Do You Tip Pet Sitter (Should You Do It? Plus How Much to Tip)

The act of tipping is well-known in most service industries.

It can be confusing to navigate giving tips in pet-sitting industries. This is because it is less discussed!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about tipping your pet sitter. 

You’ll never have to worry about showing appreciation for their outstanding service. 

Who’s Part Of The Pet-Care Industry?

The following professionals are generally regarded to be part of the pet-care industry: 

– Dog Walkers 

– Pet groomers 

– Pet Sitters 

– Dog Trainers 

– Veterinarians 

– Pet Boarders 

Tipping Dog Walkers

Dog Walkers are paid to come to your home to take your dog for a walk.

Tipping a dog walker is not expected. 

You should give a 15-20% of their entire fee as a tip if you have a pet who requires special care. This is also applicable to a dog who is difficult to walk. 

Tipping Pet Groomers 

Pet groomers mainly maintain pets’ hygiene and appearance. 

They shave their hair, trim their nails, and look for health problems. 

Pet groomers have the most taxing jobs compared to the rest of the pet care industry.

Long working hours and the need to wrestle a variety of pets make their jobs daunting. 

It is expected that you tip your pet groomer, with 15-20% of their entire fee being the standard tipping rate. 

You may choose to give a more generous tip if your pet is difficult to groom. You can also do so if your groomer goes above and beyond your expectations. 

Tipping Pet Sitters 

Pet Sitters stay in your home to care for your pet while you are away.

Sitters are responsible for your pets’ well-being and handle their basic needs on the job. 

Tipping pet sitters is not expected. You may strongly consider providing a 15-20% tip if you require extra services or handling. 

Still Looking For A Pet Sitter?

This will show you how to find a reliable house sitter. Make sure your pet is n good hands.

Tipping Dog Trainers 

Dog Trainers train your dogs to behave safely and properly regardless of where they are. 

These professionals perform vital tasks. Most untrained dogs run the risk of being hit by a car or injured by a predator. 

It is generally unexpected to tip your dog trainer. You may choose to give a 15-20% tip if your pet is particularly difficult to train or they spend extra time with your dog. 

Tipping Veterinarians 

Veterinarians work in an office environment and handle your pets’ medical needs. This ranges from emergency services to minor illnesses. 

They are skilled in multiple techniques when it comes to providing medical care to your pets. 

Hold off from the tips when it comes to your pet’s veterinarian or other vet staff.

Tipping may even come across as weird or insulting as experts prefer to be paid professionally. 

Tipping Pet Boarders 

Pet boarders are those who take your pets into their care for the length of time that you specify. They run standalone boarding facilities for pets or board animals in their homes. 

Tipping is generally not expected for the boarding of your pet.

A tip is deemed appropriate if your pet is being boarded at the person’s home or you receive amazing service. 

15-20% again is a good guideline if you choose to tip your pet border. 

Something Other Than Money?

Sometimes, you may also choose to show appreciation through something other than money. 

You can do this by giving your pet-care professionals a range of things. This includes a gift card, a gift box, a box of chocolates, or even a handwritten note. 

Leave positive reviews online or comment on their social media posts. This can be a great way of showing appreciation and supporting their career. 

This can come across as being a thoughtful and kind gesture to say thank you, even more so than tipping someone off. 

General Rules Of Thumb

These are some guidelines to follow when debating whether to tip your pet care provider: 

– Type and Quality of service 

– Consistency of service 

– Whether the service was provided during holidays or an emergency

– Tip should be 15-20% of their overall fee 

In conclusion, it can be hard to wrap your head around the pet service industry’s tipping culture.

However, it is worth remembering there are other ways of showing gratitude. 

Follow the above guidelines to make a smarter decision the next time you tip your pet care provider. 

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