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Airline Approved Pet Carriers (Updated Jan. 2019)

airline approved pet carriers

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There are so many questions surrounding taking your pet on a flight with you. Can I take food? Can I let them out of their carrier? What even are airline approved pet carriers?

This article will dive into what the best airline approved pet carriers are and some of the most important features you need to lookout for when buying one. 

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Wheels make life so much easier for you and your pet. Most of the time your pet is under a lot of stress when in a cage and you want to make the journey as easy as possible for them. Get a carrier with wheels. The smooth ride will calm your pet down, not to mention make it easier on yourself!


You can never have too many pockets. Especially when it comes to travelling. Make sure you choose a carrier that has ample pockets. You never want to run out of room to put something. A good idea is to find a model that has a range of pockets with different closure systems. Get a good mix of zippers, velcro, sleeves and adjustable closure systems so you are sure to have a pocket for every item you need to bring.


Be sure to give your pet as much ventilation and natural light as possible. Again this will calm down any pets who dont feel to comfortable in confined spaces. Carry bags with adjustable ventilation / windows are perfect!


Additional carry straps are a grand option to have for those places where you just can't wheel though. Be sure to find a model with comfortable straps and good adjustment options.


When travelling safety is a top priority. You want to make sure that nothing is able to easily fall from your bag, or for that matter fall into your bag. We all know that can cause big life changing issues you really don't need. Make sure any bag that you go for has sturdy zippers and ideally can be locked so you can be sure no one will tamper with it!


Disclaimer! Because each airline is different and have slightly different rules with carry on luggage and pets we can not guarantee every pet carrier will fit in with every airlines guidelines. We strongly suggest getting in touch with your specific airline before purchase and travel to get the exact details for luggage dimensions, their policy on pets, and luggage allowances & restrictions!

Petsfit Expandable Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Small: 16" X 10" X 9" - Designed for pets up to 12 lbs
Medium: 18" x 11" x 11" - Designed for pets up to 16 lbs
Large: 19" x 12" x 12" - Designed for pets up to 20 lbs

Comfortable, removable and washable mat inside
Big pocket
Pet entry at top and both ends
Dual zippers on pet entries
Double expandable sides for extra room
Folds down completely flat for easy storage
Mesh sides and top for ventilation and enhanced vision

Bergan Soft-Sided Airline Pet Carrier

Small: 14" X 6" X 8"
Large: 19" x 10" x 13"

Padded carry handle
Padded and removable shoulder strap
Mesh sides and top for ventilation and enhanced vision
Double expandable sides for extra room
Inside safety leash
Folds down completely flat for easy storage
Comfortable, removable and washable mat inside

Sleepypod Airline Under Seat Dog Carrier

Single Size: 22" x 10.5" x 10.5"

Folds flat for easy storage
Car seat belt straps on both sides
Lots of zippered side pockets
Tough tear resistant mesh
Comfortable carry handle with adjustable shoulder strap
Warmer pad - sold separately
Tear resistant meshing

Sherpa Deluxe Airline Dog Carrier

Small: 15" x 10" x 8.5" / for pet up to 8 lbs
Medium: 18" x 11" x 10.5" / for pet up to 16 lbs
Large: 19" x 11.8" x 11.5" / for pets up to 22 lbs

Spring wire for easy on plane compression
Durable carry handles
Lockable zippers
Padded and removable non slip shoulder strap
Seat belt strap
Removable and washable faux lambskin lining
Top and side entries
Mesh sides and top for ventilation and enhanced vision.

Snoozer Wheel Around 4-In-1 Pet Carrier

Small: 17.5" H x 12" W x 8"D
Medium: 20" H x 14" W x 11"D
Large: 23" H x 15.5" W x 12.25"D

Packs flat for easy storage
Durable retractable pull handle
Backpack straps
Multiple storage pockets with zip closure
Super easy wipe clean
Lots of side and front breathable mesh

One Size: 17.7" x 11.8" x 11.8"

Duffle style
Flexible rods to easily adjust height
Super lightweight construction
Safety straps
Lots of side and front breathable mesh
Comfortable 4-way adjustable shoulder straps
Leather carry handle

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