Packing List for House Sitting

You’re getting ready for a house sit and you don’t know what to pack.

Maybe it’s your first house-sitting gig. Maybe it’s just the first time you’ll be sitting for more than a couple of days.

No matter why you’re unsure about a packing list, we’ve got you covered.

This article will discuss the items you should (and shouldn’t) pack!

What Should I Pack When House Sitting?

You should pack everything you think you’ll need. Don’t expect the homeowner to leave anything for you to use.

Many homeowners will let you use some of their food and hygiene items. If you’re packing light, you can ask about this ahead of time.

You can also run to the store if you need something simple. But some personal items aren’t easy to find. 

If you’re a digital nomad, you probably have all of this figured out. Newer house sitters might be wondering where to start!

House Sitter Packing Checklist

Digital nomads may have everything they need in a couple of suitcases. If you don’t travel constantly, you might need some advice for packing.

This packing checklist covers all the essential items!


Most importantly, you’ll want to pack clothes. To decide which clothes to pack, consider where you’re going.

Will you be house-sitting on the beach? Maybe you’ll be in a city where you’ll do a lot of walking.

Also, consider the weather. You’ll pack different items of clothing for winter in Canada than you would for summer in Arizona.

You should only need to pack a couple of outfits. Ask the homeowner if you can use their washing machine when you need clean clothes. If not, you can find a local laundromat.

If you won’t be able to wash clothes, then you may need to pack an outfit for every day.

It’s good to have a collection of clothes that cover all your bases. You may want comfy outfits and dressy clothes if you plan to explore the area.


Most professional house sitters will bring their food. Fortunately, you don’t have to pack this in your suitcase!

You can visit a local supermarket to stock up on the foods you will need during your house sit.

Homeowners may even let you use some of their pantry staples or any refrigerated food. Always check with the homeowner before making yourself at home.

Also, ask about their kitchen appliances. You may need a kettle if you make tea every day.


While some homeowners won’t mind if you use their shampoo, it’s nice to bring your toiletries.

This ensures that you have what you want and don’t use up all of theirs.

We recommend using shampoo bars instead of liquid shampoo. Do this with any item that you can find a solid version of!

It can be hard to travel with liquid toiletries. And travel-size bottles aren’t always enough.

Not only will it save space, but it will also save money and reduce plastic!

You may also want to bring some first aid supplies. You don’t want to search the house for a bandage when you’re bleeding profusely.

Don’t forget to pack any medicine you use! You don’t want to go without any prescribed medication. And if you use allergy meds regularly, it would be nice to have them handy when you need them.


Make sure you can communicate with others while you travel.

If you are house-sitting abroad, you should check with your current phone provider. Many phone carriers will allow you international calling options. Others are not as convenient.

Fortunately, with wi-fi, you can communicate globally pretty easily. However, you can’t always count on having wi-fi.

You might also want to bring a laptop for work or in case something happens to your phone. A laptop sleeve will help keep it safe so you don’t need to worry about any broken laptop issues!

If you don’t speak the local language, you may also want to download some communication apps. This will help you to get around more easily.


While most homeowners will let you use their bed and bedding, it’s good to double-check first. 

If you’re particular about your pillow or blanket, you may want to bring your own anyway.

What Should I Pack For A Long-Term House Sit?

For a long-term house sit, you will pack the same types of items. However, you may need to pack more of them.

If you like to pack a lot of clothes, consider using compression packing cubes. If you can cut down on the number of suitcases, you can also lower your luggage fees!

If you plan to go from house to house, look up digital nomad essentials and find a great digital nomad packing list. This will make it easy for you to travel without having a home base.

An important digital nomad packing trip: try your best to pack items that have multiple uses.

Athletic shoes that also look cute with a dressy outfit? Perfect!

A sweater that will keep you warm on the airplane but matches each of your outfits? Great!

A phone that can be used for literally thousands of important tasks? Better pack that!

What Should I Not Pack When House Sitting?

Pet sitters shouldn’t need to pack anything for the pets. The homeowner should provide anything their furry friends need.

However, you could pack a few pet toys or even treats. Just ask the pet owner if you can feed them special treats while they’re gone.

The biggest digital nomad packing tip is to only lug around the stuff you use. If you might use it a few times, just go without it.

The concept of house-sitting provides the perfect opportunity for a digital nomad life. House sitting provides incredible opportunities for anyone who wants to travel for free or full-time.

You can spend a couple of days in a dream house. Then spend a few weeks in an amazing city.

Whether you incorporate many travel days or just want to save money on rent, house-sitting is a great way to do this.

And now you know how to pack for your first house-sitting opportunity!

Author: Britt

I am Britt. I have been house-sitting and pet-sitting for the past seven years. I have cared for 25 dogs, 35 cats one turtle, and one rabbit over 80+ houses in 15 countries.

The opportunity to experience different homes, cultures, and communities has been extraordinary.

I’ve connected with homeowners seeking reliable sitters through house-sitting platforms like Aussie House Sitters and Trusted House Sitters. This unique way of living has allowed me to save money on accommodation, explore new cultures, and meet new people.

Being a member of these platforms has broadened my horizons and opened doors to short- and long-term house-sitting jobs. I’ve found joy in providing excellent pet care and ensuring the home is well-maintained.

I get many questions about how to start as a housesitter, so please reach out if you have any questions! I want everyone to enjoy this incredible lifestyle as well!

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