How to Groom a Yorkie (Step-by-Step Guide)

Are you having a hard time grooming your Yorkie? Read more and you will find simple tips to make it easier and fun. Grooming will never be the same again!

Grooming your Yorkie is essential to their health. Constant grooming helps also in the early detection of probable health problems. At least, you can act on it immediately before it worsens.

Let us make time and have fun. Here are some tips on how to groom a Yorkie!

Two Freshly Groomed Yorkies

Top Tips on Grooming A Yorkie

Take Good Care of the Fur

Just like us, your Yorkie’s fur needs the same care. They also need a regular bath, brush, and cut. But if you are as artistic and playful as me, I tend to do more!


Brushing is where the fun is. However, you need to dump the fur a little bit before doing it. It will make the fur easier to manage so it will not give pain to the dog. It will also avoid a lot of tangles and breakage.

Brushing your Yorkie is just like giving a gentle massage to your dog. Do this routine daily. My dog falls asleep during my brushing so it gives me time to put ribbons on her.


Is your dog hyperactive? How often does she get dirty? Well depending on how dirty she gets, you can give her a bath once or twice a week. Applying shampoo and conditioner to her fur will help maintain its shiny look.

Remember not to share your shampoo to your Yorkie. Dogs and humans have different ph levels.

Trimming The Fur

You can schedule trimming once or twice a month for your dog. You can choose any style you fancy but it is advisable to bring her to a professional trimmer. Trimming will get rid of those problematic hair tangles as well.

Clip The Nails

Keep your dog’s nails short enough to keep her from harm.

Do not cut into the quick when trimming your Yorkie’s nails. If you do not know how to clip dog nails, better seek help from experts.

Using good nail clippers will help you trim the nails easily. If you accidentally cut the quick, apply ChapStick to keep it from bleeding.

It would be easy to trim the nails after a bath since the nails are soft.

Clean Ears and Teeth

I do check the ears every now and then to detect infection. Regular cleaning keeps your dog’s ears healthy. Use a cotton swab and ear cleaning solution to do this. Be sure not to poke down the ear canal. It may destroy the eardrum.

Like us, we need to brush our dog’s teeth. It prevents gum disease and maintains our Yorkie’s clean teeth and fresh breath.

If you make this grooming a routine, your Yorkie will get used to it. It will become a comfortable bonding moment for you and your dog, making it fun to look forward to!

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