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👋A letter from course creators Britt and Jay…

Welcome to the house sitting community!

We’re so happy for your interest in housesitting. 

Whether you’re already a traveller looking to save (a ton!) of money, or  your travel dreams have been held back by financial reasons, we have great news:

Housesitting is the answer.

It’s the key to your freedom, the key to travelling the world without boundaries and money holding you back. 

It’s the key to traveling without rushing from place to place, and experiencing each location authentically, like a local.

Now, chances are, you already gave it a shot, paid an expensive fee for signing up to the housesitting sites but you couldn’t get it to work…

That’s not your fault!

Housesitting sites seem to promise instant & easy sits in order to sign you up…

and while that might have been true a while ago, housesitting is becoming more and more competitive these days as it becomes more popular.

just registering and filling out your profile, sadly, won’t cut it anymore.

5 years ago we were in your same shoes!

Desperate to land sits, and out of 100+ applications, nobody even responded, and as our previous contract was expiring, we had nowhere to go…

Luckily though, we figured out a way to consistently and reliably land housesits with ease!

We’ve perfected it over the years doing over 100 long and short term housesits!

Now ready to help you achieve this same success.

Today we call it the 3-Step Housesitting Approach.

Wee have housesat in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Greece, Montenegro, Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland, The UK, and even looked after a cat on a catamaran in the Caribbean!

But as you may have guessed, it all started from an idea…

…from a desire to see the world, a desire to explore and to live with more freedom!

Let me tell you how we managed to turn housesitting into a full-time lifestyle:

What can you can save by House Sitting?

Housesitting allowed us to save over $150 000 to purchase a home in Melbourne.

It can be your tool for saving and travelling for FREE as well!.

Not to mention how much you could make with paid sits.

Here are some numbers: 

Travel is expensive… but we don’t want to limit our travel, right?

Way before we came across housesitting, we traveled a lot!

We used to save every penny then go travel somewhere, and spend it all on that…

We traveled to so many places like this, across all continents in Australia, Europe, East Asia, and even the US.

But there were obviously a few problems with this approach… 

  1. At the end of all our travels, we were left broke, we barely had anything saved up…
  2. We couldn’t travel as much as we wanted, and we couldn’t travel HOW we wanted…


After all, who would want to spend a fortune just to end up having to stay in a hostel with strangers who are often (very) annoying, you can’t get a good night’s sleep!

 it’s super uncomfortable and you feel like you’re living in a dormitory…

I’m sure you, too, can relate to this but we were so into travel, and we wanted to see the world!

So we did it anyway despite all the discomfort and sacrifices, and this is how we used to travel…

We also tried the “vanlife” – living in a van, driving cross-country (we did this across Europe) and camping wherever we could. 

This was a step up!

But as you can imagine, it was also pretty uncomfortable, it was very nomadic and it came with its own challenges.

It’s definitely not for everybody.

The worst thing was, even though by that time we were both working  online, we couldn’t get any productive work done!

As we didn’t have a good workspace where we could focus. 

To be able to do something long-term and to travel as much as you want to, you need a solution that you could actually live 365 days a year.

It wouldn’t be uncomfortable and it wouldn’t hold you back from living your life 

And above all, something that wouldn’t make you bankrupt if you didn’t rob a bank.

Whether you’re a retiree, a nomad or a travel lover, I’m sure it’s frustrating not to see the world in the ways you would want to!


To choose between being stuck in one place and limiting vacations, or practically going bankrupt.

Back when we used to travel by living in our camper van

Housesitting isn’t exactly easy…

In 2015, we were living in London, the UK, and we used that city as a travel hub for Europe while we were working full time, but our visas were expiring…

So we rushed to Dublin, only to find out rent was crazy expensive there (if you didn’t rent for 12+ months), and we couldn’t afford it!

We were faced with a decision:

Go back home to Australia and put an end to our dream of travelling the world here.

Then save up for ten years and MAYBE if we get there, give it a shot later…

Or, figure something out ASAP.

This was the option we chose, and at this point, we’ve already heard about housesitting from someone back in London.

We decided let’s give it a go: We signed up to ALL the housesitting sites we could find, paid close to $500 in signup fees, and we started sending out applications.

We started applying to sits, all around the world, we didn’t even have a destination just let’s see where this gets us…

We applied to 10 sits, 50 sits, 100 sits… weeks, days went by, and at month two we started giving up on it again.

Housesitting is so difficult in fact

at one point we almost gave up everything …

Jay & I in a café in France

🎉How we eventually

hacked housesitting!

Finally, we had all pieces of the puzzle, and things were coming together…

We implemented all the strategies just 3 weeks before we were supposed to go back to Australia.

We landed our first ever housesit right there in Dublin… 

Lucky we didn’t get our tickets home yet;)

We’re now full-time housesitters, you will see some of our travel pictures down below.

