enough to make sure your beloved pet is well looked after?

Peace of Mind for You

Nothing spoils a holiday than worrying if your pets are being cared for properly.

Can you imagine the anxiety holidaymakers feel not knowing if their pet is being fed or has enough water?

A pet sitter can take special care of your dog or cat. They can leave extra water out if the weather warms up or make sure your pet has extra blankets if it’s cold.

Choosing a pet sitter is now easier than ever, too.

Pet lovers like you deserve a holiday, and you can’t take your pet everywhere so why not let the experts The Travelling Housesitters help you have a wonderful relaxing time. or if you want to find how to house sit head to this post!

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2 thoughts on “Why Should You Hire A Pet Sitter? (Is It Better for Your Pets?)”

  1. I really like what you said about how hiring a pet sitter can give you the peace of mind that your pet has a companion and is being fed appropriately. My son is taking a two-week-long photography assignment overseas, and unfortunately, his Labrador wouldn’t be able to come. I will be sure to advise him to start looking for a pet sitter that can make sure that his Lab is safe, secure, supervised, and well-fed during his absence.

    1. Hiya Kit,

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!! Your so right, letting his lab stay in his usual & comfortable environment will be so beneficial to him! Does he need a hand finding a house sitter?

      Britt 🙂

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