How to Ensure a Happy Dog When You’re Away

When we leave for the day or week, our loving dogs may sometimes fret for us, anxious for our return, distressed when we are absent.

Reports on dogs barking excessively, digging, scratching, causing mischief or becoming aggressive can all be part of their anxiety. What then do we do to relieve our beloved furry friend? How do we prepare them if we are going away for a while and another person is house sitting or looking after them? 

If you do end up taking your pet make sure you have an airline approved pet carrier.

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How To Have A Happy Dog

Saying goodbye to your pet, seeing their confused sad eyes, hearing them fret or bark as you leave, feeling their confusion or pain, can really affect any pet parent. We want to take them but know we can’t. We want to have them close, settled, happy but worry.

How then can this most common issue be relieved or alleviated so both dog and parent can separate for a while and still remain connected without the anxiety?

A new audio has been designed to address this most common issue. It is called ‘No More Lonely Dog

There are sessions for humans to remove issues in their lives and become free from anxiety to move forward happier and healthier. After numerous requests from customers about their anxious dogs, work was commenced to scientifically design music to settle and soothe dogs.  It is combined with hypnotic subliminal messages through the track to soothe and reassure the dog, allowing the dog to settle and relax. It isn’t a matter of hypnotising the dog, it is about ensuring they settle using technically designed music and sounds a dog responds positively to.

The music is unlike any currently on the market as all other tracks are synthesized loop music, without the sounds dogs need. The music used in this session has been designed by an actual musician and composer, researched and tested, and the musician plays every instrument individually. Not only this, it was discovered the didgeridoo has an amazing calming effect on dogs.

The musician worked with an Aboriginal elder who suggested using the didgeridoo.  In the past, when sitting around the campfire, they played the didgeridoo to settle the dogs and dingoes. Once the didgeridoo was added the effects on the dogs were amazing.

We so love our furry friends, they are part of our family and leaving them either for the day or when travelling away can make us fret, let alone what it does to our dogs who may not understand when we will return. If you’re using a  house sitter, they may also become anxious not knowing who this strange person is or when their mum or dad are coming back home.

Using this music track in the way instructed will really help your gorgeous dog to settle and remain happier. When the house sitter plays the track in your absence your dog will receive a calm effect as if you are close by. This helps the carer and you as the worried pet parent.

  • By Dr Karen Phillip, Counselling Psychotherapist 

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