And we’ve since then turned all of this into an even more advanced system.

Which gets even more consistent results and we have to spend almost no time on these platforms.

That’s when we first wrote down the basics of what we call today the “3-Step Housesitting Approach”

Step 1:

Build instant trust and get your first sit

Getting your first housesit is the most difficult!

When you have an empty profile and no reviews and zero past sits to show up, people may not trust you have the skills!

We had to figure out a way to get past this!

Step 2:

Applying & getting invites day to day

When we first saw Greg’s profile, we were blown away by how good his profile & applications were.

All of his messages created immediate trust, they were witty, friendly, direct, and most of all, unique to him and it stood out. 

This is incredibly important in today’s housesitting world, as everybody is competing to get the practically free travel and if you don’t stand out, you won’t stand a chance.

Step 3:

Housesitting “branding” and exponential results

If you “sit smart”, do a few things right and give the homeowner an extraordinary experience, you can build your housesitting brand.

What this means, is you’ll have a profile (or even more advanced, a website!) full of raving testimonials about how great of a sitter you are, your values, your personality!

Because of this, you’ll be the homeowners’ go-to choice wherever you apply!

what people said about the 3-step housesitting approach:

Greetings fellow future and seasoned house sitters, 

 I would like to leave heartfelt thank you for Brittnay! She has been really good at communicating through this entire process of getting signed up with the House Sitting Masterclass and thereafter for the last few months via email. She has a positive disposition and good energy. 

Thank you so much for making this wonderful house sitting website for people like myself to use as a guide to assist in tackling this new adventure of how to housesit in an easy well designed course. I am so excited about this course and can not wait to begin housesitting using these best practices designed by Brittnay and Jay. 

Good luck to all and best wishes on your house sitting adventures! 

 With love and gratitude, Loisel 



Before I found this house sitting course I was spending thousands on accommodation on my holidays.

Now I have learnt to travel at my own pace and enjoy myself!

Management Consultant

House sitting has changed my life.

The Travelling House Sitters have taught me how I can live a completely nomadic lifestyle while saving money!

Its incredible!

Remote IT Systems

I was really struggling to land sits consistency before I did the Masterclass. After putting some the strategies to work I am now booked for the rest of 2023!

House sitting course testimonial
Freelance Journalist

Even though I don’t have the best computer skills this house sitting course was easy to follow and gave me everything

I needed to start house sitting for myself! I would be lost without it.

Tracey house sitting course review
HR Consultant

What it’s like housesitting

around the world, full time:

Today, we’re full-time housesitters, did over 100 sits, across four of the globe.

» We’ve explored over 30 countries…

» We’ve spent the winter in warm paradises…

» Been to most of the bucket list places at a fraction of the cost…

» Stayed close to family during holidays 100% rent-free…


It’s humbling to say this but thanks to housesitting, we really did it all!

We did everything every traveler dreams of!

Today, we even get invited to sits from referrals, we don’t even have to actively apply…


Our housesitting brand got to the point (thanks to the 3-step housesitting method) that we were even featured on TV…

We get to stay in exotic locations and the best homes all over the world, caring for the cutest animals!

Today, we normally do longer-term sits of 2-12 months, we only accept the short-term sits if they’re very exclusive…

Like a luxury home with a sea view we did last time for two weeks, or a catamaran yacht in the Caribbean where Jay sat a cat while Britt was sitting in Melbourne, close to her family for Christmas.

We do a lot of paid sits and we work fully online, allowing us to have our hq anywhere.

(by the way, we also have a full module on how to make money online and how we achieved this in the course, but more on that later)


Here’s perhaps the best part by far:


Thanks to housesitting, we’ve been able to save up for our own home in Melbourne! 

Over the past few years we’ve saved over $100k and if we calculate how much we were saving (and making through paid sits) each year, it would be around $50k per year.

So housesitting really is more than just a travel hack… it’s the ultimate life hack!

Whatever your travel dreams are, whether you want to…

» travel the world without paying for expensive accomodation

» get to more exotic places, get to places you would never get to 

» live rent-free and save up for a home, like we did

» spend the holidays for free closer to your family 

» travel slowly and experience locations like a local…


Housesitting will let you do all these and more, you just need to get it going.


And now, let me share with you some amazing news:

We want to help those who are in the same shoes we were, and need help and guidance turning their dream lifestyle into a reality…

And to do this, we created a full comprehensive start to finish course:

The Housesitting Masterclass.

Housesitting Masterclass

is the most comprehensive housesitting course, EVER.

We wanted to create a course that’s something more, and that will actually get you started!

Instead of just being another “digital dust collector” that will not get you anywhere… 

The Housesitting Masterclass:

  • Is the only course where you can learn how to build instant trust, send out applications while managing your time, build your housesitting brand, even find housesits OFF the platforms, and make money fully remotely… all in one place.

