Wine Tasting in Rome – The Rimessa Roscioli Food and Wine Tasting Dinner

In July we spent just over a month house sitting in Rome, Italy.

Rome is somewhere that we have wanted to visit for years.

Rome is home to many of the great sights of the world. Of course, we had to visit the Colosseum, St Peters and the Sistine Chapel but what got us really excited about Rome was the food and wine.

As you all know (or should know by now) we are huge food and wine fans and one of the pros to living in Italy was the food and wine!

We love house sitting because it allows us to check out different food and wine culture all around the world.

This is a little something I like to call this slow food and wine travel (if that is even a thing??).

While in Rome we stopped by Rimessa Roscioli for food and wine tasting evening – if you have never heard of the empire that is Roscioli you are in for a real treat!

Wine Tasting in Rome - Rimessa Roscioli

Rimessa Roscioli – A Background

I will start with an overview of the Roscioli name. You can’t visit Rome without being lured into at least one of their establishments. 

The Roscioli family has deep ties to Rome, with first records of the family back in the 1800’s setting up their first bakery in the city.  Since then, have expanded and currently have 4 locations in Rome, each offering a unique experience for both locals and tourists alike.

  • Salumeria Roscioli – Restaurant and Deli 
  • Anticoforno Roscioli – The world famous bakery 
  • Roscioli Caffe – Cafe and Patisserie 
  • Rimessa Roscioli – Wine Bar and Tastings

Each of their locations is located very close to central Rome and are all within walking distance of each other.

On this occasion, we were heading to Rimessa for our wine tasting in Rome experience. We were excited for our visit as we had first seen this place on one of our favourite travelers/ chiefs (Anthony Bourdain’s) show.

At Rimessa Roscioli you have several different options for wine and food experiences: 

  1. Wine and food tasting dinner
  2. Taste the legends
  3. Olive oil tasting
  4. Lazio wine tour

We went for the ‘wine & food tasting dinner’. At 59 Euros each we thought this was a great deal. For the wine and food tasting dinner you have two options, either 5 or 8pm. 

We booked into the later session, so afterwards we could go for a stroll and see what Rome at night is all about.

Wine Tasting in Rome - Wine Cellar - Rimessa Roscioli

First Impressions of Rimessa Roscioli

Before heading into Rimessa Roscioli we had been into Anticoforno for a few slices of Roman pizza. The pizza there was incredible, so we were very excited for dinner, considering the menu had some of our favourite food items on it.

The wine menu is stacked full of hundreds of wines, most are natural, organic or biodynamic friendly wines that have been hand-picked (and the winery most likely visited by the man himself!) This was what really sealed the deal about Rimessa Roscioli for us, we love supporting the little guys who have passion for the product!

You can buy by the taste, glass or by the bottle. We learned that Italy has over 1000 grape varieties that produce a staggering amount of wines. We could spend some serious time in here getting to know each different variety. 

The atmosphere in Rimessa is awesome, the place was buzzing with music and guests. The walls feature many different wines and really cool artwork by Daniela Pareschi. One of which is the wine bar’s mascot ‘Drunk Spiderman’. 

Our Food and Wine Tasting Experience

We arrived at Rimessa Roscioli around 7:50 and the place was pumping! We were asked to wait outside until our tasting started.

As we waited outside we couldn’t help but get food and wine envy over the couple who were seated outside. They had a beautiful-looking cheese platter and glasses of wine. Being a professional food lurker Britt was quick to guess what cheese they were eating.

Just on 8 we were welcomed in and taken through the restaurant and downstairs to the wine cellar. On the way we passed through cheese fridges, hanging meats and walls of wine. It was kind of like the walkway I see in my dreams.

We got to the end and were welcomed by a beautifully set table in the middle of the cellar. What better place to learn about wine than by being surrounded by it?!

Once Seated we were quickly given our first wine of the evening, Prosecco. While sipping back on our Prosecco Col Fondo Credamora our guide for the evening Lindsay introduced herself.

Lindsay gave us a quick background on herself and explained how she ended up here in Rome taking these food and wine tours. It was awesome to hear the true love she had for Italian food and wine. What’s better was the entire tour was in English.

From the get go you could see Lindsay was passionate about what she did, we had a lot of questions about the different wines and particularly about the organic/natural wine-making process, which she was happy to teach us.

The menu for the evening was 8 courses. Each course had wine paired with food. Rimessa loves finding the perfect bite to compliment each wine selected for the tasting. A lot of thought had gone into the pairings and Lindsay was a fantastic guide explaining to us why each wine went with each different food. 

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed each wine and food pairing and ended up learning a lot about Italian food and wine. 

Throughout the evening there was a couple of standouts we each had;

Jays Wine Picks: Being a huge red wine fan two wines really stood out for me.

