The Best Travel Couples On Instagram In 2023 (No Relationship Goals Hashtags Guaranteed)

Looking for some super intriguing traveling couples to scroll and stalk?

We have gone deep into Instagram and found some of the best travel couples Instagrams out there right now!

As we all know the Instagram algorithm is an untamed beast that does what it likes, so the Gram probably hasn’t shown you any of these guys yet. These couples are not out there faking cool photos or giving you unrealistic goals. They are traveling the world on their own terms and doing it bloody right!

Disclaimer: We apologize in advance, after this, you may end up spending every waking minute on Skyscanner or may cause an angry boss when you throw in the towel & quit your job to get amongst the traveling lifestyle yourself.

But is that really a bad thing? Of course not. 

We guarantee there will be no #couplegoals, #relationshipgoals or cheesy inspirational quotes here. Only real travel couples who are out there doing it.

These couples are the ones that inspire us to keep traveling and doing what we are doing. We have been traveling for over 4 years full house sitting and boat sitting!

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In our eyes, these couples are living the way every couple should!

The Best Travel Couples on Instagram 2023


Together Alexe & Lucas are Almortravel, currently living in Belgium. During the week they work full-time in khaki camouflage (the army). In weekends they love to discover new places all over the world.

Together they have been to over 10 destinations and they are planning more in the very near future. Their ultimate dream is to become Master Divers and go work abroad in search of some infinite sunshine. Lucas has lived in Brazil and the Dominican Republic. Alexe had already traveled to the Philippines, Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, and numerous places in Europe.

Just recently they started their Instagram account to meet other travel couples and to keep an online photo album of their best pictures.

Together Alexe & Lucas are Almortravel, currently living in Belgium. During the week they work full-time in khaki camouflage (the army). In weekends they love to discover new places all over the world.

Always Around The World

Kelly and Nanet, just two ordinary girls that left everything behind to fulfill their dream: Travel the world!

Since May 2017 they are on the road. The travel bug caught them and they never want to stop traveling anymore. They avoid South America as long as possible, because they are afraid they can’t leave from there anymore once they arrive.

In the beginning they had a very tight budget, which limited them in their explorations, but since they work online they really live their ultimate life in freedom and traveling has become even more fun!

Their best destination so far was Iceland, where they cycled 3000km during 3 months. The adventure was there and the nature is stunning!

And their best experience was during the winter of 2017 in Scandinavia, where they worked with huskies and saw incredible Northern Light shows!

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Apenoni Traveller

Rocio & Julian are the founders of Apenoni. They are a Mexican/German couple traveling the world and documenting their adventures.

After leaving their 9-5 job-life behind back in 2015 they decided to go on a long-term, half-year backpack-travel across Southeast Asia.

They spent their last 2 years building up their business as well as exploring new destinations including the city-life of L.A, the chocolate-lover’s heaven of Brussels, the remote-island life of Madeira, the majestic cities and deserts of Rajasthan as well as an insane time over at the World Cup in Russia.

In 2019 they are planning to explore more of Mexico and head down to South America to discover Colombia. They also want to go back to Southeast Asia with stops in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore!

Backpacking Couple

Annagreta (Austria), and Tom (Belgium) are the Backpackingcouple. They met in December 2014 in Guatemala. It took them a year to meet again but since then they are sharing their passion of exploring the world.

Besides Central America, they travelled through Thailand, Sri Lanka and several European cities. They love hiking, nature, minimalistic traveling and watching sunrises.

In April 2018 their son was born and they limited traveling down to roadtrips and short flights.

2019 will be their year! First with Austria in January and Vietnam in February. Several citytrips are planned that will lead to London, Paris, Amsterdam and more.

Bonnie Clyde Worldwide

Clayton and Janelle began their “Let’s Get Wild” journey after having a Texas wedding in April 2018. They bought one-way plane tickets to Costa Rica and brought their two cats along.

Applying Clayton’s knowledge in advertising and marketing and Janelle’s in biology and foreign languages, they created Bonnie Clyde Worldwide to document their wild experiences around the world and show people how to afford travel.

