Living in Greece (The Pros and Cons For Moving to Greece)

Known for its history, culture and beautiful sights.

It’s no wonder Greece is one of the top destinations in the world!

But what about living there?

Greece can be a fantastic place to live as an expat.

But, there are many things to consider when you’re moving to a different country. 

Have a read of the guide below to discover the pros and cons of expat living in Greece. 

The Pros to Living in Greece

Were you wondering if is Greece a good place to live? or maybe if it is expensive to live in Greece! We have al the answers below!

The Costs of Living Are Cheap

The good news is, it’s very cheap to live in Greece. 

Daily essentials, public transport and property are extremely affordable. 

It will depend on where you reside, but overall it’s pretty cheap. 

However, if you want to visit for free, you can try petsitting. You look after someone’s home and pets and don’t pay for accomdation.

The Stunning Mediterranean Weather

Greece is famous for its famous weather and for good reason. 

Living in Greece you’ll be blessed with sunny weather. 

Greece does get rain on occasion, but winters are generally mild. 

Delicious Greek Cuisine 

Welcome to a food-lovers paradise because Greece has amazing food! 

Greek food is spectacular cuisine that’s both savory and sweet. 

Different areas will have their own delicacies to check out so be sure to travel around. 

The Quality of Healthcare Is Excellent

The public healthcare system in Greece is good, particularly in major cities. 

However, in more remote areas healthcare will be just as good (but lacking in English speakers).

Emergency healthcare is also free in Greece for all nationalities. 

Greece Is One Of The Safest Countries There Is

The crime rate is low in Greece and it’s a very safe place to live. 

Violent crime is rare and the most common crimes tend to be theft in touristy areas. 

As with any country, take general precautions when walking around. 

The Golden Visa

This is a program where expats gain residency and in return, they financially invest in Greek real estate. 

The Golden Visa is a renewable five-year residency permit. 

If you’re an EU citizen you can apply for a residence permit upon arrival. Greece also has visa options for digital nomads as well, it makes it an attractive country to consider living and working from.

The Locals Are Friendly

Greek people are welcoming, hospitable and friendly towards expats. 

You’ll find a culture that encourages community and looking after family and friends. 

They are also plenty of cultural events you can get involved in Greece.

A Relaxed Pace Of Life

If you’re looking for a slower pace of life then Greece could do wonders for you. 

Greek society is more laid back and relaxed. 

There is a heavy emphasis on enjoying the simple pleasures of life. 

We did some house sitting in Greece and got learnt about this wonderful way of life.

Amazing Historical Sites

Greece has a fascinating history and culture!

The country is full of amazing historical sites and ancient ruins to see. 

Entry to these sites is generally pretty cheap.

Wonderful Greek Island Ferries System

If you’re looking to travel around Greece there’s no better way to do it then by ferry.

Ferries connect a lot of the islands together so it’s easy to travel around. 

Not only is this a beautiful way to see the country, but it’s also affordable. 

International Travel Is Easy

Given its location, you’ll easily be able to travel to other parts of Europe. 

There are also regular ferries between Greece and Italy and Turkey. 

Some of the Greek islands also have airports so you won’t necessarily have to go from Athens to travel. 

The Cons to Living in Greece

Tourist Locations Can Be Expensive

While living costs are cheaper than in the US, touristy areas are expensive. 

Prices will go up during tourist seasons as well. 

However, if you live in a lesser-known place this is less likely to be an issue. 

The Bureaucracy

The bureaucracy in Greece can be painful and slow. 

Simple requests are often delayed by paperwork and many processes are disorganised. 

The bureaucracy in Greece will test your patience and is one of the major downsides of the country. 

Coercive Begging

Coercive begging is where you will be offered ‘free’ items like flowers or wristbands. 

They are not free items and are a form of coercive begging. 

This is most common in tourist areas. 

Strikes And Civil Protests

Strikes, protests and demonstrations are common in Greece. 

They are mostly found in larger cities. 

Strikes and protests often cause delays or places to be shut down. 

You Have To Be Sponsored By A Greek Employer

If you cannot obtain a Golden Visa then you will need to apply for a standard work permit. 

However, to get this you will need to be sponsored by a Greek employer. 

This can be an issue if you have trouble getting a job as well as all the paperwork involved. 

The Language Barrier

Everyone in Greece speaks Greek, and only some speak English as well. 

English will be more common in major cities than in remote and regional areas. 

It is advisable to learn Greek while you’re living there to get around. 

It Can Be Difficult To Get A Job

Many people struggle to find jobs in Greece and the unemployment rate is high. 

Speaking Greek is often a necessary requirement. 

If you’re retiring, however, this won’t be as big of an issue. 

Accommodation Can Vary In Quality

The quality of properties in Greece can vary and many are old and in poor condition. 

Renovation costs can be extremely high and it’s something to take into account.

Always be sure to check out a property before buying or renting. 

An Unequal Distribution of Facilities

Greece doesn’t have the same distribution of facilities everywhere in the country. 

If you want certain amenities you’ll have to live near a city center. 

However, if this doesn’t both you then country life will be much cheaper. 

Taxes Are Painful And Complicated

Greece has a very complicated tax system that might drive you crazy. 

And this isn’t even taking into account the fact that it’s in Greek. 

Hire an accountant to manage your tax returns to save yourself the hassle. 

The WiFi Can Be Unreliable

Greece and their WiFi can be a bit hit and miss. 

While you’ll often find that you can get internet, the speeds can be slow. 

Upload speeds are the main issue with WiFi, but browsing and downloading should be fine. 

Greece is one of the most popular European countries to move to!

Its laid back lifestyle, fantastic food and rich history are a fantastic change of scenery. 

But it’s always important to consider the pros and cons of any country. 

Greece won’t be for everyone but for those looking for a Mediterranean change, it’s perfect!

Are you thinking of moving to Greece?

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