Plant Sitting Tips: A Simple Guide to Looking After Indoor Plants

Not all house-sitting jobs involve caring for animals.

We have done plenty of house sits, they require us to care for just the plants, the pool, or just ensure the property looked lived in.

Many people dedicated their time to their gardens, yards, and house plants.

They might be worried about heading away and leaving their plants! But never fear! You can get professional house-sitters to care for your plants.

Below we have some tips for homeowners and plant sitters to ensure a successful plant sit!

Plant Sitting Tips

Homeowners – Provide Clear Instructions for Caring For Your Plants

Homeowners should be honest with their house-sitters about their expectations for caring for their plants and home. You need to give house-sitters to give them exact instructions, in our printable pet sitting instructions template, we also have a section for plant care.

If supplies are needed, provide them. Explain to them signs to look for that may show the plants are in distress.

If you need to let the sitter know if,

  • you need daily weeding
  • watering of certain plants
  • if you to spray some plants instead of direct watering
  • how your watering system works (if you have one)
  • if you compost certain fruit
  • if they need to use insecticides and herbicides (also ensure they are clearly marked)
  • if any pruning needs to be done
  • if the lawns need to be mowed
  • How certain equipment works (if you are asking plant sitter to mow the lawns, you will need to show them how to use the equipment required safety

Plant Sitters – Be Honest With Your Gardening Skills

When applying for house sits you need to be honest with your experience and ability.

If your previous experience is limited to changing the water in some fresh-cut flowers, you might struggle with a house full of plants.

You also might also be interested in caring for indoor plants. If so then applying for a house sits that requires mowing 3 acres, might not be a good idea.

You need to be honest with yourself and the homeowners. You don’t want to sign yourself up for something you can’t handle.

If you do plan on being a plant sitter, you can mention you want to learn. Some homeowners might be open to teaching and coaching you through the experience. If not you could always volunteer at a local nursery or garden center.

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There is an App For That!

We have seen apps that you can use to help you care for your plants. We just held the camera to the plant and it told us what was wrong with it.

For example, if you need more or less water, more sunshine, or if it needs to be transplanted to a bigger pot.

As you can see plant sitting is a big responsibility. Whether you or a homeowner or plant sitter, can just remember honest and communication is key.

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