Together Clayton and Janelle have hiked the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, lived as locals in Costa Rica for three months, and explored bat caves in Mexico.

Currently, Clayton and Janelle are living in Mexico, discovering epic nature destinations and mouth-watering food in the country. They are determined to inspire your travel dreams.

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Dang Travelers

David and Angela are a married couple from the United States who share their budget-savvy secrets to affording a life of travel on their blog the Dang Travelers.

Their most recent adventures included a three-month road trip across the United States via Route 66 then exploring 15 states in the eastern section of the U.S. in their minivan turned campervan.

For 2019, Angela plans on crossing off the last two states on her list which are North Dakota and Oregon, then taking the circle tour around Lake Michigan in the Midwest and heading back to Spain to explore the eastern section that they missed the first time around.

Double Occupancy

“Carla and Guil began dating in Miami after college, and a few months into their relationship they convinced each other that traveling around the world was the best next step…. casual.

After a year of planning the couple quit their jobs in 2017 and began a journey that would take them to three different continents and over 20 countries. They spent 10 months traveling between Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, living out of backpacks and off of their savings.

They have created a blog and Instagram account to inspire and help others wanting to do the same.

Now that they’re back home, they’ve chosen NYC as their base. They plan to explore everything the city has to offer in 2019, and of course, there’s plenty more traveling to come.”

For Two, Please

Cat and Kev are an adventure-loving duo based out of Calgary, Canada. The young couple met in Taiwan in 2013 and started traveling together ever since – that’s how their account name, For Two, Please, came into existence!

As food lovers, adventure enthusiasts and luxury-seekers, they are inspired to discover one-of-a-kind experiences around the world.

In 2019, they are planning to visit many more beautiful places, including Italy and Germany. You can follow their daring adventures and fun-filled travel stories on Instagram.


Together Anne & Mike began their honeymoon in January 2012 and have been on the road ever since. Which has now turned into “The World’s Longest Honeymoon”.

Using Anne’s background as a national magazine editor and Mike’s as an entrepreneur and photographer, they created HoneyTrek to chronicle their journey to over 50 countries and show more people how to mobilize their travel dreams. Being advocates for the travel life they have written a National Geographic book Ultimate Journeys for Two.

Together Anne & Mike have taught English in tribal Vietnam, housesat in Costa Rica, and ridden local mini-buses across East Africa, they know variety is the spice of life and travel.

Currently, Anne & Mike are on a road trip around North America in “Buddy”, the 1985 Toyota camper, and are working on a new book about the best glamping destinations in North America. Having epic experiences for under $25/day/person, they are proof that travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Hobo With A Laptop

Mike and Oshin met through online work, later met in person, ended up getting married, and started some online businesses together. Recently, they’ve been working on Hobo with a Laptop — an online resource that helps people make money online and dig themselves out of traditional work.

Their goals for 2018 are to build out several more affiliate sites and increase their income while traveling while helping others find their own ‘online’ mojo.

Independent Travel Cats

Jessica Norah and Laurence Norah are the couple travel bloggers behind the two popular travel blogs, Independent Travel Cats and Finding the Universe.

Jessica is a cat-loving psychologist from the United States and Laurence is a whisky-loving landscape photographer from the UK. Jessica and Laurence met in Italy in 2014, got engaged in California, got married on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean, and currently live in Scotland.

Together they both run their travel blogs full time, Laurence also runs an online travel photography course.

The couples travel plans this year include Scotland, Catalonia, Iceland, the Seychelles, and the United States. They are currently traveling in the Scottish Highlands and their next big trip is to the Seychelles in April.

Life Is Meant For Exploring

Meet Alli and TJ of Life Is Meant For Exploring, a dynamic duo, who have been together for over a decade. They are two down-to-earth Oregonians with a desire to explore, who are  highschool sweethearts.

It was there first trip traveling through Chile together that we knew a life of travel  – exploring culture, food, and the outdoors – was for them.

