28 Pros And Cons To Living In Canada (You Should Consider These First)

Canada is an amazing country to live in.  With its amazing landscapes and friendly locals- who wouldn’t want to move?

Not to mention, it’s right next door to the USA. 

Tempting, isn’t it? We outlined the pros and cons of living in beautiful Canada. If plan on just visiting? you should see how to find cheap accommodation in Canada, that way you can spend more money on fun actvities, like skiing and eating poutine!

Have a read of the guide below to find out whether moving to Canada is for you. 

The Pros

Stunning Landscapes

Canada has some stunning sights across the country. 

You’ll be impressed by the cities and small towns which are very diverse.

Canada is also home to plenty of national parks, amazing mountains, and natural beauty.

Its Got Universal Healthcare

Canada has universal healthcare, which is amazing if you’re coming from the US. 

Not all healthcare is free, specialists (including dentists) and prescriptions come at a cost. 

That being said, the healthcare system in Canada is pretty great. 

The Canadian Economy Is Strong

Canada’s economy is booming and perfect if you’re working in certain fields. 

Canada’s main industries are oil, agriculture, and service. 

However, in the major cities, banking and law are also huge. 

Some Education Is Free

Primary and secondary education in Canada is free. 

The public system is also excellent and provides quality learning. 

There are no religious schools in Canada, except Catholic schools. 

The People Are Friendly

Canadians have a reputation for being friendly, but there’s a reason it’s a stereotype. 

The people in Canada are polite, helpful, and easy to get along with. 

People will of course differ from place to place but overall they are very kind citizens. 

The Crime Rate Is Low

Canada is an incredibly safe country to live in and the crime rates are low. 

There are much stricter gun laws compared to the US and this is a big reason for it. 

As long as you apply common sense, you’ll be just fine living in Canada. 

It Has A Strong Employment Market

It can be difficult to gain employment in a new country as an immigrant. 

However, Canada is very welcoming to foreign workers and has a low unemployment rate

Certain skills and experience will be more favorable, but it won’t be a challenge to find work. 

Canada’s A Very Multicultural Country

Canada is big on diversity and is a hugely multicultural country. 

There are plenty of different cultures in Canada and they are all embraced. 

You’ll find many different cultural celebrations and vibrant communities while living here. 

The Perfect Country For Hobbies

Canada is a great place to try all different types of indoor hobbies. 

If you’re heading outdoors, skiing, rock climbing, surfing, and much more are on offer. 

Because of the change in seasons, there will be activities and sports you can try throughout the year. 

It’s Close To The United States

Nearly all the major cities in Canada are within 100 miles of the US border.

This makes it very easy to see family and friends. 

Flights to the United States are also pretty cheap and readily available. 

The Cons

Harsh Winters

Winter in Canada is pretty brutal, so you best be prepared. 

Places like Montreal get heavy snowfall, but it can also get chilly in Toronto and Edmonton. 

Many people head south in winter (otherwise known as snowbirds). If you have animals you can look to get a house sitter. House sitting rates are very reasonable considering your living down south in the lovely topicals”

If you’re living in Canada, make sure you get a generator and some warm clothes. 

Flights Are Not Cheap

While flights to the US might not be so bad, if you want to go anywhere else it’ll be expensive. 

The reason for this is that Canada doesn’t have budget airlines. 

Flights to Europe and Asia, in particular, are very expensive. 

Visas Can Be Expensive

Visas in Canada don’t come cheap. 

You’ll also need to prove that you can contribute something to the Canadian economy to get the visa. 

While you’ll be paying more for a visa, the process will still be a lot easier than in the US. 

You’ll Probably Need To Learn French

Knowing French won’t be required in all parts of Canada. 

However for certain jobs and living in areas like Ottawa and Quebec, you may need to know it. 

Be sure to look up what type of French you’ll need to know (French in Canada is different from French in France). 

Taxes Are High

Canada has higher taxes compared to a lot of countries. 

This is because a lot of money goes into supporting education and healthcare. 

If you’re looking to reside in Canada, you’ll need to get used to paying high taxes every year.

The Costs Of Living Can Be High

The quality of life is high but so is the cost of living in Canada. 

Groceries, food, and household items can be significantly more expensive in the US. 

These costs will differ from province to province. 

The Immigration Process Can Be Difficult

Canada has tough immigration laws and only a certain amount of people can move annually. 

Skilled workers are prioritized and you could struggle if you can’t prove your value to the economy. 

An alternative is to go through family members already living in Canada who can sponsor you. 

Resources Can Be Limited

Because Canada is a huge country, it is difficult to get resources everywhere. 

Rural areas may struggle to get certain things, and they will often be very expensive. 

Food and housing are the main costs, but you will also find some resources that just aren’t available in Canada. 

Healthcare Can Be Delayed

Even though it’s universal, the healthcare in Canada can be slow. 

Specialist care and certain procedures can have long wait times. 

Healthcare services and options can also be limited in rural and regional communities. 

Canada is a fantastic country to reside in. 

Its got stunning natural scenery, pleasant people, and universal healthcare!

But it also comes with cold winters, high costs, and limited resources. 

Whether you choose to reside there or go for a visit, we recommend checking out Canada. 

Why do you want to make the move to Canada?

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