15 Digital Nomad Blogs (You HAVE To Follow NOW)

Ready to embrace digital nomadism and join a community of travelers? There are plenty of blogs out there if you want to be an adventure traveler.

Alternatively, maybe you just want to see the world and wind down in some relaxing cities. These blogs are perfect for learning about digital nomad businesses and adventures. 

So get ready to go get yourself a pair of hiking shoes and brush up on your travel writing. Have a read of the guide below to find some fantastic digital nomad blogs to follow. 

Daniel Karim

Daniel Karim is an author and psychologist. He also offers private coaching, psychology tools and has a digital nomad podcast. 

Daniel encourages others to learn more about the world and different cultures. 

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Hobo With A Laptop

Oshin and Mike are a couple who created Hobo with a Laptop. They’ve got articles, multimedia content, books and tons more to help you. 

These guys are full of advice and are a big part of the nomadic writing community. 

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Swedish Nomad

Swedish Nomad is the adventure travel blog of Alex Waltner.

Alex is a freelance writer and professional travel photographer.

His blog has been featured on Forbes, The Guardian and CNN. 

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Boundless Roads

Isabella from Boundless Roads is a travel blogger. 

She has many tools for how to get digital nomad jobs and freelance for clients. 

She is also a big advocate for being a digital nomad girl and safe travels. 

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Digital Nomad Podcasts

If you love reading blogs then you’ll love listening to podcasts!

Here are the top digital nomad podcasts. This list will have you inspired to quit your job and start traveling ASAP!

Northern Irishman in Poland

Jonny Blair has traveled to over 180 countries but has now settled in Poland. 

He has a lot of stories about what it’s like to work around the world. 

Jonny also has some great advice if you’re looking to live in Poland and know what it’s all about. 

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The Travelling House Sitters

We have been digital nomads for 5 years. We used house sitting companies to travel the world! We like to share our experiences as digital nomads with everyone and hope it inspires them to start traveling to!

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Half Half Travel

Becca and Dan are a couple who live the digital nomadic lifestyle.

Their site is full of articles and lots of information about digital nomad living. 

From indie travel to the actual writing, they’ll have you up and traveling in no time. 

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The Crowded Planet

Margherita Ragg and Nick Burns are another couple living a digital nomad life. 

These guys are all about embracing nature and ecotourism. 

If you’re looking to be more sustainable in your travels, these are your people. 

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Chubby Diaries

The Chubby Diaries is run by Jeff Jenkins and is all about helping chubby people travel.

This blog also has plenty of recommendations for amazing food and Jeff’s favorite cities. 

In 2021 he received the Lonely Planet “Best in Travel 2021 Diversity and Inclusivity Award”. 

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The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler is run by Vins and Yosh who are from the Philippines. 

These two are experts in having a smart travel experience and digital nomad visas. 

They’re full of fantastic city guides and tips about how to avoid getting lost or scammed. 

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P.S. I’m On My Way

This blog is run by travel writer Trisha Velarmino who is also from the Philippines. 

She covers popular nomad destinations, living abroad and solo travel. 

Trisha is a big advocate for slow travel, diversity and inspiring others. 

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My Travel Affairs

My Travel Affairs is run by Marysia who is originally from Poland. 

She has been traveling for over 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge about digital nomad circles. 

Marysia also gives an insight into how traveling has been for her as an Eastern European woman. 

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Heart My Backpack

Heart My Backpack is run by American-Norwegian Silvia Lawrance. 

Silvia is a hiking lover and is all about getting off the beaten track. 

She also has tips about being a solo female traveler in places like Mongolia and Kazakhstan. 

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Wild Junket

Wild Junket is run by Nellie Huang who is originally from Singapore. 

She’s got plenty of destination guides and information about long-term travel. 

Nellie is also a new mum and shares her experience of traveling with her partner and daughter. 

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Christabella Travels

Christa is a career coach who works remotely as a digital nomad. 

She has worked in 60 countries and is passionate about helping others. 

If you’ve got a digital nomad business idea Christa is a great person to help you achieve it!

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Looking for Grey Nomads Bloggers?

Maybe you want to be inspired by some of the best intrepid grey nomads out there? Here are some of our favorite grey nomad bloggers we have come across.

Living the digital nomadic life is a dream for many of us. And there are plenty of blogs out there that offer advice, tips and the best way to achieve it. 

From Playa del Carmen, Chiang Mai or Bali. There is plenty of remote worker info out there in the digital nomad community. 

Now you just need to start packing those bags! Are you planning on embracing the digital nomad lifestyle?

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