During Their time in SE Asia they have looped around Malaysia, stopped off in Singapore, toured Thailand, lost themsevles in Laos, ate their way through Vietnam, wandered the perfect beaches of the Philippines, and celebrated Chinese New Year in Taiwan.

Looking ahead in 2018 they plan to hike the Annapurna circuit of Nepal in March before heading off to Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Then maybe settling down in South America.

Messinaround The World

Tony and Thera love to share their travel experiences with others while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Their free time is spent exercising, personal training, planning their next trip, and exploring new things in their city – Chicago. Their dream is to travel full-time to see more of the world and inspire others to try new experiences.

In 2019, they will accomplish their goal of visiting all 7 continents before they turn 30 by visiting Antarctica in March. They also plan to go to Indonesia in September and have other smaller weekend trips planned throughout the year.

Follow their journey as they share their past travel stories, future adventures, fitness tips, and continue MESSINaroundtheworld.

Our Sweet Adventures

Christina and Adam of Our Sweet Adventures are a married, hospitality power couple traveling around the world with a sweet tooth. Christina is a pastry chef while Adam is a front desk manager at a luxury hotel in the Washington D.C. area.

When they are not working, they are traveling. Whether it is a weekend getaway in the United States or traveling to new countries, they are always eager to find their next “sweet adventure”.

Every year they celebrate what they call their “annual honeymoon”. In the past four years they have celebrated in St. Lucia, Italy, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Bermuda.

In addition, they have taken a summer hiatus to backpack around Europe (mostly Italy) for three months, hiked to Machu Picchu and took a week-long road trip to Ireland. They truly love to travel and find adventures along the way.

The Adventures of Panda Bear

Constance Panda and her boyfriend, Jimmy Bear share their adventures around the world in food, travel, and architecture. They are based in the San Francisco and have previously explored the UK, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Croatia.

Last year, they traveled throughout the United States, including their home state of California as well as Oregon, Washington, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Nevada, Texas, Hawaii (Oahu), and Arizona. In 2019, they’re looking forward to adventuring through the Big Island of Hawaii and many more places that are yet to be determined!

Check out their blog, The Adventures of Panda Bear, for more fun facts served alongside travel itineraries, tips, and experiences.

The Nomadic Pear

A nomadic couple from the UK. Christie, an ex-legal secretary, and Lewis, a jack of all trades. They met on the infamous mobile app named Tinder in September 2014. They sold everything they owned and headed to Bangkok in November 2015.

They then went on to spend four months in South East Asia before embarking on a working holiday visa in New Zealand. Following New Zealand, it was time for a return to Asia, their all-time favourite continent and cultural paradise.

Lewis and Christie have been travelling for over two years without a return ticket, although they do have a visit back to the UK planned next month.

Be sure to keep up to date with The Nomadic Pear’s exciting travels around Asia and beyond on their blog “The Nomadic Pear‘.

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Travel B4 Settle

Matilde and Miguel launched into their big adventure in November 2017. They bought a one-way ticket trip to India and stayed in Asia for 8 months! They built TravelB4Settle and now they spend their time traveling the world and working on their laptops.

They claim not to fit in society’s expectations, as they always knew there is more to life than the regular 40h work week with a 2 week break in the sun per year.

They are passionate about traveling… Nature, culture, food, people! They always dreamed to travel the world so they managed to do it before actually settle to build family and so on.

Their plans in 2019 is to continue exploring this world while inspiring and helping everyone that has the same dream!

Trip Gourmets

Sarah (British) and Thomas (Swiss) are the Trip Gourmets a travel blogging couple who met six years ago and discovered a mutual love of travel and food.

From October 2017, they have taken the plunge to become full-time travellers and digital nomads!

In January 2018 they headed to India. They explored the magnificent forts of Rajasthan, to the legendary Taj Mahal in Agra to the beaches of Goa and on to the cozy Backwaters of Kerala.

In 2018 they have based themselves in Chiang Mai,  they plan to travel to Laos, a second visit to the foodie paradise of Vietnam, a brief return to Europe to take in Switzerland, Italy and the UK. To cap it off they will be visiting North America for the first time.