  • 2016 Rosso di Contrada: I love Sicilian red wine so I was excited for this wine, and I was not let down. It was a highlight of my night! 
  • Barbaresco Riserva 2013: This wine I could drink all day, the tannins were low and there was a great hit of berries. Bellissimo!

Britts Wine Picks

  • Barbaresco Riserva 2013: Incredible! Very aromatic, bursting with red cherry and spices. It had a big mouthfeel, with very smooth tannins.
  • Pink Frued 2017 Canlibero: As someone who would never ever drink Rose, this blew me out of the water. 

Wow, we actually kind of sound like we know what we are talking about?!

Red Wine Tasting in Rome

Jays Food Picks:

It was actually really hard to pick a top 2 from the food list. Coming to Rome there was a dish that I really wanted to try which were on the menu.

  • Cacio e Pepe: It is a dish that originated here in Rome and only has 4 ingredients. Pasta, black pepper, Pecorino Romano cheese and butter. Not having may ingredients mean this dish has to be done right to me good – and Rimessa was on point! Lindsay advised us that Rimessa Roscioli is famous for Cacio e Pepe and I can see why, it really was delicious. One of the highlights of my whole month house sitting in Rome.
  • The Homemade Tiramisu: For me it was one of the best ways to end a Italian food and wine tasting. Paired with a deliciously sweet 2018 Moscato d’Asti it was a pairing that had me floating out of there on cloud 9. 

Britts Food Picks:

  • Being a cheese enthusiast, I was in my element! I looooved the Ashed Robiola Goat Cheese. It was zesty yet creamy and was the perfect texture with a gooey outer layer.
  • Smoked Mackerel, we only had a taster of this but I could have demolished it as a main! It was perfectly smoked and feel apart at the touch of my fork!
Cacio e Pepe - Rimessa Roscioli.jpg
Goats Cheese, Smoked Mackarel, Salmon and Pesto- Rimessa Roscioli
Wine Tasting in Rome
Sorry for the half eaten photo. I couldn’t deal with how good the Tiramisu was and had to dig straight in!

The Rimessa Roscioli Wine Club

While on the tasting we learned that Rimessa Roscioli has just started a wine club. However, this isn’t just the average subscription service that gives you a membership card to boast to your friends about.

The Rimessa Roscioli wine club has been created to close the gap between wine producers and the consumer. Often we find that the wine industry can be scary and intimidating. Rimessa is trying to change that. The wine club has 4 different tiers each offering a different class of wine ranging from 159 € to 1500 € per delivery, depending on your selected tier.

Basically each their works like this: Wherever you are in the world you will receive 4 shipments of 6 bottles of wine per year (with free shipping!). Each of your selected wines come from a small Italian producer. These producers are mainly natural, organic or biodynamic friendly. This means that your wine has been made with love and with no nasty chemicals, or threat to the environment which is something we really liked about Rimessa Roscioli.

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you like, the guys at Rimessa can help you find your perfect wine. They can do this by pairing wines your specific taste profiles, other wines you like or what you like to cook (because as you will learn Italian wine is all about the food you eat it with!)

I love the idea of this. I love knowing the story behind what I am eating or drinking makes me appreciate it and understand it more. It is also really good to see the amount of love that goes into this style of wine.

If you are interested in the Rimessa Roscioli wine club you can receive a 10% discount by using code ‘FIRSTBOX10‘ at the check out!

Wine Club OptionDelivery DescriptionMore Information
Wine Club 16 bottles, mostly reds. 4 shipments per year. Enjoy a selection of unique, small producer wines from all over Italy.Find Out More
Wine Club 26 bottles, mostly reds. 4 shipments per year. Premium, age-worthy wines like Brunello di Montalcino and Barolo.Find Out More
Collectors Club 16 bottles, mostly reds. 4 shipments per year. A world-class selection of important French and Italian wines.Find Out More
Collectors Club 26 bottles, mostly reds. 4 shipments per year. A world-class selection of important French and Italian wines.Find Out More

Don’t forget to use discount code ‘FIRSTBOX10′ at the check out for 10% off your order.

Our Overall Thoughts

First off, Lindsay advised us that because all of the wines where all-natural and organic it was highly unlikely that we would feel at l hungover after our wine tasting experience. From our experience, we can also vouch for this. The next morning we were out walking the dog bright and early!

This wine tasting is for everyone! Rimessa Roscioli put a heavy focus on making wine tasting fun and for everyone from a total beginner to experienced full-on wine-os.

Overall we had an amazing experience wine tasting in Rome at Rimessa Roscioli. We left with full bellies and a head full of knowledge about Italian wine, food and had a new take on wine tasting.

Are you interested?

View the full range of experiences Rimessa Roscioli has to offer.

Wine Tasting in Rome

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