How To Become A Ghost Writer

If you want to live that digital nomad life, you’re probably trying to figure out a flexible way to work remotely. Ghost writing may be just that! So how do you become a successful ghost writer? Is it possible to make a living by ghost writing?

It can be a bit daunting to start a ghost writing business, but it’s possible. And it might be the best decision you make! Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of becoming a professional ghost writer.

What Is A Ghost Writer?

Ghost writers write copy or content for other people. They don’t take credit for their work as their clients will receive credit for the work. There are many types of ghost writing services. Some ghost writing projects include social media posts, books, and speeches.

The client will have an idea that the writer will put into words. Maybe they have a book idea, but no writing skills. Not everybody can express themselves through the written word. 

If this is one of your strengths, you should consider ghostwriting.

What Do Ghostwriters Do?

Every ghost writing job is different. If you’re writing an autobiography, you’ll probably have a ton of meetings with your client. You’ll need to learn the right questions to ask to get the ideas on paper.

If you’re writing web content for a business, you should be familiar with their goals. Ask for your expectations and come up with a plan to best help them succeed.

No matter what you’re writing, you’ll need lots of details. Even the most experienced writers can’t read minds. Ask your client exactly what they’re envisioning so you can bring it to life!

Types Of Ghostwriting Assignments

There are ghost writing assignments for all types of writers. Celebrities have hired ghost writers to write their autobiographies. Companies may hire ghost writers to write how-to manuals, newsletters, and social media posts.

Many successful entrepreneurs need people to help write blog posts and online courses. Professionals in specialized fields may need help writing case studies and medical documents.

It’s also quite common to hire ghost writers to write songs and speeches.

How Much Do Ghostwriters Make?

Pay rates for ghost writers vary widely. Most freelance writers make about 15% more when ghost writing than freelancing. Some can make even more than that!

When writing an autobiography, you might only earn about $2,000. But high-profile individuals might pay you over $100,000 to write their memoirs. The type of writing jobs also plays a role. If you’re writing e-mail newsletters, you’ll probably earn pennies per word.

When writing an autobiography, you might only earn about $2,000. But high-profile individuals might pay you a year’s rent to write their memoirs. If you work with huge brands, they may have a big budget for social media posts. While working for small businesses might mean your wages are lower.

When working in a specialized field, you can earn way more than you would with typical blog writing.

Is Ghostwriting Easy?

Ghost writing is not easy for everyone. It may come easily for some people while a lot of people could never dream of offering this service. It is not unethical or illegal. However, clients and writers have both been known to muddy the waters. With clear proposals and contracts, you can prevent that from happening.

It can also be tough to build your own platform. However, we will talk later about ways to ensure that your business will grow!

How Do You Become A Ghostwriter?

To become a ghostwriter, you must have experience writing in a variety of styles.

Build A Portfolio

Write a variety of content to showcase in your portfolio. The type of client you hope to attract will determine what you include in your portfolio. By writing several documents with different writing styles, you’ll attract potential clients.

This is also a great way to build your experience and writing skills. Future clients will be impressed with your abilities. A great way to practice writing is to freelance write or edit blog posts. Then you’ll also get paid as you gain experience.

This also teaches you how to write for other people. You’ll communicate with clients and write the type of content they’re envisioning.

Establish Services

Once you’re ready to start ghostwriting, you’ll need to establish your services. Learn how to write clear proposals and ghostwriting contracts. What type of content are you comfortable writing? Do you have a field of expertise?

Start small to gain experience before working on long-form projects. Work with people who are already in your network. Maintain positive relationships and then grow your network as you market yourself.

Spend Time Reading In Your Chosen Niche

The best way to do this is to read often and to read a wide range of content. If you’re only interested in writing romance novels, then you’d read a ton of romance books. If you’d love to write short-form content for bloggers, then read a variety of blogs.

If you want to write social posts or speeches, you should be well-read on current events and pop culture. This is a great way to ensure that you can express many points of view about relevant topics.

How Do You Get Ghostwriting Gigs?

It can be hard to market yourself when your work is a secret. But there are ways to attract clients. Write guest posts about ghostwriting. Build a portfolio with a variety of copy examples to share with people.

Use social media to your advantage. Advertise your services to let people know you’re a ghostwriter for hire! Join online platforms like Upwork, Contena, or Facebook groups. These are great places to find people who are willing to pay for ghostwriting services.

If you’re feeling brave, send cold pitches to people you think you could work with. Help them see a vision that you can help them achieve! Cold pitches are great for small businesses who may need help with their online presence.

Also, word of mouth is a great way to get clients. Maybe some of your ghostwriting clients would be willing to give you a good reference!

Should You Become A Ghostwriter?

If you love writing, but can’t always come up with ideas, you should consider ghostwriting. The hardest part for some professional writers is getting inspiration. But when other people tell you what to write, you can bring their vision to life!

If you want to become a household name, ghostwriting might not be the best course of action. If you want a stable career, this might not be the easiest way to do that.

However, with consistency, you’ll be able to grow your career so that you will be able to earn enough money. And you can work remotely, as well!

Experienced ghostwriters generally love their career and lifestyle. If you’d like to make a living writing, consider starting a freelance writing business. You’ll never know if you never try!

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