Top Digital Nomadic Bloggers

Have you been looking for ways to leave your current lifestyle and surrender to the digital nomad life?

Look no further as we’ve put together the top digital nomadic bloggers that will tell you about everything you need to know before you take the leap into starting your own nomadic journey. 


Nomadic Matt

Run by Matt, the New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, makes sure this blog is the most successful and popular travel blog on the planet. 

Not only does Nomadic Matt provide his followers with useful tips and advice on traveling the world on a budget, but has also successfully inspired countless dreamers to get off their couches and onto a flight.

Matt’s website and travel content have been featured in every major media site you can possibly think of, from Lonely Planet to The Huffington Post. 

After quitting his cubicle job and pursuing full-time travel back in 2006, Matt has years of experience to learn from and seeks to help everyone travel better for less.

See more about Nomadic Matt here. 

The Lifestyle Hunter 

This blog offers you information on all the topics you need to know about before embarking on a digital nomad lifestyle that specifically works for you. 

The Lifestyle Hunter covers many different topics such as volunteering, studying abroad, and traveling with the aid of scholarships.

Run by former strategy consultant Pilar Noriega, she includes lots of unique and exciting opportunities around the world in her articles and seeks to help aspiring travelers discover a lifestyle they love.

See more about The Lifestyle Hunter here. 



This blog focuses on all the best ideas to travel sustainably and responsibly while paying attention to the health of our planet. Being eco-friendly is extremely relevant for most digital nomads, but is a lesser talked about topic amongst the community. 

Alajode is run by Jodie, a British digital nomad and successful blogger that left her perfect life in London to explore the world. 

Not only does she share her best travel equipment but also helpful, minimalist and sustainable travel tips that can be beneficial to all travelers. 

See more about Alajode here. .

The Broke Backpacker 

This blog’s main goal is to help travel enthusiasts learn how to start their own businesses, ditch their desk jobs and easily make a living as a digital nomad.

The Broke Backpacker was started by Will Hatton, who loves adventure travel and believes that there is no greater teacher than touring the world.  

He started traveling at the age of eighteen and did whatever he could to scrounge up money at the start. 

Now he makes five figures a month through his online ventures and is one of the top travel bloggers in the world.

This blog is sure to inspire you to embrace the independent nomadic lifestyle. 

See more about The Broke Backpacker here.


Adventure in You

This blog will teach you how to profit from doing what you love, and how to effectively make a living as a digital nomad.

Adventure In You is run by Tom and Anna, who’s life changed when they finally started seeing progress from the travel blog they created together.

They have been on the road for four years as digital nomads, creating useful articles about their personal travel tips, and detailed guidebooks. 

Aside from useful tips on how to make a living, they even have an exciting course called “Travel University” to prepare you for the digital nomad experience.

See more about Adventure In You here.

Never Ending Voyage 

This blog focuses on slow travel and off-the-beaten-path experiences around the world that is sure to bring depth to your trip.

Never Ending Voyage will tell you everything about creating a mindful blueprint for a life well-traveled.

Their authors, Simon and Erin, sold everything they owned in 2010 and began traveling the world consistently. 

They fund their travels by creating travel apps, guidebooks, and resources, and monetizing their blog to help you get on the road and travel mindfully.

See more about Never Ending Voyage here. 


Barbara, more popularly known as “Barbaralicious” has one of the best digital nomad blogs out there. 

She has released many new blog posts while being on the road, traveling, and working in many countries so far.

Additionally, she has written some books about her experience as a digital nomad, as well as travel guides to many digital nomad cities.

Barbaralicious is your blog if you’re looking for digital nomad tips from a solo female traveler and some informative travel guides. 

See more about Barbaralicious here.


The Blonde Abroad 

The Blonde Abroad offers women with everything they need to know about solo and female travel.

Named as one of the top travel blogs in the world by Forbes, her blog is every woman’s go-to website for traveling the world solo.

After she quit her corporate job six years ago, she has been experiencing the world one adventure after another. 

Additionally, she hosts multiple all-female tours each year in different gorgeous locales, so hop on over to her site and sign up! 

See more about The Blonde Abroad here. 

Too Many Adapters

Too Many Adapters dedicates their time and content to reviewing technology for travelers.

Everybody knows that technology is essential for digital nomads, and electronics are probably the most important part of any digital nomad packing list.

Not only may it be a crucial part of generating income, but also helps one stay connected to family and friends. 

Their blog contains reviews on all electronics from drones, SIM cards, phones, and so much more.

Check out this blog to get advice on which tech is best for your traveling needs. 

See more on Too Many Adapters here. 

My Funky Travel 

This blog offers readers multiple guides that will help add activities to their itinerary that they’ll really enjoy.

With a focus on backpacking, this blog ensures that you’ll have a blast planning your routes for the spring and summer months in your destination of choice if you love the great outdoors. 

Additionally, you are sure to get tons of help with backpacker’s insurance as well as inside information on the varied costs associated with going on extensive treks in different countries.

See more about My Funky Travel here. 

Freaking Nomads 

This blog offers its followers a wealth of information on topics such as productivity, remote work, personal finance, digital nomad visas, and the best destinations for digital nomads. 

Freaking Nomads is a go-to source for digital nomads, freelancers, and remote workers looking for practical advice and inspiration on how to make the most of their nomad lifestyles.

Additionally, they also feature profiles of digital nomads on their social media, to highlight their stories and to inspire digital nomads all over the world.

This is a must-follow blog for anyone interested in the digital nomad lifestyle, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned digital nomad. 

See more about Freaking Nomads here. 

Diving into a nomadic lifestyle and leaving your comfortable, mundane lifestyle can be extremely overwhelming and stressful at first.

That’s why it’s important to read and interact with digital nomad blogs and forums whenever you can, especially if you are passionate about travel.

Be sure to check out the blogs mentioned above to ease your nerves and know what to expect before embracing the nomadic life. 

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