Our Best Tips For Eating Healthy While Travelling

Travelling & being professional house sitters can leave us feeling exhausted!

Sometimes it might leave us wanting to reach out for fast foods in order to free up our time.

However, going for the quickest option isn’t always the best choice; fast foods can often leave us feeling bloated, hungry and even more tired.

Don’t let traveling stop you from being healthy. Making wise food choices doesn’t have to be boring or grueling, especially if you follow our six simple tips and for eating healthy on the road, this always then allows us to make the most of our down time.

Eating Healthy on the Road

How We Travel and Eat Healthy!

Swap Fast Food For Healthy Food

A simple change in your choice of foods can make a huge difference, and help you to sustain a lifelong healthier lifestyle.

Fast food diets are restrictive and there isn’t much to choose from on a menu. Why not stop off at a convenience store, and allow yourself to make wider and healthier choices.

Being healthy is surprisingly cost effective, and with more variety of foods, such as fruit and vegetables to choose from; you’ll be able to prepare your own meals, and have enough left over for the next day.

Snack More Often

Snacking on fruit and nuts is ideal for the road.

In fact, eating snacks between meals allows signals to be passed to your brain, telling your body when you are full and prevents you from skipping meals or making impulsive food decisions.

With plentiful food, and a healthy food supply, your body is able to burn calories efficiently, keeping you feeling lighter and less sluggish and unalert. You’d be feeling more active on the road.

Stay Hydrated

People often forget the importance of drinking water.

Being on the go can often put you off wanting to drink plenty of water, because you don’t want to keep stopping for toilet breaks.

However, keeping your body hydrated allows a balance of body fluids, and increases your metabolism as well as helping you feel-fuller.

Add Some Fun Activities to Your Travels

Why not plan some relaxing walks, light exercise or if you’re feeling adventurous take a hike?

Being on the road doesn’t mean you need to be cooped up all day; pack some comfortable shoes, and take in some fresh air, and allow yourself to immerse in your surroundings. Why not take part in some activities, and explore?

Moving your body will keep you active and enable you to sleep better. A good sleep helps your body fast and repair cells, which is key to keeping active.

One of the best breaks we ever took was a winery cycle tour in Australia! It was the perfect way to sample some wine, see the country side and keep active! 

Make Concious Food Decisions

Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have a treat once in a while, especially when you’re away from home, probably surrounded by temptations that are too good to miss out on.

Don’t restrict yourself.

Allow yourself small treats once in a while, which will prevent you from binging and wanting to make hasty choices.

Eat Lots of Protein!

Introduce more protein in your diet. Protein is a super nutrient and a great source to losing weight.

It helps your body repair bones and muscles and designed to allow the body to digest food at a lower rate than carbohydrates, which controls your appetite – so you feel fuller and won’t feel hungry so often… and it helps fat-burning.

Being healthy on the road doesn’t have to be a task; keep a balanced diet, be active, and most importantly have fun.

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