Do You Sleep at the House When House Sitting?

You want to start house-sitting but have a few questions.

You want to get as much information as possible before getting started.

Fortunately, we’re here to answer a lot of your most-asked questions!

If you’re curious about where to sleep when house-sitting, we’ve got you covered.

Do you sleep at the client’s house? Or can you stay in your own home?

Also, should you sleep in the master bedroom or on the couch?

It can be weird sleeping in an unfamiliar home so we’re here to address this topic!


Do You Sleep at the House When House Sitting?

Most house sitters sleep at the house when house sitting.

Many homeowners hire a house sitter so that they can stay in their homes overnight. This provides an added level of security.

Pet owners might often sleep with their furry friends. A lot of them prefer that the pet sitters also sleep with their pets.

This can ease some separation anxiety and keep their pets safe.

However, it is important to discuss this with the homeowners ahead of time. Some may not want you to sleep in their home.

Do You Have to Sleep at the House When House Sitting?

Not all homeowners require house sitters to sleep in their houses.

If you’re a local house sitter, you might be able to stop by a few times a day but sleep at home.

Some homeowners hire pet sitters to check in on their pets and make sure they have everything they need.

These customers may not mind if you go home each night.

A lot of people may even try to save money by hiring someone to visit a few times during the day.

A lot of local sitters prefer these types of jobs because then they can sit for more than one home at a time.

It is also a great way to supplement your regular income.


Where Do You Sleep When House Sitting?

Discuss sleeping arrangements with the homeowner before taking the assignment.

They may only have one bedroom. If this is the case, they’ll probably let you sleep in their bed.

A lot of house owners have guest bedrooms. If that is the case, you might be comfortable sleeping in that room.

It isn’t unheard of for the house sitter to sleep on the couch or in the living room. This isn’t the norm, but it does happen.


How Do You Prepare to Spend the Night While House Sitting?

The homeowners may put fresh sheets on the bed before your arrival.

However, they are often busy preparing for their travels and might not have time.

You might need to do a load of laundry upon arrival. This will allow you to sleep on clean bedding while you’re there!

You should also ask where the pets sleep. They may have their bed or crate.

They might not even be allowed on the furniture.

Or the pets might expect to sleep with you each night. If you’re uncomfortable with this, then you shouldn’t take the job.

That’s why it’s important to know ahead of time.


What Else Should I Know About House Sitting?

If you want to start house sitting, there are a few pieces of advice to help you have an amazing experience!

Whether you sleep in master bedrooms or guest rooms, it’s important to make the house clean.

People are paying you so that they can have a relaxing vacation. The worst part of a vacation is coming home to a dirty house.

From time to time, the owners will tell you what chores they need you to do.

If they don’t specify any average household chores, you can still do a few.

For instance, you should make the house tidy. Clean the bathroom and kitchen or any other rooms you used. Make the bed with fresh linens.

The average house sitter charges for their services.

So it is important to complete your end of the deal.

However, you shouldn’t do anything intense, like deep cleaning the entire house.

Whether you’re staying in a luxury house or a small home, it’s important to do your best!

You wouldn’t want the homeowners to have a bad experience.

Discuss your sleeping arrangements with the owner ahead of time. This will prevent a lot of stress!

Follow the rest of these tips and keep open communication with your customer.

That is the best way to get good reviews and more customers!

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