13 Family Travel Bloggers

Your looking for some inspirational families that travel the globe?

Your search ends here! We’ve put together 13 of the best family travel bloggers that will provide top destinations and essential tips and tricks for navigating any challenges you may face on your family travel adventures. 


#1. Trekaroo : 

This blog will provide you with a run-down of everything you need to know about family-friendly vacations and traveling the world with children. 

Trekaroo also has plenty of guides and tips on what to avoid when traveling to different locations, especially when you have children tagging along. 

Along with itineraries for places around the United States and abroad for multiple days, Trekaroo also has loads of guides to help you plan a short weekend getaway or holiday staycation. 

See more about Trekaroo here. 

#2. Westgate Resorts Travel Blog : 

Westgate Resorts Travel Blog offers multiple travel guides for families sightseeing around the United States. 

The blog features updated information on the best attractions and activities for families while providing tips to families that are planning to travel on a budget. 

This blog offers a range of knowledge, whether you are traveling with an infant or a teenager or even if you are just looking to find the best restaurants or exotic food in a new city. 

See more about Westgate Resorts Travel Blog here. 

Ready to Start Travelling?

Are you ready to start travelling with you family? But a bit nervous about it all? Want not try house sitting with your family? Its an east way to start travelling plus you have the bonus of proper facilities like a kitchen and laundry! Its a great way to experience slow travel with your children.

Not only do they offer amazing travel content, but they are also the original LGBT family travel blog. 

#3 2TravelDads: 

The genius minds behind 2TravelDads are Rob and Chris.

Not only do they offer amazing travel content, but they are also the original LGBT family travel blog. 

Alongside being super helpful travel bloggers with interesting and thorough content, they also have a travel podcast, a travel book, and a parenting newsletter. 

You can find itineraries for destinations in the United States or even internationally.

This blog may be especially helpful for LGBT couples wanting some helpful travel tips and tricks for travel with kids. 

See more about 2TravelDads here.

#4 This Adventure Family:

Have you been wanting to set off on an epic family road trip but fear that your children will get cabin fever while on the road?

This Adventure Family specializes in RV life and full-time family travel while highlighting the beauty of traveling cross-country as a family. 

Furthermore, the blog offers important information, on-the-road convenient hacks, and practical advice for strapping your kids into your backseat and setting out on your next road trip.

Behind this blog are Ryan, Natalia, and their two sons, Benjamin and Jack, who homeschool from the road. 

Be sure to check out This Adventure Family if you’re a family looking to plan a road trip soon.

See more about This Adventure Family here.

#5 Mum On The Move:

Mum On The Move is a family travel blog with a strong focus on empowering mums.

Run by travel writer and mother of two energetic children, Marianne Rogerson does this by encouraging mums to continue engaging in adventurous and culturally interesting activities even after having kids.

The blog offers travel tips, reviews, travel inspiration, and information on the best travel destinations from around the world, focusing especially on Asia and Australia. 

From taking her kids bamboo rafting in China to climbing temples in Myanmar, Mum On the Move gives Travel mamas all the information they need to plan their next international trip. 

See more about Mum On The Move here.

#6: Kids Are a Trip :

Some parents think that bringing teenagers on a trip can be harder than little kids.

Written by Kirsten, a mom of three boys in their early and mid-teens, Kids Are A Trip tells you everything you need to know to make travel fun and engaging for your teens.

Furthermore, this blog has destination guides for every part of the United States and abroad while providing intensive information on the best spots to see for your next family vacation. 

See more about Kids Are A Trip here.


#7: No Back Home: 

No Back Home is a blog for single parents who teaches their audience how to be full-time adventurers with a child.

Karilyn, a single parent to her 12-year-old son and a travel expert, digs deep into the ins and outs of traveling across the U.S. and abroad as a solo parent.

No Back Home offers a range of itineraries that focus on getting out in nature and experiencing the beauty of the world.

On her site, you will find destination guides to places such as Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Sequoia Park, and many more near California. 

See more about No Back Home here.

 #8: Thrifty Family Travels:

Always wanted to go for a family adventure but feel like your budget keeps stopping you?

Thrifty Family Travels provides you with all the information you need about traveling on a budget with children.

This includes tips on saving money on airfare, accommodations, food, and more- with helpful guides and how-to posts. 

Furthermore, you can easily find information that suits your itinerary as the blog offers a wide range of guides for Australia, the U.S., Asia, Europe, and even the South Pacific.

This blog is a great reminder that creating new memories doesn’t need to be dependent on your budget. 

See more about Thrifty Family Travels here.

#9: YTravelBlog:

YTravelBlog is run by Caroline, Craig, and their two daughters who are professional adventurers and will help you navigate the chaos of travel.

The couple has been engaging in full-time travel since 1997 and 2007 with their daughters.

They have created an amazing family travel blog packed with destinations, travel resources, travel tips, freebies, and even budget travel tips for all of their followers. 

Alongside their blog, they also have a wonderful online community and podcast for more family travel tips. 

See more about YTravelBlog here.

#10: Our Overseas Adventures :

This blog is by a Canadian family of four that loves to travel to off-the-beaten-path locations.

Hence, it will give you all the information you need to plan your next family outdoor adventure.

Having traveled to over 50 countries together, including West Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, their family blogs about their adventures while being on the road.

Furthermore, it is packed full of practical advice, budget information, and real-life tips for visiting the places we’ve traveled to.

See more about Our Overseas Adventures here.

#11: Mini Time:

Mini Time uses a unique approach to make family travel planning easier, cheaper, and less stressful.

They do this with in-depth reviews of kid-friendly accommodations, expert strategies for traveling with kids, insider city guides, and tips for finding money-saving deals on family vacation packages.

Not only that, but the site also provides its followers with free printables like packing lists and car and travel games for kids, and a Trip Planner tool that helps you create an individual itinerary and travel journal. 

See more about Mini Time here.

#12: The Jetsetting Family:

The Jetsetting Family blog provides travel tips from a family of four who have been traveling the world full-time for almost 2 years. 

In addition to offering fun tips to making traveling with kids much easier, their blog also contains all 34 episodes of The Jetsetting Family Travel Podcast.

Each of their podcasts is packed with travel tips, interviews with other traveling families, and practical ways to make travel more of a priority in life.

See more about The Jetsetting Family here.

#13: Kids on a Plane:

Do your nerves start kicking in when thinking about flying with a baby? 

Kids On a Plane aims to help parents get their little ones accustomed to jet-setting, making the whole process much more stress-free and fun.

In addition to tips on flying with children, this blog also offers plenty of family-friendly destination guides in U.S. and Canadian cities like New York, Dallas, and Orlando, as well as Toronto and Vancouver.

See more about Kids On A Plane here. 

Family travel blogs are a great way to find and stay up-to-date with the newest destinations and learn all the best tips to make the next adventure with your kids fun and stress-free! 

Make sure to check out the ones mentioned above to help you plan your next fun family trip. 

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