The Coolest New Co Working Space in Chiang Mai (Rooftop Bar Included)

With an ever-increasing number of digital nomads, remote workers, location independent workers or whatever the newest term they are using these days is, there is always hot demand for working and meeting space.

There has been a decent influx of co-working spaces and alternative areas around Chiang Mai. I am a huge fan of working in a co-working space. I find it’s a great way to meet like-minded people, get more productive and get that real office feel that some of us need.

If you are anything like me, you like to spend your days working in the morning, then lurking the neighbourhoods of a city trying to find new and exciting food & places to hang out. This is where we managed to stumble across one of Chiang Mai’s newest and in my opinion coolest hotels / co-working spaces.

Nestled halfway down an unassuming street near to Chiang Mai’s Boxing Stadium and beloved Myeongdong hot pot restaurant is a space called Isty Hotel.

Isty Outdoor Pool Chiang Mai

The Itsy Hotel and Co-Working Space Chiang Mai

The Lobby

When you first walk in the first thing you will notice is the giant communal driftwood table. This thing is amazing, located in the main lobby it is an inviting open area.

Perfect for eating breakfast, having a meeting or getting some work done. The rest of the lobby is a modern combination of concrete, brick, wood and metal. Which to be honest is actually really warm and welcoming.

The Itsy Hotel and Co Working Space Chiang Mai Lobby

The Co Working Space

The co-working space is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. They offer their own brand water for free, lots & lots of fresh fruit on platters.

This is paired very well with a selection of plants and other greenery around the space. They have comfortable chairs, a tonne of desk space/power points and I could not forget the amazing view of the pool.

They also have a bookshelf with a decent selection of biographies, inspirational books and other knick-knacks in case you are looking for some inspiration mid-work session.

We found that the WIFI was really fast and reliable. This is something that is really important to most digital nomads.

The Kitchen

Next to the co-working space, they have a communal kitchen for the guests who are staying. This is a super clean brand new kitchen. A very well stocked kitchen with all the essentials, every appliance you can think of and gorgeous wood bench tops.

Throughout the whole place, they have some really rad inspirational quotes made out of metal on the walls. This flows right through from the entrance way, to the pool, co-working space, lobby, hallways and rooftop. A really nice touch!

Isty Hotel and Co Working Space Chiang Mai Roof Top
Isty Hotel and Co Working Space Chiang Mai Outside

The Rooftop & Rooms

The rooms are super modern, comfortable rooms. Compared to other rooms we have seen at a similar price point we have seen these are very spacious, comfortable and liveable.

Our favourite part of the whole place (aside from the roof) was the nets that hang from the second floor above the check-in desk. I can only describe them as the trampolines on a catamaran. These are a cool addition and something that I have never seen inside a hotel before.

Isty Hotel and Co Working Space Chiang Mai

Our Final Thoughts

We had an awesome time hanging out at the Isty Hotel. It’s now one of our favourite rooftop gardens & co-working spaces in Chiang Mai.

We love the unique furniture and feel of the place. We plan on heading back to Chiang Mai in late 2020, we can’t wait to hang out here and get some work done

(Just kidding we want to hang out on the roof and swing around in the net!)

Isty Hotel and Co Working Space CHiang Mai Graffiti

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