Trippin Turpins

In May 2014 Trippin Turpins began their journey aboard SV Thorfinn, their 45 foot sailing yacht. They sold most of their belongings with the intention of living aboard their boat for many years to come. Currently, their plan is to sail around the world.

Their sailing so far has taken them along the south, east and north coasts of Australia, into Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong. They have also taken planes and automobiles to visit Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2019 they plan to sail amidst the Thai Islands for the first few months of the year. Then they are off to discover Europe. Zurich is their first stop and then they will be sailing between Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia. What the rest of the year holds is anybody’s guess!

Two Wandering Soles

In 2014, Katie and Ben quit their full-time jobs and set off on a 3-month adventure in South America that never really ended.

They then moved to South Korea to teach English and did some house sitting for free rent. They spent the next year traveling starting in Southeast Asia, India and Nepal where they trekked to Everest Base Camp, from there it was off to Eastern Europe.

For the summer of 2017, they converted campervan, named him “Vinny”, and toured the Western United States.Afterwards they moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to focus on full time on their adventurous and sustainable travel blog, Two Wandering Soles.

Katie and Ben are always up for adventure and a good cup of coffee (or wine!).)

For the remainder of 2018, Katie and Ben are planning to hit the road again traveling around the southern islands of Thailand and Central America.

We Did It Our Way

Carine and Derek are from Montreal, like typical Canadians, they met during a hockey party in 2010. Their beloved Habs (the Montreal Canadians) had finally made it to the playoffs. Although the Canadians run didn’t last, Carine and Derek’s relationship did!

After 5 years of dating, they got married in September 2015. They were set to follow the typical routine of life, but one day, Carine had a “crazy” thought. She asked: “What if we take our savings, and go travel for a year?” Knowing Derek, she never expected his answer to be “Hell yeah! Let’s do it!” And the rest is history!

What was set to be only a year turned into a 15-month trip. Without a set plan, they went where the wind (and the cheapest flights) took them. They ended up traveling to 28 different countries in Asia, Oceania, the Caucasus, and Europe. They learned to scuba dive in Thailand, and swam with a whale shark. They drove a campervan through New Zealand, covering over 4,500 km in 21 days.

2019 is still a mystery for them. They don’t have much planned. One thing is clear, their travels have only just begun. There is so much more of the world they want to see. 

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We Travel Together

Monica and Jon whoy started their adventure and travel blog We Travel Together in 2011, now close to hitting the big 50, not in age but in how many countries they have visited together.

They love road tripping. One trip in their visited Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Another big road trip includes driving over 20000km around Australia in a campervan.

Together they have been to Africa twice visiting in total 9 countries and having some awesome wildlife experience; spent time with mountain gorillas in Uganda, been chased by a hippo in Botswana, and in Tanzania they were that close to a wild lioness that they could have touched her.

In 2018 they started off the year on one of the northernmost settlements in the world on an island called Spitsbergen, which belongs to Norway, and they got to experience Polar Nights. In February they started their three week long journey through SE Asia.

1000 Flights

We all know that couple travel is not always the picture-perfect scene of a couple walking hand in hand on a white sandy beach, or staring lovingly at the sea atop Santorini.

We want you to meet the Fighting Couple of 1000Fights. They share the ups as well as the downs of couple travel, and add in a dash of helpful relationship advice.

They are one of the most “real” couples out there. The Fighting Couple met in 1st grade and have been fighting ever since. Together they have been to nearly 50 countries on six continents.

Whats next for them? Antarctica in 2019! Give their Instagram a follow to track all of their zany adventures.

Inspired To Get Out There and Travel?

We hope that this post has helped inspire you to get out there with your significant other and see the world!

Or maybe it has inspired you to throw yourself in the deep end and get out there and live life a little alternatively.

If this inspired you share it with your favourite travel buddy! 

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    Hi ! We are a couple who started to create our own compagny (& jobs) in a digital nomad way ! 6 months : 3 countries : Bali / Chiang Mai / Vietnam and check if it’s really possible to not come back to our corporate jobs… (taking_exit_B)

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