Is There A Free Trial For Trusted House Sitters?

Are you wondering if Trusted House Sitters does a free trial?

You might be excited to start house-sitting, but you’re afraid to spend too much money on a new endeavor.

While this makes sense, it is important to invest in yourself! While Trusted House Sitters for over 5 years I saved over $150,000 in living costs! I think that is a pretty good return on investment!

Maybe you could do a free trial? Do Trusted House Sitters have a free trial?

Keep reading to find out more!

Do Trusted House Sitters Have A Free Trial?

Trusted House Sitters does not have a free trial. However, you can explore the site without buying a membership.

After perusing the website, you will see why it’s worth paying the membership fee! 

The annual membership includes the cost of background checks as well as support from the great team. 

For an extra cost, you can upgrade your membership. The other packages include things like insurance and some exciting perks.

You may want to start with a basic membership if you’re unsure about spending too much money.

Why Should You Pay For A House-Sitting Platform?

For House Sitters; You’ll find that this house-sitting platform has the most opportunities. This is because they have the best support and a user-friendly platform to browse and apply for sits. They also have a system in which you can set up alerts. If it a sit comes up in a location you want to sit you will be notified via email and you can apply asap, we love this feature. 

For Homeowners; Pet lovers will pay for a membership because it ensures that they’ll hire the ideal sitter. 

A potential house sitter will have passed a criminal background check. You can also see reviews to know if you’re hiring a good pet sitter or not.

You can sometimes find discount codes for paid memberships. 

Are Free House-Sitting Sites Worth It?

Some people have great experiences with free sites. However, free platforms are more likely to present problems.

If you look at online reviews for free sites, you’ll see more negative reviews. The paid sites will have more positive reviews.

Every site will have its problems. House Carers, House Sitters America, and Trusted House Sitters are popular. However, they’re not perfect.

If you look at online community forums, you can get an idea about the best pet-sitting websites out there. These community forums will often have the most honest reviews available.

You may choose to try out a free site or splurge on the paid sites. Either way, you should always do your research ahead of time!

Why Do We Love Trusted House Sitters?

Trusted House Sitters has a user-friendly platform and a large audience. It is very easy to find a good match!

You can use the search function to find good pet-sitting opportunities. You can sign up for email alerts so you are the first to hear about new openings that fit your criteria.

After you sign up with your email address, you’ll have access to thousands of pet sitters and pet owners! Because of the wide variety of users, you’ll also find many types of animals!

The large user base will make it easier to find sitters during the busy holiday season. It’s a win-win situation for both sitters and owners!

While newbie house sitters may be reluctant to buy a membership, they should consider it. Think of it as investing in yourself and your future!

Just one ideal house sit will make the fee worth it. This is true for both sitters and owners.

The membership fee will provide peace of mind for everyone involved!

Author: Britt

I am Britt. I have been house-sitting and pet-sitting for the past 7 years. I have cared for 25 dogs, 35 cats 1 turtle, and 1 rabbit over 80+ houses in 15 countries.

The opportunity to experience different homes, cultures, and communities has been extraordinary.

Through house-sitting platforms like Aussie House Sitters and Trusted House Sitters, I’ve connected with homeowners seeking reliable sitters. This unique way of living has allowed me to save money on accommodation, explore new cultures and meet new people.

Being a member of these platforms has broadened my horizons and opened doors to short- and long-term house-sitting jobs. I’ve found joy in providing excellent pet care and ensuring the home is well-maintained.

I get many questions about how to start as a housesitter, so if you have any questions, please reach out! I want everyone to enjoy this incredible lifestyle as well!

You can read more about Jay and me here!

Or connect with me on Facebook or in our house-sitting community on Facebook.

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Me (Britt) House Sitting in Salon-de-Provence, France

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