Interview With Matthias| Full-Time Digital Nomad & House Sitter in Indonesia

Recently, we had a chat with Matthias. Just 3 months ago he start his journey as a digital nomad and house sitter.

Matthias and his wife are currently living and working in Indonesia! Find out how they transitioned into the incredible lifestyle of a digital nomad.

Plus how they plan to combine being a digital nomad with house sitting

Tell us a little bit about yourself–
I’m Matthias, 41, German. Until May 2022 I was working in a multinational company, developing raw materials for paints and inks.

I’ve worked in laboratories and as a project manager for 25 years and now started another life. I found my wife Christine at work, and work also made us move to Singapore four years ago.

Singapore was also the place where we learned lots of helpful things we can use now

What were your first experiences as a traveler?
The very first and fresh experience is that you always carry too much. It is really hard to let go of things you like, but once you are out of your comfort zone, you will notice that most stuff is left aside.

Having little to carry and to pack makes life so much easier.

Best traveling experience?
-You don’t need much to happy, so for us a beautiful sunset at the beach is a highlight.

In Thailand we saw bioluminescence for the first time, once at the beach, and once at a night dive.

That was a magical moment, after we allowed ourselves to trust our eyes. Imagine a dark beach with tiny blue glowing dots, it was like wonderland!

What made you decide you wanted to be a digital nomad?

There will be many influences, from childhood memories to books and movies.

Maybe the pandamic pointed out some important things.

But I think it’s in you, either you prefer a life full of changes and adventures, or you are happy with safety and routine.

Would you consider going to back a 9-5 job?
I would, if our financial situation requires it.

How do you make a living working from anywhere?

We were in the lucky position to be able to save some money in advance.

At the same time my wife managed to learn lots of new skills that enable her to earn money as a digital assistant.

We’re also PADI Scuba Instructors, yoga teachers, digital artist and freedivers, what gives us many options to make a living. You can find my works under Namwuob.

Another way you can earn anyway if learning how to become a proofreader. As long as you have a good grasp of English this is a good option.

Where have you visited/lived as a digital nomad? 

Our first station is Nusa Lembongan, which is a tiny island near Bali.

Would you consider becoming a house sitter, or have already done some house sitting?
We’ve been sitting our own house some time ago. We owned a 900sqm property with a naturalistic garden, a pond and many fruit trees but before that we had no experience with house sitting.

We had a cat, which also came with us to Singapore. Oh and we kept exotic pets, like a bearded dragon, and tarantulas. Of course we’ve done some house sitting for family and friends, and yes, I’d love to do more. We just came back from a night in a friend’s house and her dog Nino.

We’ve also sitted other dogs many times. Housesitting has something from playing a role, to me it is a bit like being someone else but it is good to use a checklist.

And it is a great way to experience different styles of houses, interiors and areas. And nothing is more rewarding than becoming a pet’s friend, and being the one to comfort him/ her while the family is away.

What are your best tips for digital nomads getting started?

Stop dreaming and get started. You can watch how-to videos for ever without getting closer to your dream.

My tip is to write down what you want, and get necessary things done. I don’t say to rush, but to be pro-active.

Every little achievement brings you closer. You’ll find out want you need soon, and let me tell you, you can learn anything.

What do you wish you had known before you became a digital nomad?
I wasn’t aware that it is so hard to sell or even donate things. It seems no one sees any value in second hand items, and especially clothes are hard to give away.

You might want to consider this before you go shopping next time. Don’t buy stuff you don’t really need. Buying pre-loved things is a good idea!

Do you think the digital nomad lifestyle can be for everyone or is it just for very specific kinds of people?

 It is for sure for a certain kind of people, but I wouldn’t draw the line too sharp. Who ever thought about it more than once, might already have the DNA.

There is more than one way to make a living, and there are so many places to be. There is at least one for each of us.

Any travel hacks you can offer?
Talk to people. There is so much you can learn from others.

Each discussion will get you something, either an important info, or just an idea for the next stay.

Sometimes the Internet makes things look much more complicated than they are.

What’s your plans for the future?

Finding our way to life a happy, rewarding life, developing our skills and being independent. We don’t have a schedule or route to follow.

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