The 22 Cheapest Countries To Visit In Europe (These Might Surprise You)

When you’re visiting Europe there is so much to see! But it can also be overwhelming working out where to go, what to do, and how much things cost. 

The good news is: we’ve put together a list of the best cheap countries so you don’t have to. You don’t need a huge budget to see historic sights, and amazing views, and taste fantastic cuisine. 

There are plenty of cheap holiday destinations out there for everyone. Have a read of the guide below to discover where you’ll be traveling next. 


Like a lot of European destinations, Slovenia is more expensive in the peak summer season. But, plenty of its sights are affordable and perfect to see in late Spring. 

Lake Bled is one of the most popular destinations and also cheap to visit. 


Buses are super cheap in Poland and an easy way to see this part of Eastern Europe. Not only that Poland is cheapest european country to fly to from the UK and most parts of Europe.

Krakow and Warsaw are must-see destinations, but it’s worth going outside these popular cities. Lots of attractions are free or cheap and a bargain for what you get. 

Czech Republic

While Prague is not cheap, if you go outside the city center, it can be a affordable country and easier to find cheap accomdation. The Bohemian Switzerland National Park is also cheap and comes with stunning views. 

Booking in advance is key for cheap accommodation in the Czech Republic. 


Hungary is one of the more expensive countries, but still cheaper compared to others. Budapest is big on free attractions, so budget travelers will be able to see plenty of iconic sights. 

For something different, we recommend trying Budapest’s famous thermal baths. 


Bulgaria is inexpensive to visit and not overly populated with tourists. 

It’s also jam-packed full of castles, villages, and hiking trails. 

The off-season is especially cheap and there are always affordable accommodation prices. Making it one of the cheapest places to live in Europe. So you should definitely go stay for a few months.


If you want to do some hiking or explore the countryside, head to Romania! Along with its natural wonders, Romania is full of beautiful old towns and structures to see.

Eating out is also particularly cheap in Romania (often cheaper than supermarkets).


If you don’t visit Italy during peak tourist seasons then you’re in for a budget-friendly trip. 

Avoiding Summer will mean skipping tourist prices and long lines. 

Stick to either Northern Italy or Southern Italy so that you can experience the region. 

Accomdation can be expensive in Italy, so you could try house sitting in Italy. This wil being your accomdation costs to zero!


July and August are peak seasons along the coast of Montenegro. 

But if you avoid this then you’re in for glacial lakes and a UNESCO World Heritage Site or two. 

Coastal cities like Herceg Novi and the island Ada Bojana are must-sees. 


If you’re after a summery holiday then head to Portugal!

The country’s best destinations are mostly outdoors and free. 

The biggest cost is accommodation, so it could be worth trying house sitting in Europe. but the average price for most things is reasonable. 

If your looking to stay long term you could also consider retiring in Portugal to take advantage of the low cost of living.


All national parks are free in Slovakia which makes it a great place to get outdoors. 

Memorials, monuments, and castles are also either free or very cheap. 

Bratislava (and exotic destinations like Transylvania) are more expensive but still offer many free things. 


Albania is not a hotspot for international travelers but it’s highly underrated!

With historical sights, beautiful weather, and an amazing coastline.

Restaurants and bakeries are also really cheap so you won’t need to worry about food. 


Outside the capital city, Tallinn (the ‘walled city’), food and accommodation are cheap. 

We highly recommend visiting Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city. 

You’ll be transported to medieval times as well as be privy to the vibrant music and art scene. 

Bosnia And Herzegovina

Unlike lots of European countries, flights and accommodation don’t vary during the year. 

If you’re skiing, Bosnia-Herzegovina is a great option with some great ski resorts on offer. 

In summer, head to the Neretva River for some rafting and relaxing in the sun. 


Greece is so much more than Athens and Santorini!

If you go off the beaten track you will be rewarded with friendly prices and beautiful beaches. 

Head to smaller islands like Hydra, Lefkada, Poros, and Tinos for an affordable but fun time.

We house sat for 2 months in Greece and it was the best experience of our lifes.


For amazing food, nice attractions, and unbeatable prices- visit Serbia!

Whilst cities have plenty on offer for nightlife, the countryside is the real gem. 

Cheap ski resorts and medieval fortresses all make for a bargain holiday. 


Latvia is a stunning country full of pastel-colored buildings and stunning architecture. 

Accommodation and transport are affordable and your main cost will be your flights. 

Latvia is less touristy and will offer a quieter and more relaxed experience. 


Georgia has a rich history that is perfect for all the culture and history lovers out there. 

Monasteries, epic mountains, and fascinating monuments make it a budget-friendly holiday. 

Georgia has more foreign tourists than Latvia, but will still be relatively quiet. 


Turkey is a beautiful country and perfect for solo travelers, families, or groups. 

The country itself is incredibly diverse with its stunning landscapes and cultural offerings. 

Staying in turkey also comes with amazing food and affordable prices. 


When it comes to cheap European cities your mind probably went to Croatia. 

It offers a fascinating history, beautiful scenery, and plenty of historical sites. 

We recommend checking out the Plitvice National park for a truly magical experience. 


Ireland boasts some of the cheapest flights (including to and from Central Europe). 

So seeing this amazing country will be kind to your travel budget. 

After Dublin, check out the lovely, cheap destinations of Galway, Cork, and Killarney. 


While Madrid and Barcelona may seem like the obvious choices they will also set you back. 

However, if you head to Spanish cities like Seville and Valencia you can easily save cash. 

Full of Spanish culture, you’ll get the full experience while saving your wallet. 


With its Baroque buildings, Maltese cuisine, and quaint fishing villages- you’ll love Malta. 

This tiny island slash country is perfect for your sightseeing budget and is a great place to visit. 

If you’re looking for something less mainstream than Italy, definitely give Malta a go. 

If you’re wanting to do some European budget travel you have come to the right place!

Traveling in Europe is an awesome experience but can result in some rough costs. 

However, we think that by trying these hidden vacation spots you’ll love what you find. 

Sometimes the cheapest holiday destinations are often the most interesting. 

Which cheap country in Europe do you want to visit?

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