  • Is the only course where we show you how to use each housesitting platform one by one, step by step via screen share

  • Has the most video content out of all the house sitting courses

  • Has the most modules (12)

  • And it’s got the most PDF booklets, templates, and guides out of all the house sitting courses.

Even more results….

We retired 5 years ago and were a little lost on what to do with our time.

House sitting has opened up a new life for us and we can not thank The Travelling House Sitters enough for teaching us everything they know. 

Tim and Rachel
tim & rachel
I never thought I would be able to quit my job and have the freedom that I could only dream of.

House sitting is wonderful – my morning commute is now walking dogs
House sitting course testimonial
Freelance Designer

This house sitting course is fantastic! It’s easy to navigate, understand, and implement, plus comprehensive! The amount of info included is absolutely amazing; it answers questions I didn’t even know I had. And Brittnay and Jayden are a joy to work with, personable, helpful, funny, and genuine! They really know their stuff and have made it all available here. Wonderful!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-21 at 7.48.03 AM

What you’ll find in the Housesitting masterclass Course:

Module 1: ​How does housesitting work? Basics & foundations

Module 2: Establishing trustworthiness — How to get references & reviews, establish trustworthiness, build a reputation

Module 3: ​​The 7 house sitting platforms in detail, and which one’s best for you based on your goals

Module 4: Crafting the perfect profile

i.far.fa-play-circle { margin-left: 20px; }

Module 5: applying for housesitting platforms

Module 6: your first housesit

Module 7: upskilling for housesitting (this is how you become a pro)

Module 8: problem solving & difficulties

🎁 Bonus Module 1: getting paid to housesit: Advanced level house sitting

🎁 Bonus Module 2: How to make money on the go (work fully online)

🎁 Bonus Module 3: finding housesits outside the platforms (0 competition on these ones)

And for a limited time

you can get it now at an

incredibly discounted price:

Here’s what all the materials in the course are worth…

Pillar 1: Instant trustworthiness and getting that first sit (worth $497)

  1. Housesitting basics & getting started


  2. Instant trustworthiness method: How can you get reviews when you don’t have any reviews yet and nobody wants to give you a sit? Don’t worry, we have a method to escape this trap super quickly.


  3. Housesitting platforms: The 7 house sitting platforms in detail, and which one’s best for you based on your goals


  4. Housesitting profile: Creating your magnetic house sitting profile that immediately hooks in house owners and gets them to reach out

Pillar 2: Applying & getting applications day to day, running housesits (worth $497)

  1. Our 4-Step “Sits-on-demand” housesit application system that will land you house sits consistently and reliably (which has landed us over 100 sits)


  2. Outside the platforms: How to find house sits outside of the platforms with 0 competition


  3. Be prepared: How to ensure your first house sit goes according to plan and be prepared for emergencies


  4. Dealing with the unexpected: How to deal with emergencies & unexpected things on a house sit

Pillar 3: Building your housesitting “brand” and getting exponential results (worth $199)

  1. Feedback: How to get a stellar review and testimonial, right after your first house sit


  2. Branding: How to set up a website & blog and become a branded housesitter to get compounding results

BONUS MODULES (worth $399):

  1. Advanced bonus lecture: Become a highly sought after house sitter by developing certain skillsets.

  2. Advanced bonus lecture: How to make money working online independently from location, while traveling and house sitting.

  3. Advanced bonus lecture: Finding housesits outside the platforms (with 0 competition)

Total value of the course: $1592

But because we want this course to get to as many new sitters as possible…

The price is only


With 40% discount $192

Housesitting masterclass Full Course

You Only Pay


lifetime access to all 12 modules (including the free bonuses)

Housesitting masterclass Accelerator package

You Only Pay


lifetime access + consultations

Try housesitting pro with our

30-day no risk money-back guarantee

Try it out with no risk.

If you don’t like the course, email us, we’ll send your money back no questions asked.

Whether it’s because you made your mind up, didn’t like the font we used on the Sits-on-demand method or the color of the membership platform, we’ll refund the full charge back no questions asked:)

🤔 Still thinking about it?

Look, I want to show you just one last more thing.

When you become a Housesitting Pro, you can live 365 days a year completely rent-free.

All while traveling to exotic places and luxurious homes you would otherwise hardly get to, and caring for the most adorable pets.

Housesitting allowed us to save over $100 000 to purchase a home in Melbourne.

It can be your saving & free traveling tool as well. Not to mention how much you could make with paid sits.

Here are some numbers: 


 And with the 30-day no-risk money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Try it out for yourself.


– Britt and Jay


This house sitting course is fantastic! It’s easy to navigate, understand, and implement, plus comprehensive! The amount of info included is absolutely amazing; it answers questions I didn’t even know I had. And Brittnay and Jayden are a joy to work with, personable, helpful, funny, and genuine! They really know their stuff and have made it all available here. Wonderful!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-21 at 7.48.03 AM