13 Digital Nomad Podcasts (We Love to Listen Too!)

Do you need an information fix?

Want to find out how to create an online business for some passive income?

Or become a location-independent remote worker?

We’ve got you covered today with our digital nomad podcast list.

But First, What is a Digital Nomad?

To live a digital nomad life is to be someone who can earn their money and lifestyle on the go, by digital means (online).

I consider myself a veteran nomad as I have been traveling for 4 years from places like China to Australia while writing online.

Location independence and financial freedom are invaluable in this world and there are a wide variety of hustles you can do.

I hope even just 1 digital nomad podcast from my list can deliver on a variety of topics and nomad tactics to help you succeed and go where you want to go.

1 – Zero to Travel 

Zero To Travel is a free subscription-based weekly podcast with over 500 5-star ratings.

The podcast has a different guest every week which covers a wide range of things like travel hacks, digital entrepreneurs’ and anecdotal experiences from people already location independent.

They even offer a course and a blog post that offer actional advice and guidance on the lifestyle.

Check them out!

2 – Digital Nomad Quest

Sharon Tseung does an excellent job educating people and providing tips from successful entrepreneurs or successful nomads that already have built passive income streams.

The podcast covers insightful and digestible tools to build a solid foundation which is key for anyone aspiring to be location independent and obtaining financial independence.

The show also offers a ‘toolkit’ for free that offers to “help you become financially free”.

Check out the podcast

3 – Nomads Nation

Another perpetual traveler and advisor on the nomadic life would be Tim Ferriss.

Tim offers full-time travelers informational videos advising on a wide range and such things as organizational equipment I.E backpacks or wallets for the ultimate nomad capitalist.

The snappy review videos make it easy to pinpoint the vast variety of requirements when planning for a trip and have personally used a recommendation from one of his videos.

Check out the podcast

4 – Nomad Tactics

This podcast is an encouragement to get out there and explore by providing expert tips for travel that have been experienced firsthand by an anonymous ‘Mr. B’.

Mr. B has the savvy street smarts and host Jack has the charisma to get you up and out to explore.

Check out the podcast

5 – The Offbeat Life

This podcast is run by Debbie Arcangeles who is the definition of “hard work pays off” and “if I can do it so can you” mentality. 

Debbie draws in from her poor childhood and states it’s given her strength and motivation to get up and go.

Her attitude to life and perspective resonates in actionable experience and income creativity.

She defines herself as a photojournalist and traveler.

Go and check her out to learn about her journey, success stories, and how she makes her living through passive income.

Check out the podcast

6 – Nomad Together

Make your dreams of location independence a reality even if you have a family with Nomad Together.

This podcast focuses primarily on community and family intertwined with a nomadic lifestyle and tips.

So, it’s never too late to start even if you have small feet running around you.

Paul and Becky Kortman have 4 children and want to help other like-minded families that are considering freedom of location lifestyle.

Be sure to check out the nomadic family and their Ebook and podcast episodes to help you get your dream lifestyle.

Check out the podcast

7 – That Remote Life

Podcast Host Mitko Karshovski is hardworking to produce a twice-weekly podcast on the digital nomad community and weekly interviews with independent workers and business leaders.

Mitko also has a blog that covers the best strategies available for travel hackers.

I forgot to mention he has experience in Marketing, copywriting, and life coaching so you know you’re in good hands.

Go and say hello!

Check out the podcast

8 – Badass Digital Nomad Podcast

Kristin Wilson at Badass Digital Nomad provides great topical information regarding current living experience, pricing, and accessibility in a variety of different cultures.

The most recent episode was in Costa Rica where she analyzed the cost of living with the odd travel niche.

Having insight and information about the countries you want to travel to is key to your digital nomad journey.

Check out the podcast

9 – RV Entrepreneurs

Have you ever thought about leaving your house and getting on the road?

Heath and Alyssa Padgett made that a reality on their traveling adventures through America while earning passive income in their RV.

Their podcast is hosted by Joshua Sheehan who professionally guest interviews people in a digital nomad lifestyle.

Check out the podcast

10 – Become Nomad

This podcast is hosted by Eli David who likes to inspire listeners by focusing on the transitions behind a nomadic lifestyle.

I enjoy his introspective guidance on troubleshooting issues and what resources we can use to solve them.

Check out the podcast

11 – Location Indie

If you’re looking for a worldwide community and snappy information for running an online business then look no further.

Jason Moore and Travis Sherry are lifelong friends that have created an online society to help one another.

Community engagement is a key resource to draw from no matter what you want to do on this planet.

If you want to meet like-minded people, help, and be helped while making a friend or 2 then we recommend you check it out.

The podcast runs weekly and with 42 minutes an episode there is lots to discover.

Check out the podcast

12- The Nomad On F.I.R.E

Financial Independence Retire Early is the motto and Eric Richard delivers it with his Nomad podcast and positive lifestyle counseling.

He boasts a net worth of 2 million by his ‘avoiding lifestyle inflation’ method and shares his story on how you could do the same.

Check out the podcast

13 – Digital Nomad Cafe

Adam Finan at Digital Nomad Cafe is our last but certainly not the least.

After traveling in Australia and working in construction Adam found that he much preferred the nomad lifestyle and launched his website.

He specializes in SEO marketing and web development and shares tips and experience when working in different countries.

His Podcast currently has 60 episodes so dive straight in!

Check out the podcast

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