Strategies For Cheap Business Class Seats (9 Secrets Hacks)

Envious of first-class and business class flyers boarding the plane early?

Or wonder what happens behind the curtains while bottles of champagne are being

Of course, the price difference can be exponential from an economy ticket but this doesn’t mean you are always left out.

Cheap business class flights are attainable with a bit of planning which I will be helping with today.

Strategies To Getting Business Class Seats For Less

Are you ready for the luxurious perks of a business class seat for less?

I know I am.

Online Auctions

Some airlines will enable economy class passengers that have already booked a ticket to bid for a cheaper business class seat.

Be sure to monitor your emails a week before so you can follow instructions to get in there first and get those unsold seats!

Credit Card Sign-up Bonuses

The finance market is a competitive industry and lots of banks will offer incentives if you join with them.

One of these incentives will be a reduced price for business class seats with a major airline. 

American Express for example offers mileage points with Emirates.

Travel Agent

It is a travel agent’s job to be knowledgeable and get you the best deal with it comes to your flights or other recommendations.

Speak to your local agent and discuss if you would like to find a cheaper business class seat.

Even though they will bill a surcharge, it can save you time and money to get assistance.

Fast Online Check-In

You can check in online up to 24 hours before your flight.

If the airline wants to fill up seats or has made a mistake with a booking then it has been known for economy class check-ins to be upgraded for free.

Do this as soon as possible for the best chance of this happening.

Frequent Flyer Airline Membership Bonuses Or Loyalty Program

Frequent flyer bonuses are given when you have an account with the airline that will track the number of miles you have flown.

Nearly all frequent flyers will be entitled to bonuses once they have achieved a set amount of miles.

Research the best airline to go with that offers the best bonuses which are usually in the form of upgrades.

This is perfect if you travel on domestic flights for work or have to travel regularly. 

Third-Party Websites 

A Third-party website like Skyscanner uses software to search your flights on every available airline.

This is not only easy as it has all the flights in one place but it also might guide you to find an upgrade. offers deals and insights into upcoming flights for a small membership fee. 

Airline Newsletters

A great strategy is to familiarize yourself with the airline industry in the form of newsletters or magazines. 

Some will be independent or part of an airline.

Look for deals or bonuses to help you make the most of securing a business class seat.

Invest Time Into Scouring The Internet For Last Min Deals

Researching yourself on the internet is a great way to get a feel for the prices paid and if there are any offers.

Search a flight you want on 3 or more airlines and then see if there are any last min deals or incentives that will save you money or give you an upgrade.

What Is So Special About Business Class Seats?

So what exactly are the pros when you hold a golden business class ticket?

Pre-Flight Lounge Access

Say farewell to trying to find enough uncomfortable plastic seats amongst the hustle and bustle in a departure lounge. 

Your luxury experience starts with a private lounge with free food and drinks in a comfy atmosphere. 

Having a business class boarding pass will give you access to a private area to relax before your international flight.

Priority Boarding

Waiting in a long line to board the plane is yet another downside of traveling. 

As a business class seat holder, you can get on the plane early with priority service.

Premium Seats & Extra Space

Planes are built to enable as many passengers on the plane so the seating is concentrated together with minimal space. 

A business seat is more spacious than a coach seat, better quality, and even lie-flat seats so you can sleep comfortably.

I don’t need to explain why having a comfortable seat and more leg room will improve your flying experience!

Premium Service While Flying

Naturally, because you pay more, the airline crew will make you their top priority. 

A refill of red wine? 

Yes, please!

Looking for Cheap Cities to Fly to and Live in Europe?

Here are the cheapest places to visit in Europe if you spent all your money on your business class ticket.

You might also be able to find a deal by flying into one of these cities in Europe.

The Major Airlines To Consider

Finding your favorite airline depends on many factors, but in the end, they all provide the same service. 

What matters is what airline upgrades are available to you and other offers they might provide.

According to my research, the below airlines are best when it comes to upgrading for a business class experience.

This is because the bigger and more wealthy will have more profit to affiliate with partners like hotels or major credit cards.

They also have more planes which increases the likelihood of an upgrade.

American Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

British Airways

Air Canada 

United Airlines Star Alliance 


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