How Do I Become a Housesitter in The Us?

House sitting is booming in popularity. You’ve even thought about trying it yourself.

How do you become a professional house sitter? What is it like to house-sit in the United States?

It can be confusing trying to get started as a house sitter, so I have put together a simple guide to establish yourself as a professional house sitter in the States.

How Do I Become A House Sitter In The United States?

To start a house-sitting career, all you need to do is sign up! Find a housesitting site that you like.

One of our favorites is Trusted House Sitters. House Sitters America is also a popular website. You may have to pay membership fees, but they are well worth it.

After you pick a platform, you register an account and fill out your profile. It is good to have references and reviews.

Now you’re ready to start applying to different house-sitting gigs!

How Do I Get My First House-Sitting Job?

Apply to any opportunities that sound good to you. You can even set up search alerts so that you quickly hear about jobs that meet your criteria.

Whenever you apply, be ready for an interview. Put your best foot forward!

With open communication, any housesitting gig will be a smooth experience. Ask lots of questions and clarify anything that you’re unsure about.

You can even get your first review from a friend. Someone who already trusts you would probably be willing to hire you as a pet sitter even if it’s your first job.

The first job is the hardest to get. With more experience, you’ll more easily get jobs. 

This is especially true if you get good reviews. Make sure to impress your customers if you want them to endorse your services!

What Is A House Sitter?

A house sitter maintains a house while the house owners are away. They frequently provide pet care services, as well.

They receive rent-free accommodation in exchange for their services.

Most sitters take care of pets. This includes walking, feeding, and grooming.

Other common tasks are getting the mail, mowing the lawn, or watering the plants. None of these are special skills, but they are important.

Why Do People Hire House Sitters?

Homeowners hire house sitters so they don’t have to worry about the house while on vacation.

Maybe their house requires daily upkeep. Maybe they don’t want to send their pets to a boarding home.

Maybe they just want peace of mind.

It is a huge relief to have someone take care of the house and pets while you are on vacation.

If you are trustworthy and responsible, people will be excited to hire you!

Why Should I Become A House Sitter?

You should become a house sitter if you love to travel but want savings on accommodations.

Another reason to start house sitting is that you’d like extra income. It is especially to start a house or pet sitting business if you work remotely.

Some people do long-term house sitting so they never have to pay rent or utilities on their own home.

Is It Easy To Become A House Sitter In Other Countries?

It is pretty easy to become a house sitter in most countries. The biggest challenge would be figuring out the logistics of international travel.

The United States is a big country with many cities. This means you can find sitting opportunities in a variety of locations. Whether you prefer the beach, the mountains, or a concrete jungle, you can find a home to care for there.

What Should I Know About House Sitting Before I Start?

While house sitting sounds glamorous, it’s also work.

The pets might keep you up all night. The lawn might require a lot of effort to upkeep.

Also, emergencies happen.

You might have to contact the landlord at 3 in the morning because a pipe burst. You may need to utilize pet first aid and rush to the veterinarian.

However, the work is usually pretty straightforward. It shouldn’t be hard to find a rhythm that works for you.

One other thing to keep in mind: this job won’t make you rich.

While it will supplement your income and reduce the cost of living, it won’t pay your bills. Fortunately, you’ll have fewer bills to pay!

But you will need another source of income to spend on entertainment, phone bills, and other needs.

Now that you understand the basics of house-sitting, go ahead and sign up! You’ll be ready to start applying for jobs quickly.

The sooner you get your first gig, the sooner you can become a full-time or part-time sitter. And the sooner you can love on adorable little animals!

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