7 Expert Tips for Applying and Landing More House Sits

Applying for house sits can be daunting! Have you been sending out lots of applications and hearing crickets?

Don’t worry we had the same problem when we started!

But now we have a constant stream of homeowners requesting us to sit!

So we have put together our top tips for applying and landing all of your dream house-sitting jobs.

Setting up Alerts for the Platforms You Use

It is important to set up alerts for the platforms you use to scout for house-sitting jobs.

This ensures you get notified and respond to daily jobs. You may also be able to respond to invites, or accepted applications by homeowners’ on time.

Homeowners tend to stop looking through applications once they find a good candidate. Hence, most jobs fill up within the first 24 hours.

Turning your notifications on can be a good way to be in the lead compared to other applicants. Furthermore, this builds the trust between house sitters and homeowners. – They will be confident in relying on you for fast communication, even once they are away.

You can also activate the ‘saved search’ feature on certain platforms. You will get email notifications – when new house sits are available in locations of your choice.


Create Email Templates

It is worth creating email templates that you can quickly personalize.

This prevents you from having to create a new email or application from scratch every time you apply for a new job.

We have 5-6 different templates that fit different owners’ needs.

This saves time and allows us to quickly


Work on Your House Sitting Resume

It is important to be very thorough while creating your resume and to work on and update it if required.

Your resume should cover everything about you.

References, police background checks, and qualifications should be added to a canva doc.

Depending on your application job, you may also need to add or omit specific things to your resume.


Following Up on All Applications 2-3 Days Later

You may also send a follow-up email on all applications 2-3 days after you have submitted them.

This allows you to reiterate your interest in the role.

This allows the homeowner to re-visit your application in case they missed it.

It reminds them of your skills and ability to be a potential sitter, amongst other applicants as well.

It is important to be brief, to the point, and avoid being pushy.

If so, your follow-up email will increase your chances of landing a particular house sit.


Personalize All Your Applications

Personalized and thoughtful application messages can be the road to success.

Sending blanket emails by copying and pasting may seem like the easiest route.

Though it is unlikely to get you far in your house-sitting career.

Hence, you may need to include why you are the perfect sitter for the house sitting role you are applying for.

This should be done by providing experiences and references that are specific to the job.

You must also talk about the owner, their pet, and their home in your application.

Referring to the owner or their pet by name can help your application stand out.


Make Flexibility a Priority

The key to landing your first house-sitting job online can be to adjust your dates to the needs of the homeowner.

Compromising with owners’ last-minute plans can increase your appeal in the house-sitting market.

Having someone that can co-operate may also be a deal-breaker for many homeowners.

Being flexible at the start of your house-sitting career is always good.

This will give you an outstanding track record.

This can make it much easier to find house-sitting jobs in your desired locations later down the line due


Communicate Effectively

Clear communication with a house owner who has yet to accept your application is vital.

Speaking through a video call that showcases your personality can be useful.

The chances of landing an assignment increase if the homeowners enjoy talking to you.

It can also be a good way to ask relevant questions. You may also get a feel of the owners’ expectations and see the home before you arrive.

This lets homeowners know you are serious about your work and may be more likely to offer you the job.

This can make your house-sitting experience less stressful. You may also mitigate the chances of anything going wrong.


Submitting a house-sitting application can be stressful without the right tools.

You may have to be patient at first.

But the tips mentioned above will improve your online profile and application messages.

This will ensure that you land all your dream house-sitting jobs, should you follow them.

Author: Brittnay

Brittnay is one of the Travelling House Sitters. She has cared for 25 dogs, 35 cats 1 turtle, and 1 rabbit over 40+ houses in 15 countries over 5 years.

She is ready to teach you exactly how to become a house sitter! She wants everyone to enjoy this incredible lifestyle as well!

You can read more about Brittnay and Jay on their about page.

Or connect with Brittnay on Facebook or in their house sitting community on Facebook

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