How Do I Prepare My House For A Housesitter?

You booked a vacation and hired a house sitter. Now what?

There’s so much to get ready for! What should you do in preparation for a sitter? 

What will they need? What should the house be like when they arrive?

Is it possible to be too welcoming? You don’t want to be unwelcoming.

How Do I Prepare My House For A House Sitter?

It is important to have a welcoming home for a house sitter. You should prepare for them the same way you’d prepare for a house guest.

You can use my free pet sitter checklist template, it has everything you need from handover questions to want to prep for your house sitters

Clean Your House

Make sure your house is mostly clean. Most sitters won’t mind if you didn’t scrub every inch of the home. However, they will feel more at ease in a clean and tidy home.

Wash your dishes, spot clean the bathroom, and make their bed with clean sheets.

These are all ways to help them feel comfortable when they first arrive.

You can also make some space for them and their things. This is especially helpful for long-term house sits.

Stock Up On Essentials

It is also thoughtful to stock up on household supplies.

Most sitters will buy their food, but it’s nice to let them use your salt and pepper. Tell them to eat any food in the fridge that will expire before you return.

Many house owners will even make a meal for their first dinner time. This nice gesture allows them to settle in rather than worry about food!

It’s also good to be stocked up on toiletries and first aid supplies. While they probably pack what they need, it’s always good to have extra.

If they traveled by plane, they might not have a full bottle of shampoo. Many people don’t think about carrying antibacterial ointment with them. And everyone has forgotten a toothbrush at least once!

While they aren’t going to clean your entire house, they will clean up after themselves. Make sure none of your cleaning products are almost empty if you want them to do a thorough job cleaning!

How Do I Prepare For A Pet Sitter?

Make sure your pets have everything they need when leaving them with a pet sitter.

Make sure they have enough pet food, the correct treats, and any medicine. Leave their leash, collar, and poop bags in an accessible spot.

Provide written instructions to help the pet sitter meet the pet’s expectations. Include feeding times and amounts, a potty schedule, and examples of daily activities.

If the dog has any special needs, allergies, or favorite games, tell the sitter. This will ensure that the sitter is equipped to provide the best care for your furry friends.

How Can I Set Up A House Sitter For Success?

You want the house sitter to have a successful experience. And you don’t want to prevent that from happening because of your own mistakes.

How can you ensure that things go as smoothly as possible?

Communicate Your Expectations

Make sure to communicate your expectations. You can even write down instructions for them to have on hand.

Creating a house sitter checklist for them could be extremely helpful. A house sitter checklist should entail all the daily tasks. You should also include any information to help the sitter complete said tasks.

Show Them What You Want

It may also be helpful to walk them through procedures they may not be familiar with. Show them how to set the alarm or dispose of the kitty litter.

If there’s anything weird in your house, make sure they realize it. Just because you’ve gotten used to it doesn’t mean they’ll figure out how to handle it.

Provide Any Helpful Information

Label anything important. Leave important objects in a safe and prominent spot. Maybe even show them the fuse box, tools, or anything else they may need.

Spare keys, Wi-Fi passwords, and emergency contact info should be easy to find. If you have any alarm codes, be sure to share that information, too.

It is also good to share contractor information and the number of your veterinary office. This information and contact details can be helpful in case of an emergency.

If you have a trusted family friend, provide their contact info in case the sitter can’t get a hold of you.

It is also a good idea to leave cash in case they need to pay for any emergency services. Otherwise, make sure to get their Venmo information. This way you can send money quickly if they need to pay for services.

How Can I Establish A Good Relationship With My House Sitter?

It’s the little things that will build your relationship.

Make Them Feel At Home

Leave them a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate. Create a guest account on your streaming services.

Make sure they have anything they could need while you are gone!

These little touches will let the sitters know that you value them and their service.

It is also nice to let them know about your favorite restaurants or cafes. Make sure they know which attractions are a must-see while they’re in town.

Tell them where the closest supermarket is and which hospital is best for emergency care. Your local knowledge will help them enjoy their visit.

Keep The Communication Open

Many house sitters will provide you with regular updates. Respond in a friendly manner!

You may be too busy to have a full conversation, but this will let them know you appreciate the updates. Otherwise, they may stop sending cute pictures because they think they’re bothering you.

On the day of your return, keep them posted on your ETA. This way they will be ready when you return!

After reading this guide, you can start getting ready for your vacation! Implement these tips to ensure a smooth house-sitting experience!

Hopefully, your first house sitter will become your regular house sitter.

If you and your pets both love this person, you’ll be glad if they also like you.

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