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Are you looking for some life van inspirations?

Adopting the van life is a big decision! It warrants a drastically different experience from what people would typically consider as being ‘normal’. 

So have you been thinking about embarking on a van life journey yourself, but are scared of what to expect? I tried van life while house sitting around Europe and Australia and loved it.

Look no further as we’ve put together some of the best van life blogs on the web for you to find out whether it’s time for you to embrace the #vanlife, or start your DIY campervan. 

Bearfoot Theory 

Bearfoot Theory is an excellent place to start if you want to lose yourself in the exciting topics of camper van conversations, van lifestyle tips, and all the unexpected things that happen when you’re living in a van. 

This blog is an incredible resource for those that are yet to hit the road in their automobile as it provides readers with a complete van life course- with realistic tips and factual information.

Instead of being a rose-tinted representation of everything van life, the author truthfully shares the pros and cons, and what worked well and what didn’t. 

Hence, you’re sure to get tons of information on what you should, and shouldn’t do while pursuing converting your van into your living space. 

See more about Bearfoot Theory here.


Far Out Ride is one of the most excellent blogs on van life, especially if you tend to understand better through illustrations.

The blog’s authors, Isabelle and Antoine take complex systems and break them down into easy-to-understand visual diagrams.

The blog also offers in-depth information on everything you need to know about planning your next road trip.

By providing clear instructions and a slew of pages dedicated to in-depth projects like building water systems and van insulation, the ambition of a DIY van conversion is made achievable even if you are a novice builder. 

See more about FarOutRide here. 

Gnomad Home 

Gnomad Home is a great place to start when you’re looking for inspiration to build your van and make the jump into van life from your conventional lifestyle. 

This blog will be particularly useful if your home on wheels is not a conventional panel van.

The authors, Jayme and John focus on budget-friendly van builds which could come in handy if you are starting on your first van build. 

Furthermore, Gnomad Home’s articles are extremely detailed and take through the endless possibilities of van choice, layout, and configuration step by step. 

See more about Gnomad Home here. 

Green Van Go 

Green Van Go offers you all the information you need to hit the road without going broke. 

Although it can be hard to imagine taking up van life without taking out a loan, Green Van Go reminds you that van life can and should be about more for less budget. 

The author, Hilary, was part of the corporate field before she took up the van life.

Being familiar with the mundane luxuries of Netflix and running water, she is a master at combining comfort and budgeting while being on the road. 

See more about Green Van Go here. 

On the Freeside 

On the Freeside will be your go-to blog if you enjoy a stylistically beautiful website with gorgeous photos.

You can also follow the couple behind this blog, Indie, and Joel, through their YouTube channel, a thriving Instagram page, and popular TikTok who are dedicated to taking the van life blog scene by storm.

This blog offers their readers travel guides, van builds, van life content as well as van life recipes and cooking inspiration. 

See more about On the Freeside here. 

Chasing the Wild Goose 

Chasing the Wild Goose is your go-to blog if you dream of living in your van full-time. 

One of the concerns many people tend to have in adopting full-time van life is how they will make money while on the road.

The authors of Chasing the Wild Goose are digital nomads that have an entire section devoted to finding remote work and generating income. Follow them for inspiration of living proof that you can enjoy life on the road while earning money.

Additionally, the site also has some helpful details on how to convert a Sprinter van, which is one of the most popular vans for conversion. 

See more about Chasing the Wild Goose here. 

Mowgli Adventures 

Mowgli Adventures offers its readers a great balance of content, going beyond the standard van build guides and product reviews.

Instead, they produce DIY van build content, how-tos, lifestyle ideas, travel advice, and destination guides from exotic and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

They also share in-depth travel guides of beautiful and unique destinations such as Europe, South America, Africa, and even Antarctica, if you are looking for authentic and exotic destination content, Mowgli Adventures might be for you.

See more about  Mowgli Adventures here. 

Off The Grid With A Kid

Always been wanting to embrace the #vanlife, but are too scared of pulling your kids out of their conventional lifestyles? 

This blog will inspire you to break out of your traditional lifestyle as it is packed with authentic content about everything you need to know about van life with a kid. 

Run by Bionca and her eleven-year-old son who has been on the road for four years, you can also find relevant content on her popular Instagram and YouTube channel. 

Also being a public speaker and author, Bionca is sure to motivate you to leap into adopting van life with your children. 

See more about  Off The Grid With A Kid here. 

Let’s Play Ride And Seek 

This blog is the best LGBTQ+ van life couple blog that you will find. The creative couple, Nat and Abi are behind this blog.

From South Carolina originally, Nat and Abi have been living on the road with their dogs for more than two and a half years. 

Let’s Play Ride And Seek features heaps of van life content, videos, poetry, and mouthwatering vegan recipes. Furthermore, Abi is a professional photographer who documents their adventures on film so you can expect to feel like a part of their life through their popular YouTube channel. 

This blog may be especially helpful for LGBTQ couples wanting some inspiring content and tips for being on the road. 

See more about  Let’s Play Ride And Seek here. 

Women on The Road 

This blog features a collection of stories and interviews with women from different walks of life pursuing their dreams of an alternative lifestyle. 

Offering over 500 women’s stories, art, and photography, this blog hopes to make sure that women are heard and celebrated for their independence. 

Women on The Road is for all women that need that tiny nudge to start exploring solo and embracing #vanlife on their own. 

See more about Women on The Road here. 

Van Clan

This blog focuses on helping you to take your adventure off-road and enjoy a complete road trip lifestyle in your van. 

Van Clan offers topics on van life, traveling gear, camping, and off-roading, from sleeping in a van to telling ghost stories around a campfire.

The website also offers a small, but growing selection of posts on tiny homes. The tiny home movement is something that some van lifers choose when staying in one spot for a while and adopting a simple, minimalistic lifestyle. 

Furthermore, they also sell a 170-page book about how to build a camper that you might find valuable if you’re just starting on your conversion project.

See more about Van Clan here. 

Engineers Who Van 

This blog features a unique perspective on van life and offers valuable information on converting a van offer- for anyone new to conversions.

Engineers Who Van is run by Colby and Eric, who do things a little differently and live full-time in their van while also working full-time as engineers.

Not only does this pair maintains an entertaining blog but also offer one-on-one van-building consultations. 

Before ruling this blog out because of your distaste for science, know that you do not have to be a software engineer to enjoy this blog. 

You are sure to find helpful, easy-to-understand articles about van life that will help you build your van right the first time, whether you want to live in a wholly self-contained campervan or you’re thinking about converting a van for weekend trips. 

See more about Engineers Who Van here. 

The Vagabond Tales 

This blog combines living in a van and also pursuing a ‘sail life’. The authors started this adventure after they realized there is an ocean waiting out there after traveling across three continents on their van journey. 

If you’ve never dabbled into sailing before, you are sure to marvel at the descriptive words and phrases used to describe the act of sailing and all the parts of a sailboat.

Don’t be turned off by The Vanabond Tales if you’re not ready to sail, that’s okay. You are sure to benefit from the great perspective on how it feels to be on a permanent road trip from the blog.

See more about The Vanabond Tales here.

Bottom Line 

Van Life blogs are a great way to beat the jitters that come with embracing life on the road and leaving one’s conventional lifestyle. With helpful tips and inspiring content, your conversion to a #vanlife will undoubtedly be fun and stress-free!

Make sure to check out the ones mentioned above to get the best and most up-to-date information! 

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