Do You Pay a Pet Sitter Before or After?

If you’ve had to leave a beloved pet home, then you know how stressful it can be.

There are a variety of factors to consider.

From separation anxiety, average pet sitting rates to finding someone you trust.

But what about organizing and agreeing on payment?

Pet services aren’t always cheap!

Especially at a professional level.

Pet owners should be aware and prepared for any circumstance.

At the top of that list are payment terms.

When should you pay your pet sitter?


Paying for Pet Care Before or After the Service

Like always, no simple answer can be given.

There are many factors to take into consideration.

Have you used the services before or do you want to know how to find a house sitter?

Do you know exactly the level of care required?

Is it a private contractor or an agency with policies?

Further in this article, we will be exploring these factors in more depth.

But for now, I will state…

Always try to pay after the service, especially if it is the first time.

If you are using a friend or private professional pet sitter it is easier to negotiate terms.

But are you dealing with agencies, pet care providers, or pet-sitting communities?

These tend to require full payment or a deposit upfront.

Trust does go both ways!

Read on to see how you can best prepare yourself if you are paying upfront.


Why Should You Try & Pay After the Services?

Let’s be honest, there can be a significant risk.

It is hard to structure a concise sitting plan.

Due to subsequent factors and any additional services required.

Care requirements for pet sitting are very bespoke.

And tailored to the individual circumstances.

It takes time to build professional rapport with a trustworthy pet sitter.

To make sure your furry friends are taken care of.

I’m going to break down some considerations and situations.

That might affect payment arrangements.


What Animals Need Sitting?

I don’t want to go through every animal and possibility.

But I will say this.

A cat sitter will have less work than a dog sitter.

This will impact whether you need overnight services.

Or just a daily feeding and walking service.

You might even have a hobby pet like fish or an insect.

Which may only need feeding a few times a week.


Have a Broad Plan of Required Pet-Sitting Services

Outlining what is required should be easy.

It’s part of your life!

Make a plan you can discuss with a potential client.

Be upfront with the requirements.

Some factors to consider are;

– Does your pet need 24-hour care?

– Does your animal have any behavioral difficulties or aggression issues?

– Are there any special and time-specific care needs for your animal(s)?


Make a Contingency Plan

It is also a good idea to work on a contingency plan.

– What if there is a medical issue with your pet?

– Do you have a backup sitter in case of illness?

– Do you forecast any additional time or additional cost?

– Will bad weather affect the service?


Research the Average Cost of Your Required Services

The rates for service will vary.

But make sure you get a rough idea by researching and community outreach.

Look into average pet sitter costs that apply to the services you require.

Setting a budget for services gives you peace of mind.

Find the average rates via search engines and websites.


You could even check out an app-based pet care site.

Or privately agree with the minimum wage with a contractor.

Some examples of costs are below;

– An average day of pet sitting a dog will cost $30-$50.

– Paying a pet sitter with hourly rates varies on experience but can be anything from $15 – $30.

– Will you be paying the transportation expenses?

– Does the sitter have liability insurance?

– Do you have pet insurance?

– Will you set a cancellation policy?


How to Find the Right Pet Sitter

A trustworthy pet sitter can be hard to find.

First, ask yourself if you want a professional sitter or a casual one.

A Friend or Family Member

Are your pet requirements basic?

Offering to pay a minimal wage to a family member or friend you know is the best option.

This is also easier to negotiate to pay after the job has been done.

You also don’t have to build up any trust.

Send out a few texts to your loved ones first!


A Professional Independent Contractor

Pet sitting is very popular.

There are thousands of people who will pet sit in their spare time as a side business.

Mostly these can be found on community websites or apps.

They will have ratings and feedback from previous jobs.

And may even be tailored to the specialized needs of animals.

Because they are private, they set their policies.

Have a look for someone suited to your needs.

Communicate your requirements and then negotiate a plan.

If you are cautious about paying upfront then be honest.

You might be able to agree.

Professional Agencies

Professional agencies operate as any normal business.

You will likely have to pay upfront.

Or at least give a credit card and deposit.

The good thing is that they will have to abide by strict business regulations.

They will have customer service with a large number of professional sitters available.

Thus making it easier to find a sitter with specialized skills if you require any.

There will also be clear insurance and base rate.

The competitiveness of the market also impacts excellent service.

Meet & Informally Interview The Pet Sitter

Make sure you meet the pet sitter before employing them.

You want to ask a few questions and maybe take them on a trial.

See how they engage with your animals.

You will naturally get a feel for whether or not they are suitable.

Do not pay upfront for any service without doing so.

Do You Pay a Pet Sitter Before or After – The Summary

Make a care plan and get a rough idea of costs.

– A family member or private sitter is more likely to take payment after the service.

– A professional agency will likely require payment upfront.

– Look at customer reviews and feedback.

– Don’t just settle on 1 sitter.

– Meet the sitter before you pay.

Author: Britt

I am Britt. I have been house-sitting and pet-sitting for the past 7 years. I have cared for 25 dogs, 35 cats 1 turtle, and 1 rabbit over 80+ houses in 15 countries.

The opportunity to experience different homes, cultures, and communities has been extraordinary.

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