Cheapest Airport in California to Fly into 2021 (Updated October 2021)

Half the fun of booking flights is trying to hunt down the best flight deals out there.

When heading to California to you have lots of options for flights and what airport to land into.

Each has their different perks and depending on where you are going to California. Some airports are going to be better than others for you.

If you are anything like me you will base your destination purely on where you can find the best deal to – and that’s ok!

Here are my picks for the cheapest airport in California to fly into for 2021!

The Cheapest Airport in California

The Cheapest Airport in California

Don’t have time to read the whole list? Here are the top 3 cheapest airports in California!

Airport Ranking


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First Place Winner
First Place

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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Second Place Winner
Second Place

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

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3rd Place Winner
Third Place

San Diego International Airport (SAN)

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Cheapest Airport in California 2021

5: Santa Ana

Airport: John Wayne Airport (SNA)
Average Price: $200 USD (one way departing New York)
Most Popular Route: Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Arizona
Choose This Airport If: You will be spending time in Southern California and Orange Country. This is also the best option for those visiting Disneyland.

About SNA: John Wayne Airport is the only commercial airport in Orange county. For those who are visiting Disneyland, it is the most convenient place to fly into as there are many connections to the resort. John Wayne is the second busiest airport in the greater Los Angeles area because of this. The airport features 3 terminals and services around 10 million passengers annually.

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4: Oakland

Airport: Oakland International Airport (OAK)
Average Price: $175 USD (one way departing New York)
Most Popular Domestic Route: Las Vegas, Nevada
Most Popular International Route: London–Gatwick, United Kingdom
Choose This Airport If: You don’t like crowds and or you will be spending time in the Bay Area.

About OAK: Oakland International is a quieter option for those staying more North. OAK has a great connection to both Oakland and San Francisco, however, due to its location expect a little longer on the BART. Good news is that OAK experiences fewer delays and weather-related issues than other airports in the area! Oakland International is also only serviced by 16 commercial airlines so you know it is always going to be a little less busy than SFO.

3: San Diego

Airport: San Diego International Airport (SAN)
Average Price: $160 USD (one way departing New York)
Most Popular Domestic Route: San Francisco
Most Popular International Route: London Heathrow
Choose This Airport If: You are planning on staying in Southern California or crossing the border into Mexico.

About SAN: San Diego International airports claim to fame is that its the busiest single runway in the United States. SAN sees foot traffic form around 24 million passengers per year! These passengers are bought in by the 18 commercial airlines that service the airport.

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2: San Francisco

Airport: San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Average Price: $150 USD (one way departing New York)
Most Popular Domestic Route: LAX
Most Popular International Route: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Choose This Airport If: You are planning to spend your trip in San Francisco or Norther California.

About SFO: San Francisco is the 5th largest hub for United Airlines and is served by 54 airlines in total. This helps keep ticket prices down! SFO is also the 7th busiest airport in the USA. The airport has great connections into the city and can be as little as $10 for the local BART system.

1: Los Angeles

The Cheapest Airport in California!

Airport: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Average Price: $110 USD (one way departing New York)
Most Popular Domestic Route: San Francisco
Most Popular International Route: San José del Cabo, Mexico
Choose This Airport If: You are visiting downtown LA or you are heading to California and want to get the best deal!

About LAX: You have more than likely heard of L A X before. It is the most popular airport on the West Coast. It sees 87 million passengers per year, making it the 4th busiest airport in the world! LAX is serviced by around 70 commercial airlines. Lax is only 30 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and is well connected by bus, rail and taxi and private car services.

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