Plant Sitting Tips: A Simple Guide to Looking After Indoor Plants

As spring blooms around us, we carefully plant our bedding plants and hanging baskets. Once we have established our gardens, we hesitate to leave them in the hands of anyone else.

When there comes a time that we must leave, you can house-sitters to care for our plants. Find some tips below to ensure you return to happy healthy garden.

Plant Sitting Tips


Homeowners should be honest with their house-sitters about their expectations. They should also be honest about their own abilities. If the homeowners have a plan in place, they owe it to the house-sitters to give them exact instructions.

If supplies are needed, provide them. Explain to them signs to look for that may show the plants are in distress.

House-sitters should be honest about their ability. If the best you can expect from them is daily watering and keeping weeds pulled, they should say so. Relax. If a homeowner wants professional services, they will hire a gardener.

Stick With The Basics

If you are not sure you will be available to tend to your plants throughout the season, do not plant rare and hard to grow plants. Stick with basics like petunias. There is a huge variety of petunias. They come in every color except for true blue.

These trumpet-shaped plants come in large blooms or small blooms. They can have smooth edges or ruffled edges. The foliage is thick and green with sticky leaves. Because of the variety available you can use color to make your bold floral statements.

You can plant petunias alongside other traditional bedding plants like gardenias. You can also plant these flowers in hanging plants if you live in a challenging environment. Petunias love direct sun. They can handle 4-5 hours of direct sun unless it is extremely hot. The sun is not as big of an issue as the rain. Heavy rain can damage petunias. This is why they are well suited for hanging baskets and window gardens.

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There is an App For That!

There are plenty of free apps that you can use to help you create your garden. Make sure your house-sitter is familiar with the program you use. Take advantage of technology. Have your house-sitter texts you photos of any concerns.

Do you have a Mischievous Pet?

You know your pet. Many times homeowners will use a house-sitter to supervise the family pet while they are keeping the house in order. If your fur-baby loves to dig in your flower garden, be sure to let your house-sitter know that. If your dog should not be let out in the yard without a leash, be sure to tell them.

Have A Backup Plan

Have an emergency plan. If something goes wrong, have a way to get it back in order before the damage is too serious. If the house-sitter gets in a situation that they are unprepared for, have a backup gardener who will be prepared to step in.

If you have a plan of action, good communication, and someone who will be willing to help out, you are good to go. This is the time to plant those summer flower beds!

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