20 ESSENTIAL Pros and Cons Of Living In Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic ex-pat destination. 

And by living there you’ll get to experience everything it has to offer. 

It’s also important to consider the pros and cons of moving to this part of Latin America. 

Adapting to a new country can be challenging and there are lots of things to weigh up. 

Have a read of this article to discover whether expat life in Mexico is right for you.

Pros of Living in Mexico

There are plenty of pros to living in Mexico. 

With its slower pace of life, we think this fantastic country is a great place to be. 

We’ve listed some of the pros of living in Mexico below for you to consider. 

The Wonderful People

You don’t need to worry about making friends in Mexico.

Mexican people are extremely friendly and welcoming.

They also love a social gatherings on a regular basis, so there’ll be plenty of parties!

The Amazing Food

Mexico has some of the best food in the world and you’ll find it everywhere. 

Living in Mexico you’ll be able to try many different dishes and won’t be disappointed. 

Food in Mexico is also very affordable and accessible to all budgets. 

Huge Expat Community

There is a large expat community in Mexico. That means you’ll be able to meet locals and people from around the world.

That also means there are a lot of opportunities to house sit for free accommodation, as many expats head home for extented periods.

Learn about house sitting in Mexico here.

Top-Tier Private Healthcare

Mexico has a fantastic private healthcare system that will be available to you if you move there. 

It is also very affordable and there are great health insurance packages. 

The private healthcare system in Mexico has first-rate medical care and facilities. 

Jaw-Dropping Landscapes

Mexico is home to diverse scenery that you’ll get to experience every day!

Mexico is a huge country where you’ll be exposed to its natural beauty and fascinating colonial towns. 

From beach towns to hiking to hot springs, Mexico has it all. 

Affordable Cost Of Living

Living costs are much lower than in parts of North America. 

The average cost of rent, utilities, property taxes and food costs are also very low. 

It will of course depend on where in Mexico you live but overall it is a very affordable country to live in. 

Inclusive Education

Mexico works hard to ensure inclusive education for children with disabilities. 

Schools have been known to work with professionals to give the child the support they need. 

This is common in Mexican schools and a promising feature of their education system. 

Rich And Vibrant Culture

Mexicans love to celebrate traditions and there are always cultural events. 

From food to tequila to Frida Kahlo and everything in between!

A lot of them are social activities that you can easily be a part of.

Convenient Location To The US

You may be moving countries but you won’t ultimately be going too far. 

Mexico is in a great location if you have family and friends in the US you want to visit. 

Flights to and from the USA are also relatively cheap and regular. 

Travel Destinations Within Mexico

Living in Mexico you’ll be able to travel throughout the country and find hidden gems. 

Places like Puerto Vallarta are great to check out if you love the ocean. 

It is easy to get from city to city in Mexico and travel to other Latin American countries. 

It Has Wonderful Weather

Mexico has famously good weather all year round. 

The weather is Spring-like and is never too hot or too cold. 

Weather is pretty good throughout Mexico, but it can differ from region to region. 

The Cons of Living in Mexico

Mexico has many differences from the United States and not all of them are positive. 

What might suit one person will not be ideal for another. 

Have a look at the cons of living in Mexico and consider them in relation to your lifestyle. 

Lower Salaries

Salaries are often much lower than in the United States. 

This is common for recent graduates, teachers, waiters, construction workers etc. 

Living in Mexico is probably more suitable if you work as a digital nomad or are a retiree. 

The Rate Of Crime

Mexico has a high crime rate and is considered a dangerous country in a handful of regions. 

You will most likely face crimes like robbery or petty theft as opposed to violent crime. 

Places like Tijuana is a high crime city where you will need to be more vigilant. 

Cultural Shock

As with moving to any country, you will no doubt experience cultural shock in Mexico. 

You will probably be overwhelmed initially and it may take some adjusting. 

However, there are also plenty of expat communities in Mexico to help you adapt. 


Public parks and streets are often prone to litter and garbage. 

Some rivers have industrial and sewage waste dumped in them. 

If you live in Mexico City you will also find yourself in an incredibly congested city. 

Bureaucracy Is Painful

Rules for visas and paperwork often change depending upon who you are talking to. 

Government officials can be unhelpful and incompetent. 

Banks also charge random fees, have conflicting information and offer a frustrating experience. 

Foreigner Pricing

As a foreigner, people will try to charge you higher prices in Mexican cities. 

It is common for accommodation, restaurants, street sellers and taxis to overcharge you. 

For taxis be sure to check the flat rate with the taxi driver in advance.

Speaking Spanish Is Essential

If you’re not a Spanish speaker now, you’ll definitely need to brush up on your language skills. 

Because it’s so close to the US, many Mexicans speak English but you shouldn’t rely on that.  

But moving to Mexico is also a great opportunity to pick up another language. 

You Will Need To Purchase Drinking Water

Tap water is not safe to drink in Mexico as it contains bacteria and heavy metals. 

You’ll need to have jugs of water delivered, buy bottled water or have a portable water filter. 

Relying on bottled drinking water is inconvenient, but necessary if you don’t want to get sick. 

Making Large Purchases Is Challenging 

It is difficult to get a mortgage loan through Mexican banks. 

If you intend to make large purchases like a car or Mexican property you will most likely have to do it with cash. 

This is because interest rates are high and banks are reluctant to give loans to foreigners. 

Public Healthcare Is Not Great 

The quality of public hospitals and clinics varies and is unreliable. 

It is also difficult to find a high standard of healthcare in rural areas. 

Having Mexican insurance for expats is essentially the only option. 

Mexico has so much to offer as a country and living there will certainly be an adventure!

We love its rich culture, stunning landscapes and its welcoming community of expats. 

But it’s also important to consider the crime rates, differences and day to day challenges. 

Whether you’re thinking of moving or just going for a visit, we highly recommend exploring Mexico. 

What do you love about Mexico?

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