22 Ideas for Cheap Vacations That Won’t Break the Bank

What’s your dream holiday?

Is it exploring national parks with nature trails?

Or beautiful beaches after eating a breakfast buffet at an all-inclusive resort.

Daydreams of holidays can sometimes turn into nightmares when considering the cost.

Here are some cheap vacation ideas so you can turn those daydreams into a reality…


San Diego, California

It doesn’t get more Southern California than San Diego!

White sand beaches overlooking the beautiful turquoize of the pacific ocean.

Bask in a yearly average temperature of 21°.

Explore hidden vineyards and wine tasting in the Temecula Wine Country.

Or even get amongst the diverse cultures within the inner city.

Here you’ll get to try various authentic south American and European food.

The Coronado Beach Resort has self-sustaining condo units at affordable prices or you can check out the local hostels in the center of town. If you are not a fan of hostels but what a budget option, here are some good budget-friendly alternatives to hostels, this will ensure you have more spending money for your vacation.

For just $200 a night you and your family could be one of the 10 million that visit San Diego a year.

For good reason!


More San Diego Attractions

– Balboa Park

– Deep sea fishing off South Mission Beach

– Coastal walks to Cabrillo National Monument

– San Diego Space Museum

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

On the east coast and want pristine beaches?

Look no further than Myrtle Beach.

For good reason, this is one of the most popular East Coast holiday destinations to visit.

Sprawling with affordable hotels, the only question is whether you want an outdoor pool!

North Beach Resort & Villas provides affordable rates even during peak season.

Mt. Atlanticus mini-golf courses or musical performances at the Carolina Opry.

Grab an ice cream and explore.


More Myrtle Beach Attractions

– Myrtle Beach

– Huntington Beach State Park

– Broadway on the beach

– Family Kingdom Amusement Park

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Niagra Falls, Canada

Be in awe of the natural beauty that is Niagra Falls.

The pristine water in Niagra river, miles of trails, and then fall itself.

Perfect for nature lovers!

It’s no surprise that this is a top natural wonder of the world.

So tick it off your bucket list.

I have recommended the Canadian side because of the exchange rate savings.

Entrance passes are cheaper if booked online so make sure you have a search.

There are also discounts for children and seniors.

More Niagra Falls Attractions

– Inniskillin Winery

– Botanical Gardens

– Boating tours

Reno, Nevada

Reno is known as the “biggest little city in the world”.

This won’t be hard to imagine when you arrive.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains, there is always something to do.

From taking a trip to Lake Tahoe or watching a Shakespear play.

The BBQ culture is ripe with annual rib rub competitions and cook-offs!

This is a great place for a budget due to the variety of free outdoor activities.

Rent a room at Circus Circus Reno for only $50 per night.

This carnival-themed hotel will keep you and the kids occupied all day and night!


More Reno Tahoe Attractions

– Peppermill Casino

– Animal Ark

– Truckee river walk

Costa Rica

A quick flight to Costa Rica would surely ignite your traveling bug.

Look for airline deals.

I have seen flights go for as little as $200 in return!

Surrounded by rainforests and the Caribbean sea.

Indulge in cheap cocktails overlooking a beautiful stretch of white sand.

Because of the exchange rates, an inclusive resort can go for as little as $70 per night! However you can try house sitting in Costa Rica, it will bring your accommodation costs down to zero.

These reasonable prices extend to pretty much everything else.

So you and the family can relax and explore a new culture together.

If you prefer city life then check out the capital, San José.

Here you’ll find national theatres, La Sabana Park, and as much freshly picked fruit as you can eat.


San Juan Islands

The San Juan Island clusters have a lot to offer at a low price.

These Islands are a part of the state of Washington so you don’t need a passport to visit.

You can even take a cheap ferry over via the state ferry system for as little as $40!

Take your kids on a scavenger hunt before checking out the farmers market on Lopez Island.

Mother nature means to wow you as you island hop with ease.

Day trips are common so pack a bag and choose which island beach to eat a picnic on.

The Pacific Northwest has lots to offer.


Places to Go in the San Juan Islands

– Kings Market on the main island

– Pottery gallery on Orcas Island

– Wildlife watching

– Trail walking

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City is the no.1 destination to visit in Maryland.

For good reason!

If you want a budget summer beach vacation then Ocean City will tick all the boxes.

Enjoy affordable nightly rates, even at weekends.

There are plenty of golf courses to practice those swings.

But put the golf clubs down for a day to enjoy walking the Assateauge Island Seashore.

Top-rated beach resorts like The Princess Royale offer great prices.

Do you like to eat crab?

Freshly steamed blue crabs are widely available and a local delicacy.

More Ocean City Attractions

– Ripley’s Ocean City arcade

– Ocean City Broadwalk

– Northside Park

– Jolly Roger’s Water Park

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bowling Green is only 1 hour north of Nashville.

Home to Mammoth Cave National park which is free to explore.

Local motels with high ratings are perfect to stay in for a budget getaway.

If you still wanted to relax by a pool that’s fine.

Lots of the motels have a shared or private pool.

Check out lost river cave or go and see an outdoor movie at Chaney’s for free.

More Bowling Green Attractions

– Chaney’s Dairy Barn

– Boat and cave tours

– National Corvette Museum

Williamsberg, Virgina

Like historical and educational trips?

Williamsburg has a lot to offer.

From historic colonial arcutecture and momuments.

Learn about our forefathers and the journeys they embarked upon.

Jamestown has traditional horse and cart rides that aren’t just a tourist gimmick.

There are fair prices off-season at the Williamsburg Inn.

You and the family can enjoy a night ghost tour for only $25.

Or a walk around the Mary College gardens.

There are plenty of cheap and local beers in the quaint pubs scattered around the area.

Get stuck in!

More Williamsburg Attractions

– Colonial pirate tours

– Busch Gardens

– Yoga & spa centers

Hamilton County, Indiana

My last recommendation is in the heartland known as “rail country”.

Explore an 1836 Prairietown after going through a free treetop course.

Educate your children on 1800s settlers.

2 large man-made reservoirs offer free boating experiences off-season.

If you want to keep to a strict budget there is Strawtown Koteewi Park.

Enjoy hiking trails and cheap camping.

Think about bringing your fishing rods and catching trout in the white river for dinner.

The possibilities are endless!

More Hamilton County Attractions

– 1 pound burger challenges at ‘Bob’s Burgers’

– Nickle Plate Express Train excursions

– Residence Inn, Marriott $200 per night with free breakfast buffet & indoor pool

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